CRK70N1 RR62A Proscan
(No Longer Available)
RR62A Proscan

RCA CRK70N1 TV Remote Control

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The original RCA CRK70N1 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR62A Proscan remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $18.99

New items are brand new, unopened and unused.
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We recommend the following replacement

  • RR62A Proscan/RR62A
    RR62A Proscan Remote Control


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RCA CRK70N1 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 221245, 232306, F35676MBJX2, F35676MBYX2, F36676, F36676ETFM1, F36676ETFM2, F36676JX1, FR7442, P46810LU, P46810LVLG2, P46811LVLG2, P46812BLLG2, P46813BLLG1, P46813BLLG2, P52810LV, P568121311G2, RCAF27442, RCAF27615, RCU600WMS, RCU800, RM791, 233068, 237911, 240967, 240983, 241036, 242778, 242779, 244875, 246892, 247620, 255959, 27665, 27GT720, 32600, 36655, 46GE945, 46GW945, 52812BL, 52920BL, 52GW945, 60425, 60921, 60GW947, 729691130M, 946920BL, CTC197CD, CTC203AA, CTC203CX, D46920BL, DF32668, DPC100, DRD22RD, DSA8900E, DTC100, DTC1000, DTC100RCA, E52920BL, F25668, F2667TX51, F27338TX51, F27615TX2, F27618, F27651, F27664, F27664YX1, F27664YX2, F27665, F27665YX1, F27667, F27667YX1, F27667YX51, F27668, F27668YX1, F27669, F27669TX, F27669TX51, F27669YX51, F2766S, F27680GYFE1, F27680GYJX1, F27681, F27681GY, F27681GYFE1, F27681GYYX1, F27685, F32676, F32676SB, F32676SBFM1, F32676SBFM2, F32676SBJX1, F32676SBYX2, F35676MBFM1, F35676MBFM2, F35676MBJX1

Compatible with TV models: 212238, 221112, 221245, 224264PS60682, 233063, 237911, 241036, 242523, 27665, 27GT530, 27GT730, 27GT730TX1, 27GT730TX41, 27GT730TX51, 31GT720, 31GT720YX4, 31GT740, 31GT740YX1, 31GT740YX3, 31GT740YX51, 31GT740YX53, 32GT740, 32GT740YX1, 35160FM1, 35651, 35652, 35653, 35GT740, 35GT740YX1, 35GT747, 36655, 46GW947, 46GW947YX1, 46GW947YX2, 46GW947YX6, 52920BL, 52gw947, 52GW947YX1, 60425, 60921, 60GW947, 729691130M, 946920BL, BS35180, C27GE520TX1, CRK76TA1, CTC170RA, CTC185C, CTC203AA, CTC203CX, D46920BL, DCT100, DF32668, DPC100, DRD22RD, DSA8900E, DTC100, DTC1000, DTC100RCA, E13331, E52920BL, F19206BK, F19442, F19442TX1, F19442TX1R5, F19442TX1R9, F25668, F26432, F26432TX41, F26432TX41AD4, F26432TX41AD8, F26432TX51, F26432TX51AD5, F26432TX51AD9, F26433, F27338, F27338TX51, F27338YX51, F27442, F27442FF, F27442TX1, F27442TX1AD, F27442TX41, F27442TX41AD12, F27442TX41AD4, F27442TX41AD8, F27442TX51, F27442TX51AD5, F27442TX51AD9, F27615, F27615TX1, F27615TX1AX, F27615TX2, F27615TX2AX1, F27615YX1, F27615YX1AX, F27618, F27651, F27664, F27664YX1, F27664YX2, F27665, F27665YX1, F27665YX2, F27667, F27667TX1, F27667TX51, F27667YX1, F27667YX51, F27668, F27668YX1, F27668YX51, F27669, F27669TX51, F27669YX51, F2766S, F27680GY, F27680GYFE1, F27680GYFE1AH, F27680GYJX1, F27680GYJX1AH, F27680GYJX2AH2, F27681, F27681GY, F27681GYFE1, F27681GYFE1AH2, F27681GYFE1AH3, F27681GYYX1AC, F27681GYYX1AH2, F27681GYYX1AH3, F27685, F27685YX1, F27685YX2, F27689, F27689YX1, F27690, F27690BC, F27690BCFE1, F27690BCYX1, F27690BCYX2, F27695, F27695BC, F27695BCYX1, F27730EM, F27731, F27731BK, F31665, F31665YX1, F31665YX2, F31665YX3, F31665YX4, F31671, F31672, F31700GG, F3265, F32665, F326655, F32665YX1, F32665YX2, F32665YX4, F32665YX5, F32665YX6, F32665YX7, F32665YX8, F326668, F32668, F32668YX3, F32668YX53, F32668YX57, F32668YX7, F32669, F32669YX50, F32669YX53, F32669YX59, F3266S, F32676, F32676SB, F32676SBFM1, F32676SBFM1CD, F32676SBFM2, F32676SBFM2CD2, F32676SBFM2CD3, F32676SBJX1, F32676SBJX1CD, F32676SBJX2CD2, F32676SBYX2CD4, F32685, F32685YX1, F32685YX14, F32685YX3, F32685YX4, F32685YX5, F32689, F32689YX1, F32689YX3, F32690, F32690BC, F32690BCYX1, F32691YX1, F32691YX3, F32691YX9, F32695, F32695BC, F32695BCYX1, F32705, F32705YX1, F32705YX3, F32705YX5, F32715, F32715YX1, F32715YX3, F32866, F32TF600, F33689, F35100, F35665, F35665YX1, F35665YX2, F35676MB, F35676MBFM1, F35676MBFM1CD, F35676MBFM2, F35676MBFM2CD2, F35676MBFM2CD3, F35676MBJX1, F35676MBJX1CD, F35676MBJX2CD2, F35676MBJX2CD4, F35676MBYX2CD4, F35700, F35731, F35830WK, F3660, F3665, F3666, F36665, F36665YX1, F36665YX2, F36665YX3, F36668, F36668YX1, F36668YX51, F36668YX53, F36669, F36669YX51, F36669YX53, F3666S, F36674, F36676, F36676ET, F36676ETFM, F36676ETFM1, F36676ETFM1CD, F36676ETFM2, F36676ETFM2CD2, F36676ETFM2CD3, F36676ETJX1, F36676ETJX1CD, F36676ETJX2CD2, F36676ETYX2CD4, F36676JX1, F3668, F36685, F36685YX1, F36685YX2, F36688, F36688YX1, F36688YX11, F36689, F36689YX1, F36690, F3669013C, F3669080, F36690BC, F36690BCYX1, F36690BCYX2, F36690BL, F36691YX1, F36695, F36695BC, F36695BCYX1, F36696BC, F366990BC, F36705, F36705YX1, F36715, F36715YX1, F52731WK, F52929, FB6665, FF240895, FR7442, G27669, G27669YX1, G27669YX2, G27701, G27750, G27750WKA, G31750, G31750WK, G31750WKA, G32665, G32665YX1, G32665YX5, G32665YX6, G32665YX7, G32665YX8, G32695, G32695LVYX1, G32695LVYX2, G32705, G32705YX1, G32705YX13, G32705YX14, G32705YX3, G32705YX4, G32705YX5, G32710, G34170AT, G35302LKM1, G35302LM1, G35665, G35665YX1, G35665YX2, G35830, G35830WK, G36695, G36695LV, G36695LVYX1, G36695LVYX2, G36705, G36705TV, G36705YX1, G36705YX12, G36705YX2, G36710, KV27TS27, KV27TS31, KV27TS35, KV27TW75, KV27TW76, KV32TS20, KV32TS35, KV32TW75, KV32TW76, MM2100, MM3211, MM32110, MM32110JX1, MM321110, MM3611, MM36110, MM36110JX1, MM52100, MM52110, MM52110JX1, MM6111, MM61110, MM61110JX1, MMB2110, MMM32110, MR27310, MR27310TX51, O52920BL, P25920BL, P335182, P36665, P46180LV, P46728, P46728WK, P46728WKLG1, P46729, P46729BADX1, P46729BALG1, P46730, P46730WK, P46730WKLG1, P46731, P46731AT, P46731ATDX1, P46731ATLG1, P46732, P46732BA, P46732BADX1, P46732BALG1, P46733, P46738, P46738AT, P46738ATLG1, P46810LV, P46810LVLG1, P46810LVLG1AA A, P46810LVLG2, P46810LVLG2AA A, P46811LV, P46811LVLG2, P46811LVLG2AA A, P46811LVLG2AA A2, P46811LVYX1AA A, P46811LVYX1AA A2, P46811LVYX3A3A A2, P46811LVYX3A3A A3, P46811LVYX3AA A2, P46812, P46812BL, P46812BLLG2, P46812BLLG2AA A, P46812BLLG2AA A2, P46812BLYX1AA A2, P46813, P46813BL, P46813BLLG1, P46813BLLG2, P46813BLLG2AA A, P46813BLLG2AA A2, P46813BLYX1AA A, P46813BLYX1AA A2, P46813BLYX3A3A A2, P46813BLYX3A3A A3, P46813BLYX3AA A2, P46820, P46920, P46920B1, P46920BC, P46920BL, P46920BLLG1, P46920BLYX1, P46920BLYX3, P46920PL, P46921, P46921YX1, P46921YX2, P46921YX4, P46921YX5, P46921YX6, P46922, P46922YX1, P46922YX2, P46922YX3, P46922YX4, P46922YX5, P46922YX6, P46924, P46924YX1, P46924YX10, P46924YX2, P46924YX5, P46924YX6, P46924YX8, P469250BL, P51929, P52151, P52152, P521920BL, P524921, P527123, P52731, P52731EK, P52731WK, P52738, P52738WK, P52750, P52810LV, P52810LVLG1, P52810LVLG2, P52810LVLG2AB A, P52810LVLG2AB A2, P52810LVYX1AB A2, P52810LVYX3A3B A3, P52811LV, P52811LVLG1, P52811LVLG2, P52811LVLG2AB A, P52811LVLG2AB A2, P52812, P52812BL, P52812BLLG2, P52812BLLG2AB A, P52812BLLG2AB A2, P52812BLYX1, P52812BLYX1AB A2, P52812BLYX3A3B A3, P52812BLYX3AB A2, P52813BL, P52813BLLG2, P52813BLLG2AB A, P52813BLYX1AB A2, P52813BLYX3AB A2, P5290BL, P52920, P529201BL, P52920B7, P52920BL, P52920BLYX1, P52920BLYX3, P52920VL, P52921, P52921YX1, P52921YX2, P52921YX3, P52923, P52923YX1, P52923YX2, P52923YX3, P52923YX4, P52923YX5, P52923YX9, P52924, P52924YX1, P52925, P52925BL, P52925BLYX1LB L, P52925BLYX3LB L, P52926, P52926YX1, P52926YX2, P52926YX4, P52926YX5, P52927, P52927YX1, P52927YX10, P52927YX2, P52927YX3, P52927YX4, P52927YX5, P52927YX9, P52928, P52928YX1, P52928YX2, P52928YX3, P52929, P52929YX1, P52929YX2, P52929YX4, P52929YX5, P5292OBL, P5292UBL, P52930, P52930BL, P52930BLLG1, P52930BLYX1, P52930BLYX3, P52930BYLX1, P52935, P52935BLYX3, P52935LV, P52935LVYX1, P52935LVYX3, P52936, P52936YX1, P52936YX2, P52936YX3, P52937, P52937SG, P52937YX1, P52937YX2, P52939, P52939YX1, P52939YX2, P52939YX3, P52940, P52940YX1, P52940YX2, P52945, P52945YX1, P52945YX2, P52950, P52950YX1, P52950YX2, P52950YX4, P52950YX5, P52955, P52955YX1, P52955YX2, P52955YX4, P52955YX5, P52956, P52960, P52965, P52990BL, P535153, P535182, P5355653, P56812, P568121311G2, P56812BL, P56812BLLG2, P56812BLLG2AP A, P56812BLYX1AP A2, P56812BLYX3AP A2, P56920, P56920BLYX1, P56921, P56921BLYX3, P56921YX1, P56923, P56923BLYX1, P56923BLYX3, P56924, P56924YX1, P56924YX2, P56925, P56925BL, P56925BLYX1LP L, P56925BLYX3LP L, P56926, P56926YX1, P56926YX2, P56926YX4, P56926YX5, P56927, P56927YX1, P56927YX2, P56927YX3, P56927YX6, P56930, P56930BLLG1, P56930BLYX1, P56930BLYX3, P56937, P56937YX1, P56937YX2, P56938, P56938YX1, P56938YX2, P56940, P56940YX1, P56940YX2, P56950, P56950YX1, P56950YX2, P56950YX3, P56950YX4, P56950YX5, P586802, P60682, P60812BL, P60812BLLG2, P60812BLLG2AC A, P60812BLLG2AC A2, P60812BLYX1AC A2, P60812BLYX3AC A2, P60813BL, P60920, P60920BL, P60920BLYX1, P60920BLYX3, P60921, P60921YX1, P60921YX2, P60921YX3, P60923, P60923BLYX1, P60923BLYX3, P60924, P60924YX1, P60924YX2, P60925BL, P60925BLYX1LC L, P60925BLYX3LC L, P60928, P60928YX1, P61926, P61926YX1, P61926YX2, P61926YX4, P61926YX5, P61927, P61927YX1, P61927YX3, P61927YX6, P61929, P619299, P61929YX1, P61929YX2, P61929YX5, P61930, P61930BLYX1, P61930BLYX3, P61930LBYX1, P61936, P61936YX2, P61937, P61937YX1, P61937YX2, P61937YX3, P61939, P61939YX2, P61940, P61940YX1, P61940YX2, P61946, P61950, P61950YX1, P61950YX2, P61950YX4, P61950YX5, P61960, P61960YX1, P66921, P935680, PD2920BL, PO52920BL, Pro844, PS257151, PS2652, PS27108, PS27113, PS271151, PS27121, PS27123, PS2715, PS27151, PS27153, PS27153FX1, PS27153JX1, PS27160, PS2920BL, PS2939YX3, PS31122, PS31151, PS31151NM1, PS31680, PS32108, PS32120, PS32130, PS32153, PS351153, PS3512, PS35123, PS35150, PS35150NM2, PS35152, PS35153, PS3515303, PS35153212236, PS35180, PS35182, PS3535682, PS3562, PS35622, PS3563, PS3565, PS35651, PS35651LG1, PS35651LM1, PS35652, PS35653, PS35653LWL, PS35680, PS35682, PS35693, PS36500, PS5070, PS52382, PS52650, PS52652, PS52652LG1, PS52680, PS52682, PS52682CG1, PS526862, PS526882, PS52731WK, PS52920BL, PS52929, PS552682, PS5652, PS5670, PS60680, PS60682, PS60682LW1, PS6068Z, PS61682, PS86080Z, PSN27153, PSN35152, PSN35653, PSN52652, PSN60682, PSNP535152, PSNPS27153, PSNPS35153, PSNPS35652, PSNPS35682, PSNPS52652, R36668, R52929, RCACRK76TG1, RP9978, SP35653, T52920BL

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original RCA CRK70N1 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original RCA CRK70N1 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


P/N: 240895  147322311

Model: CRK70N1
Part Number: CRK70N1
Catalogue No.: 744
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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