RMV310 RR3UNV Universal with Learning
(No Longer Available)
RR3UNV Universal with Learning

SONY RMV310 7-Device Universal Remote Control

The original SONY RMV310 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR3UNV Universal with Learning remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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SONY RMV310 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with 7-Device Universal models: RMV310

Compatible with 7-Device Universal models: CDP228ESD, CDP295, CDP297, CDP308ESD, CDP309, CDP397, CDP407, CDP491, CDP508, CDP508ESD, CDP561, CDP761, CDP970, CDPC100, CDPC100F, CDPC15ESD, CDPC40, CDPC50, CDPC50M, CDPC51, CDPC515, CDPC601ES, CDPC70, CDPC700, CDPC705, CDPC75ES, CDPC7ESD, CDPC85, CDPC85ES, CDPCA8, CDPCA8ES, CDPCA8ESU, CDPCA9ES, CDPCX2, CDPCX270, CDPCX90ES, CDPD11, CDPM12, CDPXA1, CDPXA1ES, CDPXA1ESU, CDPXE270, CDPXE3, CDPXE370, CDPXE5, CDPXE500, CDPXE700, CDPXE800, D223, D242CK, D245, D311, D321, D515, DE500, DE504, DE705, DE706CK, DHCMD515, DTC790, DTC790U, DTCA6, DTCA8, DTCA9, DTCZA5ES, DV500, FLX1, LDP3600, MCL913T, MDDS35, MDRV5, MDSE3, MDSE58, MDSJA5, MDSJA555E, MDSJA555ES, MDSJA555ESU, MDSJA555ESU2, MDSJE7, MDSJE700, MDSS35, MDSS35U, MDSS37, MDSS50, MDXX40, MXD40, MXDD1, MXDD4, MXDD40, MXDD5C, RMD295, RMD39M, RMD515, RMD55, RMD820, RMD9M, RMDDS1, RMDX270, SCD1, SCD777ES

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original SONY RMV310 Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original SONY RMV310 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Sony 7-Function Preset Remote
Replace your collection of remotes with this single remote that can control up to seven A/V components.
Can operate your: TV, DVD, SAT, CBL, VCR, CD, and AMP

-> Controls up to 7 A/V components
-> Compatible with most major brands with preprogrammed codes
-> On-screen DVD and VCR menu functions
-> Ergonomic design fits your hand


Model: RMV310
Part Number: RMV310
UPC: Sony
Associated Number: RM-V310
Catalogue No.: 36187
This remote control controls units : 7-Device Universal
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    Sony was unhelpful and said that that there was no replacement for their remote RMDS1. But Remotes found this for me and it works wonderfully. Sony should have provided guidance and alternatives to assist their loyal customers..... but they failed to do so. Made us buy a great product SCD!, and then dropped the customer when a part failed !!! Shame. ***

    by Anonymous on January 29, 2014.
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