RC2573/01 Master RR2573 Philips Master/Setup
(No Longer Available)
RR2573 Philips Master/Setup

PHILIPS RC2573/01 Master TV Remote Control

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The original PHILIPS RC2573/01 Master Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR2573 Philips Master/Setup remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $29.95

New items are brand new, unopened and unused.
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We recommend the following replacement

  • RR2573 Philips Master/Setup/RR2573
    RR2573 Philips Master/Setup Remote Control


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PHILIPS RC2573/01 Master Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 19LT010L/35, 20PT643R17, PC7227, PC9225C121, PCW027C121, PCW027C221, PCW127C121, PCW227, PCW227C, PCW227C321, PCW227S, PL0125C121, PL0125C321/27, PL0127C, PL2119C, PL2120C, PL4121, PL4121C, PL4121C1, PL5120, PL5120C121, PL5125, PL6120C121, PL6125, PL7119C227, PL7125C122, PL9119C125, PL9125C, PL9125C221, PL9127, PLW225, PLW225S, PX2119C121, PX3119, PX3125, PX3125C402, PX4125, RC2573GR, RG4172BK, TL119, TL7119C225, TL7125, TL7125C122, TL9125C, TL9125C121, TL9195C, XMK172C, XMK972, XML192C, XMX162, XMX962, XR1930, 26hf5443/28, 26HF5544D, 32HF7544D, 37HF7544D, 42HF7544D, 42HF7544R, 37HFL5560D/27, 42HFL7580A/27, 52HFL5580D/27, 27HT7210D27, 27HT4000D, PCW227SC, PRF227S, RC2573/01 INSTRUCTIONS, RMC12015 INSTRUCTIONS, 00RG4172BK01, 00RG4172BK03, 00RG9172BK01, 00T071AJMA01, 00T238AJMA01, 00T374AHGA01, 00T374AHGA02, 00T374AHGA03, 00T374AHGA04, 312124791551, 313501702641, 313922888782, 483521917267, 483521917349, 483521917561, 483521917613, RC2573GRDFU, 20FT3010, 24ST2200, 25ST220L17, 32HF7965D, EM6025C121, EMK172C101, EMK172C102, KJ9220P102, PC0125C121, PC7225, PC7225C101, PC7225C107, PC7227C1, PC9219, PC9227C121, PL4120C, RR1930W102, TC7225C107, TL6120C121, TL7125C107, 24ST2200/27, 27PT5441, 27PT6441, 27PT6442, 32PT5441, 27, 26HF544328, 27HT4000D27, 27LT220L17, 27ST2200/27, PC0125C321, KJ9319C401, KJ9319C, 19HFL3330D, 19HFL3340D, 20HFL3330D, 22HFL3330D, 22HFL3350D, 22HFL5550D, 26HFL5850D, 32HFL3350D, 32HFL5850D, 42HFL5850D, T374AHPH01, 26HF5545D, 26HF7945D, 26HF7955H, 32HF5545D, 32HF7945D, 32HF7955H, 42HF7945D, 26HFL5561L/27, 26HFL5561V/27, 32HFL5561D/27, 32HFL5561L/27, 32HFL5561V/27, 37HFL5581D/27, 37HFL5581L/27, 37HFL5581V/27, 42HFL5581L/27, 42HFL5581V/27, 52HFL5581L/27, 52HFL5581V/27, 27, 22HFL5530H/27, 22HFL5662H, 25LT22, 25LT220L, 25LT220L/17, 25LT220L17, 26FW522037, 26HFL5662H, 26HFL5830D/27, 27HT4000D/27, 27HT4000D/27B, 27HT7210D, 27HT7210D/27, 27HT7210D/27B, 27LT220L, 27LT220L/17, 27LT220L/17B, 27LT621L, 27ST22, 27ST220027, 27ST220L/17, 27ST220L17, 27ST240P35, 27ST421L17, 27ST6210, 27Z500, 32HF7543/37, 32HFL4462F, 32HFL5561H/27, 32HFL5662D, 32HFL5662H, 32HFL5662L, 32HFL5860D, 32HFL5860D/27, 32LT621L17, 34HW981, 37HFL4482F, 37hfl5560d27, 37HFL5682D, 37HFL5682L, 42HF995S, 42HFL4482F, 42HFL5682D, 42HFL5682H, 42HFL5682L, 42HFL5860D/27, 42HFL5860S, 42HFL5860S/27, EMK972, EMK972CH03, HC0119, HC0119C, HC0119C3, HC0119C322, HC9713C121, HC9919C, KHTC88, KHTC88PE, KHTC88PE01, KHTC91P102, OCV625C1, OCV625C123, OCV725C107, PA3520, PC0119, PC0119C125, PC0119N, PC0127, PC0127C, PC0127N121, PC7125C107, PC7225C, PC7225C1, PC7225C121

Compatible with TV models: 14PT158259W, 14PT266505, 17PT156501, 19LT220L/17, 19LT220L17, 20LZ20, 20LZ202, 21HT5404/05Z, 21PT166400S, 21PT226420, 21PT266558, 21PT447548, 21PT532458R, 22HFL3233D/10, 22HFL5662H, 22HFL5662H/F7, 22HFL5662HF7, 24PW632458R, 24ST2200/27, 25PT4275, 25PT447558, 25PT5105, 25PT5305, 25PT530500, 25ST220L17, 26hf5443/28, 26HFL3233D/10, 26HFL3350D/10, 26HFL3381D/10, 26HFL4371D/10, 26HFL4372D/10, 26HFL4373D/10, 26HFL5662H, 26HFL5662H/F7, 26HFL5830D/27, 26HFL5850D/10, 26HFL5870D/10, 27B, 27HT2000/27, 27HT200027, 27ST22, 27ST2200/27, 27ST220027, 27ST220L/17, 27ST220L17, 27ST6210/27, 27ST621027, 27ST621L/27, 27ST621L27, 27X, 28PT425500, 28PT477501, 28PT502501, 29PT510500, 29PT530501, 29PT532401, 29PT602156A, 29PT602173R, 313912875690, 32HF7543/37, 32HFL3016D/10, 32HFL3232D/10, 32HFL3233D/10, 32HFL3350D/10, 32HFL3381D/10, 32HFL3663S/F7, 32HFL4351D/10, 32HFL4372D/10, 32HFL4373D/10, 32HFL4441D/F7, 32HFL4461F/F7, 32HFL4462F, 32HFL4462F/F7, 32HFL4462FF7, 32HFL4662F, 32HFL4663S/F7, 32HFL5573D, 32HFL5573D/10, 32HFL562H/F7, 32HFL562HF7, 32HFL5662D, 32HFL5662D/F7, 32HFL5662DF7, 32HFL5662H, 32HFL5662H/F7, 32HFL5662L, 32HFL5662L/F7, 32HFL5662LF7, 32HFL5753LF7, 32HFL5763D, 32HFL5763D/F7, 32HFL5763DF7, 32HFL5763H, 32HFL5763H/F7, 32HFL5763L, 32HFL5763L/F7, 32HFL5763X/F7, 32HFL5850D/10, 32HFL5860D/27, 32HFL5860H/27, 32HFL5870D/10, 32HFL7382A/10, 32HFL7406D/10, 32PW630420, 32PW632401, 32ST220/17, 32ST2200/27, 32ST220027, 32ST220P, 32ST220P/17, 32ST220P/37, 32ST220P17, 32ST6210/27, 32ST621027, 32ST621L/27, 32ST621L27, 37HFL4481F/F7, 37HFL4482, 37HFL4482/F7, 37HFL4482F, 37HFL4482F/F7, 37HFL4482F7, 37HFL4482FF7, 37HFL5560D/27, 37HFL5581D/F7, 37HFL5581V/F7, 37HFL5682D, 37HFL5682D/F7, 37HFL5682DF7, 37HFL5682L, 37HFL5682L/F7, 37HFL5682LF7, 37HFL5880D/10, 37HFL7561A/10, 40HFL2082D/F7, 40HFL3683S/F7, 40HFL4683S/F7, 40HFL5573D/10, 40HFL5783D, 40HFL5783D/F7, 40HFL5783DF7, 40HFL5783H, 40HFL5783H/F7, 40HFL5783L, 40HFL5783L/F7, 40hfl5783lf7, 40HFL5783X/F7, 40HFL7382A/10, 40HFL9561A/10, 42HFL3016D/10, 42HFL3233D/10, 42HFL4372D/10, 42HFL4373D/10, 42HFL4482F, 42HFL4482F/F7, 42HFL4482FF7, 42HFL5682D, 42HFL5682D/F7, 42HFL5682DF7, 42HFL5682H, 42HFL5682H/F7, 42HFL5682HF7, 42HFL5682L, 42HFL5682L/F7, 42HFL5682LF7, 42HFL582H, 42HFL5850D/10, 42HFL5860D/27, 42HFL5860S/27, 42HFL5880D/10, 42HFL7406D/10, 42HFL7580A/27, 42HFL9320A/10, 46HFL3683S/F7, 46HFL4382D/10, 46HFL5573D/10, 47HFL4381D/10, 50HFL3683S, 50HFL3683S/F7, 52HFL5580D/27, 52HFL5581V/F7, 52TA441503, 55HFL5573D/10, 58HFL9582A/10, 58HFL9956D/10, 63TA441511, CH1727, EM4019, EM4019C1, EM4019C101, EM5019, EM5019C121, EM5019C122, EM6020, EM6025, EM6025C, EM6025C121, EMG131, EMG131X102, EMK172C101, EML992CH, EML992CH02, EML992CH04, EMX162, EMX162C1, EMX162C101, EMX852, GM4019, GM4019C101, GM5019, GM5019C1, GM5019C101, GM5019C121, GM5019C122, HC9919, HC9919C1, HD2720, HD2720C1, HD2720C101, HD2730, HD2730C, HD2730C1, KJ9420, KJ9420A1, KJ9420A101, MS2730C, OCV625C1, OCV625C123, OCV720, OCV720C1, OCV720C121, PA2527, PA2527C1, PA2527C101, PA2527C2, PA2531, PA9019, PA9019C1, PA9019C121, PAV190, PAV190C1, PB4025, PB4025C101, PB6013, PB6013C, PC0127N, PC0127N121, PC0127P, PC6220, PC6220C1, PC6220C121, PC6225, PC6225C, PC6227C, PC6227C123, PC7220, PC7220C, PC7225, PC7225C, PC7225C1, PC7225C101, PC7225C107, PC7225C121, PC7227, PC9219, PC9219C, PC9219C1, PC9219C125, PC9225, PC9225C, PC9225C121, PC9225C2, PC9225C221, PC9227, PC9227C, PC9227C101, PC9227C121, PC9227C199, PC9227C201, PC9227C221, PC9227C299, PC9227M, PC9227M199, PC9227N, PC9227N199, PCW227, PL0119, PL0119C125, PL0119C199, PL0119C322, PL0119C399, PL0125C321, PL0125C399, PL0127, PL0127C, PL0127C1, PL0127C121, PL0127C199, PL0127C3, PL0127C321, PL0127C399, PL2119, PL2119C, PL2119C1, PL2119C101, PL2119C122, PL2120, PL2120C1, PL2120C101, PL2120C122, PL2125, PL2125C1, PL2125C101, PL3120, PL3125, PL3125C4, PL3125C401, PL3125C402, PL4119, PL4119C1, PL4119C101, PL4120, PL4120C, PL4120C1, PL4120C101, PL4125, PL4126, PL5119, PL5119C, PL5120, PL5120C1, PL5120C122, PL6119, PL6119C2, PL6119C221, PL6125, PL6125C1, PL6125C121, PL7119, PL7119C, PL7119C1, PL7119C127, PL7119C199, PL7119C299, PL7120, PL7120C, PL7120C1, PL7120C121, PL7120C199, PL7125, PL7125C, PL7125C1, PL7125C107, PL7125C122, PL7125C198, PL7125C199, PL7127, PL7127C, PL7127C1, PL7127C101, PL7127C107, PL7127C121, PL7127C199, PL9119, PL9119C, PL9119C1, PL9119C125, PL9119C199, PL9125, PL9125C, PL9125C1, PL9125C101, PL9125C199, PL9125C2, PL9125C221, PL9125C298, PL9125C299, PL9127, PL9127C, PL9127C1, PL9127C121, PL9127C199, PLN9119, PRF227, PRF227S3, PRF227S325, RC070500, RC254101, RC9319, RC9319G401, RC9319G402, RG4172BK, RL9820BK01, SC2927, SC2927C121, SEC720, SEC919, TC7220C, TC7225, TC7225C, TC7227, TC7227C, TC9225, TC9225C, TL6119, TL6119C, TL6127, TL6127C, TL6132, TL6132C, TL6132C1, TL6132C101, TL7119, TL7119C, TL7119C199, TL7119C2, TL7119C299, TL7120, TL7125, TL7125C1, TL7125C107, TL7125C122, TL7127, TL7127C1, TL9119, TL9119C1, TL9119C125, TL9125, TL9125C121, TL9125C2, TL9125C221, TL9127, TL9127C101, TL9127C121, TL9127C221

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original PHILIPS RC2573/01 Master Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS RC2573/01 Master Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

same as: 313922888782, RC2573GR, ITV SETUP REMOTE

NOTE: Because this is a master remote we do not except returns of this item.

PHILIPS ITV MASTER HOTEL REMOTE CONTROL. Now replaced by the RR2573 by Anderic, supports all features and guaranteed compatiblity.

For guest room remotes, please refer to the Anderic RR1H.


Model: RC2573/01 Master
Part Number: 483531057554
UPC: Philips
Associated Number: RC2573GR
Catalogue No.: 8506
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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