PHILIPS RC2017/01B TV Remote Control

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Notice: The original PHILIPS RC2017/01B remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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PHILIPS RC2017/01B Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 27PT8419, 27PT841917, 27PT841999, 30PW8520, 30PW852099, 30PW8621/37R, 30PW862137, 30PW862137R, 30PW862H, 30PW862H37A, 30PW862H99, 30PW88, 30PW8859, 30PW8859/17, 30PW885917, 30PW885999, 30PW8869, 30PW8869/17, 30PW886917, 30PW886999, 30PW8879, 30PW8879/17, 30PW887917, 30PW887999, 32PT84, 32PT8419, 32PT841999, 32PT842H, 32PT842H37, 32PT842H37A, 32PT842H99, 34PW8520, 34PW852099, 34PW86, 34PW8621/37R, 34PW8621/99, 34PW862137R, 34PW862199, 34PW862H, 34PW862H37, 34PW862H37A, 34PW862H37F, 34PW862H99, 36PT84, 36PT842H, 36PT842H37D, 36PT842H99, 36PW8621/85R, 36PW862185R

Compatible with TV models: 43P834, 43P8341, 43P834199, 43P8341A, 43P8341A37, 43P8341A99, 43PP9202, 43PP920217F, 43PP920284F, 43PP920299, 46PP9302, 46PP930201, 46PP930217, 46PP930217F, 46PP930284, 46PP930284F, 46PP930299, 46PP9302H, 46PP9302H/17, 46PP9302H17, 50P8241, 50P834, 50P8341, 50P834199, 50P8341A, 50P8341A37, 50P8341A99, 50P8341C, 50P8342, 50P834299, 50P8342A37, 50P8342A99, 50PP241, 50PP24199, 50PP9202, 50PP9202/99, 50PP920217F, 50PP920284F, 50PP920299, 51PP93, 51PP9303, 51PP9303H, 51PP9303H/17, 51PP9303H/17B, 51PP9303H17, 51PP930H17, 51PP9363, 51PP9363/17, 51PP9363H, 51PP9363H/17, 51PP9363H/17B, 51PP9363H17, 51PW93, 51PW9303, 51PW9303/17F, 51PW930317F, 51PW930399, 51PW9363, 51PW9363/17, 51PW936317F, 51PW936399, 55P8241, 55P8288, 55P834, 55P8341, 55P834199, 55P8341A, 55P8341A37, 55P8341A99, 55P8342, 55P834299, 55P8342A37, 55P8342A99, 55P834S, 55P9401, 55PL9774/17, 55PP241, 55PP24199, 55PP401, 55PP6363, 55PP930, 55PP9363, 55PP9363/17, 55PP9363H, 55PP9363H/17, 55PP9363H/17B, 55PP9363H17, 55PP94, 55PP9401, 55PP940199, 55PPS401, 55PW6363, 55PW93, 55PW9363, 55PW9363/17, 55PW936317F, 55PW936399, 55PW9383, 55PW9383/17, 55PW938317F, 55PW938384, 55PW938399, 55RW9515/35, 55RW951535, 60P8241, 60P8288, 60P828899, 60P8288A, 60P8288A37, 60P8288A99, 60P834, 60P8341, 60P834199, 60P8341A, 60P8341A37, 60P8341A99, 60P8341C, 60P8342, 60P834299, 60P8342A37, 60P8342A99, 60PP24, 60PP241, 60PP24199, 60PP9202, 60PP9202/17F, 60PP920217, 60PP920217F, 60PP920299, 60PP9363, 60PP9363/17, 60PP9363H, 60PP9363H/17, 60PP9363H/17B, 60PP9363H17, 60PP938317F, 60PP94, 60PP940, 60PP9401, 60PP940199, 60PP94C1, 60PW93, 60PW9363, 60PW9363/17, 60PW936317F, 60PW936399, 60PW9363H, 60PW9383, 60PW9383/17, 60PW938317F, 60PW938399, 60W9363, 64P834, 64P8341, 64P834199, 64P8341A, 64P8341A37, 64P8341A99, 64P8342, 64P834299, 64P8342A37, 64P8342A99, 64P8347, 64P8432, 66P9401, 66PP9401, FW930R37, LC4600, RC2061/01

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description



Model: RC2017/01B
Part Number: 312814713331
UPC: Philips
Catalogue No.: 8377
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

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