SONY RMX4S Remote Control

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SONY RMX4S Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: CDX1000RF, CDX4000X, XRC9100, XRCA600X, XRF5100, XRM550, CDX4000X/, CDX4005, CDX4180, CDX480, CDX7000X, CDXC4750, CDXC480, CDXC5000X, CDXC5005, CDXC5050X, CDXC5055, CDXC5750, CDXC580, CDXC6750, CDXC680, CDXC6850, CDXC7000X, CDXC7050X, CDXC780, CDXC7850, CDXC880, CDXCA710X, CDXCA720X, CDXCA810X, CDXF5005X, CDXF5500, CDXF5505X, CDXF5700, CDXF5705X, CDXF5710, CDXF7700, CDXFW570, CDXFW700, CDXGT30W, CDXGT310, CDXGT420U, CDXGT510, CDXGT620U, CDXGT81UW, CDXL550X, CDXL600, CDXM600, cdxm610, CDXM650, CDXM750, CDXM8800, CDXMP450X, MCDX7900, MDPKGME5, MDXC5970, MDXC6500X, MDXC7900, MDXC7900R, MDXC7970, MDXC7970R, MDXC800REC, MDXC8900, MEXBT5000, RMX4S, SLVAV100, WX4500X, XR4800, XR4890, XRC5100, XRC5120, XRC5300X, XRC5305, XRC5500, XRC6090, XRC6120, XRC7220, XRC7220R, XRC7350X, XRC8220

Compatible with models: 10600, 147306771, 147511911, 147711023, 169311511, CDX3100, CDX5100, CDX5270, CDX600DSP, CDXC410, CDXC460, CDXC480, CDXC490, CDXC5000X, CDXC5005, CDXC560, CDXC580, CDXC590, CDXC610, CDXC660, CDXC6750, CDXC680, CDXC700X, CDXC710, CDXC760, CDXC780, CDXC860, CDXC880, CDXCA6, CDXCA650X, CDXCA660X, CDXCA7, CDXCA700, CDXCA700X, CDXCA710X, CDXCA730X, CDXCA750, CDXCA750X, CDXCA760X, CDXCA810X, CDXF5700, CDXF5705X, CDXF7000, CDXF7005X, CDXFW700, CDXGT220, CDXL410X, CDXL510X, CDXL550X, CDXL600, CDXL600X, CDXL630X, CDXM600, CDXM600R, cdxm610, CDXM650, CDXMP450X, CDXR3000, CDXR30M, CDXR3300, CDXS2000, CDXX660, CDXX860, HCDH160, HCDH1600, HCDH300, MCHM300AV, MDX7970, MDXC6500X, MDXC7900, MDXC7970, MDXC8900, MDXC8970, MHC160, MHC1600, MHC1600/H, MHC1600/HC, MHC1600CD, MHC1600H, MHC300, RMS155, RMTV209, RMTV565A, RMX118, RMX4, RMX41, RMX47, RMX4S, SLVAV100, SLVAV1000, SLVAV100U, TCH1600, VR610HF, WXS2000, XAV7W, XKR100, XRC190, XRC350, XRC450, XRC5100, XRC550, XRC610, XRC6100, XRC720, XRC7200, XRC7220, XRC7350X, XRC8200, XRC9100, XRCA600, XRCA600X, XRCA610X, XRCA624X, XRCA630X, XRM500, XRM500R, XRM550

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original SONY RMX4S Remote Control is available for special order.
The original SONY RMX4S Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

147306771, RMX4S, CDX4000X, CDX4483521837153, CDX480, CDX7000X, RMD11M

Model: RMX4S
Part Number: 147306771
Associated Number: RM-X4S
Catalogue No.: 6070

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