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Notice: The original SHARP RLMPTA087WRZZ part is no longer available.

No longer available

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SHARP RLMPTA087WRZZ Part is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: R1520LW, R209KK, R216LS, R220KK, R220KW, R220KWD, R230KK, R230KW, r305hk, R305HW, R305KS, R305MR, R306LW, R307NW, R308HK, R308HW, R308JK, R308JS, R308JW, R308KK, R308KW, R308NK, R308NP, R308NW, R309JW, R310HK, R310HQ, R310HW, R310JK, R310JW, R315JS, R320HK, R320HW, R401CK, R401CW, R402JK, R402JKF, R402JW, R403JK, R403KKT, R404JK, R408DW, R408EW, R408JK, R408JW, R408LS, R409JS, R410DK, R410DW, R410EK, R410EW, R410LK, R410LW, R414HS, R415EW, R420DK, R420DW, R420EK, R420LK, R420LW, R425EW, R425LS, R426HQ, R426LS, R428JK, R428JW, R430CS, R430DK, R430DQ, R430DW, R435DK, R435DW, R440DK, R440DW, R501CK, R501CW, R508HS, R510DK, R510DW, R510EK, R510EW, R510HK, R519EK, R519EW, R520ES, R520JK, R520JW, R520KS, R520LK, R520LW, R530DK, R530DW, R530EK, R530EKT, R530ES, R530EW, R540DK, R540DW, RR305HW, E530EKT, R306LK, R308NS, R402JKT, R402JWF, R405KST, R408JKF, R408JWF, R428JKF, R520JKF, R520KST, R520LKT, R520LWT

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

Oven Lamp

Part Number: RLMPTA087WRZZ
Catalogue No.: 66835