SONY CDX51RF Remote Control

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The original SONY CDX51RF remote control is no longer available.
when the SONY CDX51RF remote control is stocked!
Repair service $15.00 + Shipping
Send your original SONY CDX51RF remote control to us for repair.

SONY CDX51RF Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: CDX51RFU, CDX51R, CD51RF, CDXRF15, CDX45, CDX51, EXCD2RF, CDX51FR, CDX51RF, CXD51RF

Compatible with models: CDX51RF

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

Model: CDX51RF
Part Number: 147311211
Catalogue No.: 1176

P/N 147311211, RMX64, 141843011, CDX45RMX57, CDX646, CDX715, EXCD3RMX57, 141843121, CHNG, RMX57, SLV340, 141846811, RMY905, 146595721, 146793211, RMX43, CDX71RMX57, RMX59RMX57, 146799411, RMTV154, SLV440, CD51RMX57, CDX51FR, CDXRMX5715, EXCD2RMX57, 147311241, EXCD1RMX57, 147311271, RMX65, EXCD64, RMX57, 169311511, A6775895A, 147603612, RMTV303, SRV2000, SUR2000, SVR200D, RMX47, SONXRC550, CDX705, CDX81

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