SAMSUNG AA5960003V Part

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SAMSUNG AA5960003V Part is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: CMC13003X, CXJ1331AX, CXJ1352, CXJ1352/TUCX, CXJ1352AX, CXJ1352BX/XAA, CXJ1352X/XAA, CXJ1353/TUCX, CXJ1372, CXJ1372AX, CXJ1931AX, CXJ1952, CXJ1952/TUCX, CXJ1952AX, CXM2785TPAXX, CXM2785TPX, MV13J2, AA5960003V

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Product description

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Remote Receiving Diode (not a remote control)

Model: AA5960003V
Part Number: AA5960003V
UPC: samsung
Associated Number: AA59-60003V
Catalogue No.: 53212