PHILIPS RCA10AP82D TV Remote Control

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PHILIPS RCA10AP82D Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with TV models: 27PT1B1, 27PT41, 27PT41B, 27PT41B1, 27PT41B101, 27PT41B121, 27PT71, 27PT71B, 27PT71B1, 27PT71B121, 27PT81, 27PT815, 27PT81S, 27PT81S1, 27PT81S125, 27PT81S199, 27RF70, 27RF70S, 27RF70S125, 27RF70S199, 27ST230P35, 27TPT81S, 29LP60, 29LP6022, 29LP602221, 313912875991, 313922884092, 313922885371, 32PT1B, 32PT31, 32PT31B1, 32PT31B121, 32PT41, 32PT41B, 32PT41B1, 32PT41B121, 32PT41B129, 32PT41B199, 32PT71, 32PT718, 32PT71B, 32PT71B1, 32PT71B121, 32PT71B129, 32PT81, 32PT815, 32PT81S, 32PT81S1, 32PT81S121, 32PT81S127, 32PT81S128, 32PT81S199, 32RF50, 32RF50P, 32RF50S, 32RF50S121, 32RF50S127, 32RF52, 32RF52S, 32RF52S327, 32RF52S399, 32ST230P35, 33LL89, 33LL891101, 33LL891102, 33LP80, 33LP803221, 33LP903221, 36PT17, 36PT17B, 36PT17B129, 36PT41, 36PT41B, 36PT41B1, 36PT41B129, 36PT42B199, 36PT71, 36PT71B, 36PT71B1, 36PT71B129, 483521917055, 483521917394, 50P8241, 50P8341, 50P8342, 55P824, 55P8241, 55P824199, 55P8241A, 55P8241A37, 55P8241A99, 55P828, 55P8288, 55P8288/37, 55P828899, 55P8288A, 55P8288A37, 55P8288A99, 55P8341, 55P8342, 60O8241A37, 60P8241, 60P824199, 60P8241A37, 60P8241A99, 60P8288, 60P828899, 60P8341, 60P8342, 64P8341, 64P8342, FP4610W103, RC2520/17, RC2538, RC2538/04, RC253804, RCA10U81E, RCU81BX, SC3127N321, SC3127N399, SC3132N321, SC3132N399, TP2585C, TP2785, TP2785C, TP2785C1, TP2785C121, TP2785C2, TP2785C221, TP3285, TP3285C, TP3285C121, TP3285C129, TP3285C199, TP50F60, TP50F61, TS2587C, TS258C, TS3258, TS3258C, TS3258C1, TS3258C101, TS3259, TS3259C, TS3259C1, TS3259C101, TS3259C102, TS3658, TS3658C, TS3658C1, TS3658C101, TS3659, TS3659C, TS3659C1, TS3659C101, TS3659C102, TS3659L, TS3695C, VRD98, XS3259, XS3259C1, XS3259C101, XS3259C102, XS3659, XS3659C1, XS3659C101, XS3659C102, YQ20773A

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original PHILIPS RCA10AP82D Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original PHILIPS RCA10AP82D Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: RCA10AP82D
Part Number: 313912875970
Catalogue No.: 61636
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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