EUR501371 RR1001 Simple TV
(No Longer Available)
RR1001 Simple TV

Panasonic EUR501371 TV Remote Control

The original Panasonic EUR501371 Remote Control is substituted by Anderic-Hospitality RR1001 Simple TV remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $3.99

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We recommend the following replacement

  • RR1001 Simple TV/RR1001
    RR1001 Simple TV Remote Control


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Panasonic EUR501371 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 021142, 021142, CT20R15W, CT20R15XW, CT20R16A, CT20R16CA, CT20R6CE, CT20R6E, CT24G4, CT2520H, CT2520HA, CT2521HB, CT25G5, CT25G5B, CT27030, CT2720H, CT273G, CT273W, CT2763, CT2764, CT2764A, CT2786VY, CT2786VYD, CT2786YD, CT2787, CT2787VY, CT2787VYD, CT2794, CT27C31V, CT27D11D, CT27G2, CT27G2U, CT27G2UV, CT27G2V, CT27G3, CT27G31/REMOTE, CT27G31I, CT27G3UW, CT27G3UW1, CT27G3W, CT27G3W1, CT27G4, CT27G4A, CT27G4UA, CT27G5, CT27G5B, CT27G6, CT27G6E, CT27G75DF, CT27G7D, CT27G7SD, CT27G7SDF, CT27GA, CT323G4, CT324G4, CT325B, CT32634, CT3263U, CT3263W, CT3265, CT32C34, CT32G2, CT32G2UV, CT32G2V, CT32G3, CT32G31, CT32G3UW, CT32G3W, CT32G4, CT32G4A, CT32G4UA, CT32G5, CT32G5B, CT32G6, CT32G63, CT32G6CE, CT32G6E, CT32G6UE, CT32GS, CT36D30B, CTZ1417A, CTZ2117A, CTZ2137A, CVT27G4, ET20G13W, EUR501450, GT20G13, LD02240341, PANCT20G12, PANCT20G13, PANCT27G3, PANCT27G4, SCT20G13, TNQ2AE006, TNQ2AE0061, CT13R17V, CT20G22, CT13R18, CT13R25, CT20G23, CT13R19, CT20G13, CT20R15, CT13R3, CTG2166, CTZ1426, CTZ2126, CTZ2146, CT20G33, CT20G3, CTG2156, CTZ1416, CTZ2116, CTZ2136, CT13R16, CT13R17, CT20R14, CT2786, CT2787, CT2772, CT3274, CT36D11, CT27D11, CT36D31, CT27G6, CT32G6, CT29G6, CT13R27W, CT13R37S, CT2086, CT13R37, CT13R27, CT20G23, CT13R28, CT13R38, CT20G33, CT13R30, CT13R40, CT13R50, CT20G24, CT20R16, CT13R41, CT13R5, CT2005, CT2014, CT20D10, CT20R5, CT21G5, CT21R5, CT29G5, CTZ1418, CTZ1428, CTZ2118, CTZ2128, CTZ2138, CTZ2148, CT2010, CT2520, CT2020, CT2720, CT2012, CT2011, CT20G11, CT1387, CT2087, CT20G12, EUR5101450, CT13R31, CT13R41, CT2013, CT20G14, CT20G4, CT21R16, CTG2167, CTZ1427, CTZ2127, CTZ2147, CT13R4, CT13R40, CT20G24, CT20G34, CT21G14, CTG2157, CTZ1417, CTZ2117, CTZ2137, CT13R5, CT20G5, CT25G5, CTZ1418, CTZ2118, CTZ2138, CT20D10, CT20R5, CT27G5, CT32G5, CT27D21, CT32D11, CT27D31, CT32D31, CT2020, CT2087, CT20G11, CT20G22, CT20G34, CT2720, CT27D11, CT27D21, CT27D31, CT27G31REMOTE, CT32D11, CT32D31, CT36D11, CT36D31, CT13R16CV, CT2020HA, CT2086YD, CT1386, CT2086, CI32G31, CT10G5B, CT1386VYD, CT1386Y, CT1386YD, CT1387VY, CT1387VYD, CT13R16, CT13R16V, CT13R17, CT13R17B, CT13R17R, CT13R18, CT13R18CW, CT13R18W, CT13R19, CT13R24DV, CT13R25DW, CT13R30A, CT13R30CA, CT13R31, CT13R50D, CT13R50DA, CT2005SB, CT2010H, CT2010S, CT2010SV, CT2010SV1, CT2012, CT2012FW, CT2012S, CT2012SW, CT2013SA, CT2020H, CT2022HE, CT20612V, CT20613, CT20613W, CT20614A, CT206Y, CT2086VYD, CT2087VY, CT2087VYD, CT20G12, CT20G12DV, CT20G12U, CT20G12V, CT20G13, CT20G13DE, CT20G13DW, CT20G13W, CT20G13W1, CT20G13XW, CT20G14, CT20G14A, CT20G14D, CT20G14DA, CT20G22V, CT20G3, CT20G3W, CT20G3W1, CT20G4, CT20G4A, CT20G5, CT20G5B, CT20G5CB, CT20G70F, CT20G7D, CT20G7DF, CT20G7DL, CT20R14, CT20R14CV, CT20R14V, CT20R15CW

Compatible with TV models: 13R18, 13R19, 20G13, 20G13X, 20G23, 20G3, 20G33, 20R15, 20R15X, CT13R16, CT13R16V, CT13R17, CT13R178, CT13R17V, CT13R19CW, CT13R19W, CT13R27, CT13R30, CT13R37, CT13R4, CT13R40, CT13R40A, CT13R40CA, CT13R50, CT2013, CT20G14, CT20G24, CT20G34, CT20G4, CT20R14, CT20R14V, CT20R16, CT21G14, CT21R16, CTG2157, CTG2167, CTZ1417, CTZ1427, CTZ2117, CTZ2127, CTZ2137, CTZ2147, EUR501372, G2156, G2166L, Z1416, Z1416X, Z1426L, Z2116, Z2116X, Z2126L, Z2136, Z2136X, Z2146L

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original Panasonic EUR501371 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original Panasonic EUR501371 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Original master for CT2521HB

P/N EUR5RRS20007004CR71

Model: EUR501371
Part Number: EUR501371
Catalogue No.: 2175
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Customer Reviews:


    We have an elderly friend who's old remote died. You had the exact replacement.

    by Gary on June 02, 2016.
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    I would recommend this to anyone who needs a replacement remote.

    by Anonymous on January 06, 2014.
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