AC5960060A AH5902291A
(No Longer Available)

SAMSUNG AC5960060A Remote Control

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The original SAMSUNG AC5960060A Remote Control is substituted by SAMSUNG AH5902291A remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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  • AH5902291A
    AH5902291A Remote Control


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SAMSUNG AC5960060A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: DDV9556, DVDR2000, VR8459, VR8459C, VR8509, VR8509C, VR8559, VR8609, VR8609C, VR8709, VR8719C, VR8769C, VR8809, VR8809C, DVDV1000, DVDV2000, DVDV2500, HTDB600, HTDL200P, HTDL200PTH, HTDL200PT/XA, HTDL70D, HTDM150, HTDM150UH, HTDM550, HTDM550UH, HTSK6, MAX910, MAX930, MAX932, MAX940, MAX945D, MAXN25, MAXPN54, MAXPN55, MMDS80TH, SPC15P, SV5000W, SV7000W, SVC100UP, SVC105P, SVC106P, SVC120UM, SVC122P, SVC123P, SVC141P, SVC142P, SVC151P, SVC15P, SVC22P, SVC25P, SVC40P, SVC45P, SVC45UM, SVC50UP, SVC52P, SVC55P, SVC56P, SVC60P, SVC60UM, SVC61P, SVC63P, SVC70UM, SVC90P, SVC95UM, SVD21, SVD41, SVD91, VR3040, VR3409, VR3409C, VR3559, VR3609, VR3609C, VR5409, VR5409C, VR5459, VR5459C, VR5509, VR5509C, VR5559, VR5609, VR5609C, VR5709, VR5709C, VR5809C, VR8409, VR8409C

Compatible with models: AH5900004A, BDP1000, BDP1000/XAA, BDP1000/XAC, BDP1000/XAO, BDP1000/XAP, BDP1000/XAX, BDP1000/XAZ, BDP1000/XBG, BDP1200/XAA, BDP1400/XAA, BDP1500, BDUP5000, DVDHR720, DVDHR720/XAA, DVDR100, HTAS720ST, HTAS720STXAA, HTC5500XAA, HTC550XAA, HTDB120, HTDL200, HTDL200P, HTDL200PT, HTDL200PT/XA, HTDL200PT/XAA, HTDL200PTH, HTDL200PTH/XAA, HTDM150, HTDM150UH, HTDM150UH/XAA, HTDM550, HTDM550UH, HTDM550UH/XAA, HTP1200, HTP1200T/XAA, HTP38, HTP38T/XA, HTP38T/XAA, HTQ45T/XAC, HTQ70, HTSK6, HTSK6/XAA, HTTQ85T/XAA, HTTX72T/XAA, HTTX72T/XAC, HTTX75T/XAA, HTWP38, HTWP38TH/XAA, HTWX70T/XAA, HTX20T/XAA, HTX40T/XAA, HTX40T/XAC, HTX50, HTX50T/XAA, HTX70T/XAA, MAX920, MAX929, MAX930, MAX932, MAX936, MAX939, MAX940, MAX960, MAX980, MQ960, MQ960J, MQ980, SVR1280/XAA, VR3040, VR3409, VR3409C, VR5140C, VR5409, VR5409C, VR5459, VR5459C, VR8140C, VR8409, VR8409C, VR8459, VR8459C

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original SAMSUNG AC5960060A Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original SAMSUNG AC5960060A Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model: AC5960060A
Part Number: AC5960060A
UPC: Samsung
Catalogue No.: 9043

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