SAMSUNG AA5900075A TV/VCR Combo Remote Control

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Notice: The original SAMSUNG AA5900075A remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the SAMSUNG AA5900075A remote control is stocked!

SAMSUNG AA5900075A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV/VCR Combo models: CXJ0933AX, CXJ1353, CXJ1353/TCCX, TT10V52, TT10V52A, TT10V52AX/RCL, TT10V52TX/XAX, TT10V52X, TT10V52X/RCL, TT10V52X/XAX

Compatible with TV/VCR Combo models: 27PC4326, 27PC4326/37, 27PC4326/37B, 27PC432637, 32LH40, 32LH40UA, 32PD5000, 37LH40, 37LH40UA, 37LH55, 37LH55UA, 40T4236, 42HDM70, 42LH40, 42LH40UA, 42LH55, 42PD5000, 42PQ20, 42PQ20UA, 42PQ30, 42PQ30C, 42PQ30CUA, 42PQ30UAAUSBLHR, 42PQ30UAAUSNLHR, 42PQ60, 42PX3D, 42PX3DCV, 42PX3DCVUC, 47LH40, 47LH40UA, 47LH55, 50PQ20, 50PQ20UA, 50PQ30, 50PQ30C, 50PQ30CUA, 50PX1D, 50PX1DH, 50PX1DUC, 55HDM71, 55HDM71A, 55LH40, 55LH55, 55PD5000, 55PMA550, 60PS60C, 8055, 8063, 8755C, 8755D, 8755DRJ, AC5910332B, AK5900051A, AK5900080B, AKB69680409, ASNH091E1H0, ASNH121E1H0, ASNH1835DM0, ASNH2435DM0, BG8000ER, CLE958, CMP420V1, CMP420V1A, CMP420V2, CMP420V2A, CMP4211, CMP4211U, CMP4212, CMP4212U, CMP5500, CMTHPR90, CP324I, CPR07XC9LW, CPRB07XC7, CPRB07XC7E, CPRB09XC7, CPRD4, CPRS56, CPRS57, CPRS57W, CPRX61, CPS235, CPS235W, CPS240, CPS245, CPS335, CPS860, CPS860W, CPS860WE, CPX250, CPX255, CPX340, CPX345, CPX345W, CPX345WF, CPX958, CPX960, CPX960W, CPX960WE, CPX970, CPX970W, DGE100, DGE100N, DGE100NA, DGE505, DGE505N, DLAHD550, DLARS15U, DP6850, DPX302, DRD112NW, DRD122GW, DRD212, DRD212NW, DS2630, DS2630RW, DU37LZ55, DU42PY10, DU42PY10/H, DU42PY10X, DU42PY10XH, DU50PY10, DU60PY10, DVC6480, DVC6660, DVC6660N, DVC6680, DVC6860, DVC6860BL, DVC6860SL, DVD1200, DVD5, DVDC740, DVDC740N, DVDC920, DVDC940, DVDC940N, DVDE600, DVDLS90, DVDLS90PP, DVDLS93, DVDLS93P, DVDLX110PP, DVDLX95PP, DVDLX97PP, DVDN2000, DVDN2000/XAA, DVDN501, DVDN501/XAA, DVDS520, DVDS520B, DVDS530, DVDS530N, DVDS540, DVDS540RU, DVDS550, DVDV4600, DVDV4600A, DVDV4600A/XAA, DVDV4600C, DVDV4600C/XAA, DVDV5500, DVDV5500/DVD, DVDV5500/XAA, DVDV5600, DVDV5600/XAA, DVDV5650, DVDV5650/VCR, DVDV5650/XAA, DVDV5650B, DVDV5650B/XAA, DVDV6500, DVDV6700, DVDVR329, DVDVR329/XAA, DVDVR330, DVDVR330/VCR, DVDVR330/XAA, DVDVR330/XAC, DVDVR330/XAX, DVDVR330S, DVDVR330S/AFS, DVDVR330S/XAX, DVDVR335, DVDVR335/VCR, DVDVR335/XAA, DVDVR345/VCR, DVS5450, DVS5550, DVS5550N, DVS5650, DVS5750, DVS5750S, DVS5750SL, DVS5751, DVS5751S, DVS5751SL, DVT27N, DVT3DN, DVT47DN, DVT47N, DVT5DN, DVT8DN, EDPJ32, EDS3350, EDX3400, EDX3450, EDX8250, GE5803, GE5803P, GE5803P8, GE5803PB, HCDEC55, HCDEC77, HCDGX99, HCDHPR90, HD52W69D, HD52W69DYX21, HD52W69DYX22, HD52W69DYX23, HD52W69DYX30, HD52W69DYX31, HD52W69DYX32, HD52W69DYX33, HL01901, HL26K1, HL26K1A, HL26R, HL26R1, HL26R1A, HL32K1, HL32K1A, HL32K1b, HL32K2a, HL32LE2a, HL32P1, HL32P1A, HL32R, HL32R1, HL32R1A, HL32XK1, HL32XK1A, HL32XK2a, HL32XSL2a, HL32XSLW2a, HL37T, HL37XLE2a, HL40R, HL40XSL2a, HL42R, HL42T, HL42XK1, HL42XK1A, HL42XK1c, HL42XLE2a, HL42XR1, HL42XR1A, HL42XZK2a, HL42XZK42, HL42XZK42a, HL46XSL2a, HL46XSL2b, HL47T, HL52T, HL55XZK22, HL55XZK22a, HL55XZK22b, HLS5086W, HLS5088W, HLS5686W, HLS5688W, HLS6186W, HLS6188W, HLS7178W, HLT5656W, HLT6156W, HLT6756W, HTSF2300, HTSF2300M, HTSS2300, IMAGEPRO8055, IMAGEPRO8063, IMAGEPRO8065, IMAGEPRO8755C, IMAGEPRO8755D, IMAGEPRO8755DRJ, IMAGEPRO8800, IMAGEPRO8800A, KDCMP2035, KDCMP205, KDCMP235, KDCMP235CR, KDCMP238, KDCMP3035, KDCMP335, KDCMP338, KDCMP435, KDCMP435U, LA121CNM, LA121CPM, LA121CPMI, LAN121CNM, LCT2785TA, LCT2785TAJ, LCT3285TA, LCT37SHA, LCT37Z6TA, LCT42Z6TA, LN19B360, LN19B360C5D, LN19B360C5DXZA, LN19B360C5DXZC, LN19B361, LN19B361C5D, LN19B361C5DXZA, LN19B361C5DXZC, LN22B360, LN22B360C5D, LN22B360C5DXZA, LN22B360C5DXZC, LN26B360, LN26B360C5D, LN26B360C5DXZA, LN26B360C5DXZC, LN32B360, LN32B360C5D, LN32B360C5DXZA, LN32B360C5DXZC, LSN092HE, LSN122HE, LSN182HE, LSN242HE, LWC051JGMK2, LWC141CGMM1, LWC183MBMM1, LWC183MBMM4, LWC183MGMM1, LWC243NGMM0, LWC243NGMM2, M1203R, M1404ER, M1804R, M2403R, M3201C, M3201CBA, M3701C, M3701CBA, M4201C, M4201CBA, M4210C, M4210CBA, M4210CBH, M5200R, M6004R, M8003R, MCD703, MCD703/37, MCD703/37B, MCD70337, MCRE600, MHCEC55, mhcec77, mhcgx99, MP60PZ90M, MP650I, MP8755, MT2272, MU42PZ15, MU42PZ15B, MU42PZ15HB, MU50PZ40, MU50PZ40V, MU50PZ41, MU50PZ41B, MU50PZ41V, MU50PZ41VB, MU50PZ41VS, MU50PZ90C, MU50PZ90M, MU50PZ90V, MU60PZ11, MU60PZ11B, MU60PZ12, MU60PZ12B, MU60PZ12V, MU60PZ12VB, MU60PZ90C, MU60PZ90M, MU60PZ90V, MW7695G, MW7695GS, PDP5020FD, PDP6020, PDP6020FD, PJ1060, PJ562, POLAVIEW360, PT39R, PT39R/SEA, PTR39, PTR39R, PTR39R/SEAC, PTR39R/SEAS, RM17LZ50, RM23LZ50, RM23LZ55, RM32LZ50, RU42PX10, RU42PX10C, RU42PX11, RU42PX11/H, RU42PX11H, SCA12, SCA12/SEA, SCA14, SCA14/SEA, SCA15, SCA15/SEA, SCA18, SCA18/SEA, SCD180, SCD180/XAA, SCD67, SCD67/XAA, SCD70, SCD70/XAC, SCD71, SCD77, SCD77/XAA, SCD77X, SCD77X/XAA, SCDC163, SCDC163/XAA, SCDC164, SCDC164/XAA, SCDC165, SCDC165/RCL, SCDC165/XAA, SCDC165/XAO, SCDC165/XAP, SCDC165/XBG, SCDC564, SCDC564/XAA, SCDC575, SCDC575/XAA, SCHMX10, SCHMX10C, SCHMX10C/XAP, SCHMX20C, SCHMX20C/XAA, SCHMX20C/XAP, SCHMX20CXAA, SCL90, SCL90/SEA, SCL90/SEPA, SIRTS160, SRC21135, SRC21194, SRC22194, STRKS2300, SV115U, SV115U/SEA, SV125U, SV125U/SEA, SV125UC, SV65U, SV65U/SEA, SV65UC, SV75U, SV75U/SEA, SV75UC, SVA20UR, SVA20UR/SEA, SVA20UR/SEAC, SVC100UP, SVC100UP/XAP, SVC105P, SVC106P, SVC122P, SVC22P, SVC25P, SVC50UP, SVC50UP/XAP, SVC52P, SVC55P, SVC56P, SVC60UM, SXV62490, TVS2745, TVS2746, TVS3245A, TWC051HGMK0, TWC061HGMK0, TWC101GBMK2, VP2504, VPD190I, VPD190I/COL, VPD70, VPD77I, VPD77I/COL, VR2656, VR3040, VR3409, VR3409C, VR3606, VR3607, VR3702, VR4607, VR5140C, VR5260, VR5260/XAA, VR5260C, VR5360C, VR5409, VR5409C, VR5459, VR5459C, VR5508, VR5606, VR5607, VR5702, VR5706, VR5806, VR8140C, VR8170C, VR8260, VR8260/XAA, VR8260C, VR8360C, VR8409, VR8409C, VR8459, VR8459C, VR8508, VR8508C, VR8607, VR8656, VR8656C, VR8702, VR8756, VR8806, VR9160, VR9160/XAA, VR9160C, VT320, VT320/SEA, VT320T, VT32H01, VT350, VT350/SEA, WG1000R, WG1005R, WG1205R, WG1205RY7, WG1800R, WG1805R, WG1805RY6, WG2400R, WG2404R, WG2405R, WG2405RY7, WG5200R, WG8000R, WG8005R, X55, YHT470, YHT470SL, YHT5002, YHT540, YHT550HTIB, YHT560, YHT5603, YHT570, YHT570SL, YHT670, YHT670BL, YHT700, YHT740, YHT750, YHT800, YHT900, YHT940, YHT941, Z32LC2DA, Z37LC6D, Z37LZ5D, Z42PK1D, Z42PX1D, Z50PG10, Z50PG10UA, Z50PK2D, Z50PX2D, ZSS2IP, ZSS2IP/BLACK, ZSS2IP/WHITE

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Product description

The Samsung AA59-00075A remote control allows easy operation for your compatible Samsung model. The Samsung AA59-00075A is perfect if you lose the one that was included with your unit or if you're in need of an additional remote. The AA59-00075A controls all basic functions of the unit. Batteries Sold Separately.

Model: AA5900075A
Part Number: AA5900075A
UPC: samsung
Associated Number: AA59-00075A
Catalogue No.: 31427
This remote control controls units : TV/VCR Combo
Battery Required : 2 AA

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