RCA CRK33H TV Remote Control

Notice: The original RCA CRK33H remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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RCA CRK33H Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 66R691TR, 6852008F, GFC665H, GFC666HR, GFC668S, GFC669SR, GFC670T, GFC672TR, GFC678S, GFC679SR, GFC681TR, GFC682TR, GFC688S, GFC689SR, GFC690T, GFC691T, GFC691TR, GFC693TR, GFC695HR, GFC695LR, GFC696T, GFC697TR, GFC698S, GFC699SR, GFR393W, GFR610S, GFR612S, GFR618S, GFR627T, GFR628S, GFR630T, GFR639S, GFR650S, GFR654HL, GFR658S, GFR660T, GFR661TR, GFR665H, GFR666HR, GFR668S, GFR669SR, GFR670T, GFR672TR, GFR678S, GFR679SR, GFR690T, GFR691TR, GFR693TR, GFR695HR, GFR695LR, GFR696T, GFR697TR, GFR698S, GFR699SR, GGC610S, GGC651TR, GGC655HR, GGC655LR, GGC659SR, GGR650T, GGR651TR, GGR655HR, GGR655LR, GGR658S, GGR659SR, GGR660T, GGR665H, GGR668S, GGR670T, GGR678S, GGR682TR, GGR686SR, GGR689SR, GGR690T, GGR691, GGR694H, GGR694L, GGR696T, GGR698S, GGR699SR, GJR639PR, GJR641PR, GJR649PR, GJR651TR, GJR653PR, GJR655HR, GJR655HR/LR, GJR655HRLR, GJR655LR, GJR657PR, GJR659PR, GKR637PR, GKR641TR, GKR645HR, GKR647TR, GKR649PR, GKR651TR, GKR661TR, GLR631TR, GLR641TR, GLR645HR, GLR649PR, GMR641, GMR641TR, GMR645, GMR645HR, GMR649, GMR649PR, JJR960TR/WR, JJR960TRWR, JJR960WR, JKR960, JKR960WR, JKR966WR, JKR968, JKR968WR, JLR920, JLR920WR, JLR960WR, JLR962, JLR962WR, JLR966, JLR966W, JLR968WR, JLR980, JLR980WR, JLR984, JLR984WR, JMR960, JMR960WR, JMR962WR, JMR968, JMR968WR, MFR318R, MFR378R, MFR418R, MFR516R, MFR561R, MFR565R, MFR579R, TH200A, VJM360SR, WM3500SP, XVM90, EFC337WR, EFC338WR, EFC339FR, EFC398WR, EFR332WR, EFR337WR, EFR338WR, EFR339FR, EFR398WR, EGR338, EGR358SR, EJR338SR, EJR338WR, EJR339FR, EJR358, EJR358SR, EJR398FR, EKR339, EKR339FR, EKR3605, ELR333F, ELR339FR, EMR339, EMR339ER/WR, EMR339ERWR, EMR339WR, FFC468, FFC468PR, FFC468WR, FFC469WR, FFC473WR, FFC530SR, FFR468PR, FFR468PR/WR, FFR468PRWR, FFR468WR, FFR469WR, FFR473WR, FFR478WR, FFR530SR, FGC358SR, FGC460, FGC460WR, FGC468WR, FGR460WR, FGR460WR/YR, FGR460WRYR, FGR460YR, FGR468, FGR468SR/WR, FGR468SRWR, FGR469WR, FGR478WR, FGR479, FGR530SR, FJC458, FJC458WR, FJR458WR, FJR468WR, FKR458WR, FKR460, FKR460WR, FKR461FR, FLR458W, FLR460WR, FLR461, FLR461FR, FLR468WR, FMR460, FMR460WR, GFC646SR, GFC649SR, GFC660T, GFC661TR

Compatible with TV models: EER398WR, EFC332WR, EFC337WR, EFC338WR, EFC339FR, EFC398WR, EFR332WR, EFR337WR, EFR338WR, EFR339WR, EFR398WR, EGC338WR, EGC339FR, EGR332WR, EGR338WR, EGR339FR, EGR398WR, FFC468PRWR, FFC469WR, FFC473WR, FFC478WR, FFC530SR, FFR468PRWR, FFR469WR, FFR473WR, FFR478WR, FFR530SR, FGC460WR, FGR460WR, FGR460YR, FGR468SRWR, FGR469WR, FGR478WR, FGR479WR, GFC646SR, GFC649SR, GFC661TR, GFC666HR, GFC669SR, GFC672TR, GFC679SR, GFC681TR, GFC682TR, GFC689SR, GFC691TR, GFC693TR, GFC697TR, GFC699SR, GFR641TR, GFR646SR, GFR649SR, GFR661TR, GFR666HR, GFR669SR, GFR672TR, GFR679SR, GFR691TR, GFR693TR, GFR695HRLR, GFR697TR, GFR699SR, GGC651TR, GGC655HRLR, GGC659SR, GGR651TR, GGR655HRLR, GGR659SR, GGR661TR, GGR666HR, GGR669SR, GGR672TR, GGR679SR, GGR682TR, GGR686SR, GGR689SR, GGR691TR, GGR695HRLR, GGR697TR, GGR699SR, MFR319R, MFR561R

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description


Model: CRK33H
Part Number: 156516
Catalogue No.: 4230
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    It works great.

    by Anonymous on April 04, 2013.
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