RC0768/01 RR2573 Philips Master/Setup
(No Longer Available)
RR2573 Philips Master/Setup

PHILIPS RC0768/01 TV Remote Control

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The original PHILIPS RC0768/01 Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR2573 Philips Master/Setup remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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We recommend the following replacement

  • RR2573 Philips Master/Setup/RR2573
    RR2573 Philips Master/Setup Remote Control


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PHILIPS RC0768/01 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with TV models: 13PR12C, 13PR12C1, 13PR12C121, 13PR12C221, 13PR12W, 13PR15, 13PR15C, 13PR15C1, 13PR18, 13PR18C, 13PR18C1, 1917C, 19PR14, 19PR14C, 19PR14C1, 19PR14C121, 19PR14C122, 19PR14C123, 19PR14C127, 19PR15, 19PR15C, 19PR15C1, 19PR15C121, 19PR15C122, 19PR15C125, 19PR15C127, 19PR15C199, 19pr15c22, 19PS52, 19PS52C, 19PS52C1, 19PS52C121, 19PS52C122, 19PS54, 19PS54C, 19PS54C1, 19PS54C121, 19PS54C125, 25F8007583, 25F8007853, 25TR12, 25TR12C, 25TR12C1, 25TR12C101, 25TR12C102, 25TR12C121, 25TR19C2, 25TR19C221, 25TR19C225, 25TS52, 25TS52C, 25TS52C101, 25TS52C102, 25TS52C12, 25TS52C2, 25TS52C202, 25TS52C203, 25TS52C205, 27P550B, 313914854310, 483521837192, 483521837226, 483521917701, 483521917708, CS06051, EM5019, EM5019C121, EM5019C122, FS2752, FS2752A1, FS2752A101, HD1306, HD1308, HD1308CM03, HD1906, HD1906C1, HD1906C121, HD1906C122, HD2511, HD2511C, HD2511C1, HD2511C121, HD2516, HD2516C, HD2516C1, HD2516C101, HD2516C102, HD2516C123, HD2516C221, HD2530, HD2530C, HD2530C1, HD2530C121, HD2530C221, HD2716, HD2716C1, HD2716C101, HD2716C103, HD2720C101, MAGPR1317C, MAGPR1388C, MAGPS1955C, MS2530C, MS2530C2, MS2530C221, MS2530C225, MS2530C299, MS2730, MS27306, MS2730C, MS2730C2, MS2730C221, MS2730C299, MS2730L, N0400UD, P51964C, PR1217C, PR1305, PR1305C, PR1305C1, PR1305C121, PR1312, PR1312C, PR1312C1, PR1312C121, PR1317, PR1317C, PR1317C1, PR1317C121, PR13389X, PR1371C, PR1388B, PR1388C1, PR1389, PR1389X, PR1389X1, PR1389X121, PR1389X122, PR13HC, PR1717C, PR1902C, PR1903, PR1903C, PR1903C1, PR1903C121, PR1903C122, PR1903C125, PR1914, PR19140, PR1914C, PR1914C1, PR1914C121, PR1914C122, PR1914C123, PR1914C127, PR1916C, PR1917, PR1917C, PR1917C1, PR1917C122, PR1917C125, PR1917C127, PR1917L, PR1977C, PRI317C, PRI388C, PS1694C, PS1944, PS1944C, PS1945, PS1945C1, PS1946, PS1946C, PS1946C1, PS1946C121, PS1946C122, PS1946C125, PS1952, PS1952C, PS1952C1, PS1952C121, PS1952C122, PS1955, PS1955C, PS1955C1, PS1955C125, PS19640, PS1964C121, PS1964C125, PS1964L, RC070204, RC073217, SC440, T225AGMA02, TR1917C125, TR2503, TR2503C, TR2503C1, TR2503C101, TR2503C121, TR2503C125, TR2503C2, TR2503C221, TR2503C225, TR2512, TR2512C, TR2512C1, TR2512C101, TR2512C102, TR2512C121, TR2516C1, TR2712, TR2712C1, TR2712C101, TR2712C102, TR2712C2, TR2712C221, TS2542, TS2542C, TS2542C1, TS2542C101, TS2542C102, TS2542C123, TS2544, TS2544C122, TS2546, TS2546C, TS2546C1, TS2546C121, TS2546C221, TS2552, TS2552C1, TS2552C101, TS2552C104, TS2552C126, TS2552C2, TS2552C202, TS2552C203, TS2552C205, TS2745, TS2746, TS2746C, TS2746C1, TS2746C101, TS2746C121, TS2746C21, TS2746C221, TS2752, TS2752C, TS2752C1, TS2752C103, TS2752C104, TS2752C2, TS2752C201, TS2752C202, TS2752C205, TS2752CT05, TS2753, TVPS1964C, XR1305, XR1305C121, XR1312, XR1312C121, XR1388, XR1903, XR1903C121, XR1903C122, XR1903C125, XR1914, XR2503, XR2503C, XR2503C1, XR2503C121, XR2512, XS1950, XS1952, XS1952C, XS1953, XS1953C121, XS1953C122, XS1955, XS1955C, XS1955C1, XS2552, XS2552C1, XS2552C101, XS2552C102, XS2552C123, XS2773, XS2773C101, XS2773C102, XS2773C103, XS2773C104, XS2773C105, Y227JAAA01

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Product description

The replacement for original PHILIPS RC0768/01 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS RC0768/01 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.



Model: RC0768/01
Part Number: 482221910565
Catalogue No.: 61705
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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