PM4S RR3UNV Universal with Learning
(No Longer Available)
RR3UNV Universal with Learning

PHILIPS PM4S 4-Device Universal Remote Control

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The original PHILIPS PM4S Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR3UNV Universal with Learning remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

New Replacement $9.99

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  • RR3UNV Universal with Learning/RR3UNV
    RR3UNV Universal with Learning Remote Control


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  • RRU401 with Backlight and Learning/RRU401
    RRU401 with Backlight and Learning Remote Control


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PHILIPS PM4S Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with 4-Device Universal models: 118052A, 118060, 118060A, 118060B, 119052A, 2250201, 27P341, 27P341C4, 27P341C402, 27P341C403, 27X341, 27X341C4, 27X341C401, 29K233, 31P460, 31P460C4, 31P460C401, 31P460C402, 31X460, 31X460C401, 46NP41, 46NP41FS01, 46NP41FS02, 46PP9352, 483521837138, 52NP50, 52NP50A101, 52NP50A102, 52NP51, 52NP51FS01, 52NP51FS02, 55PP9352, 60PP9352, 61NP61, 61NP61FS, 61NP61FS01, 61NP61FS02, 626.54546191, 626.54638390, AH197, AH198, AV2780, AV27BDA, BKSI2010, CC5194A, CCR095, CCR095AT, CCR095AT01, CCR095AT03, CCR095AT04, CCR095AT99, CCR095AY04, CCR132, CCR132AT, CCR132AT01, CCR132AT02, CCR132AT03, CCR132AT04, CCR132AT21, CCR190, CCR190A122, CCR190AT, CCR190AT01, CCR190AT02, CCR190AT03, CCR190AT04, CCR190AT2, CCR190AT21, CCR190AT22, CCR190AT99, CCS144, CCS144A, CCS144AT, CCS144AT01, CCS144AT02, CCS191, CCS192, CCS194, CCS194A, CCS194AT, CCS194AT01, CCS194AT02, CCS194AT21, CCSI194A, CCT090, CCT090AT, CCT090AT01, CCT090AT02, CCT090AT98, CCT090AT99, CCT132, CCT132AT, CCT132AT01, CCT132AT02, CCT132AT99, CCT133, CCT133AT, CCT134, CCT134ATOL, CCT190, CCT190A02, CCT190AT, CCT190AT01, CCT190AT02, CCT192, CCT192AT, CCT192AT01, CCT192AT02, CCT194, CCT194AT, CCT194AT01, CCT19OAT, CCT254, CCT254AT, CCT254AT02, CCT254AT03, CCT254AT98, CCT254AT99, CCU191AT, CCU192AT01, CCU192AT02, CCU192AT03, CDB496, CE9186WR, CRK113, CRK120, CRK120AT01, CRM090AT01, CRM091AT01, CRN130, CRN130AT, CRN130AT01, CRN130AT1, CRNBOAT1, CSS144AT01, CTT190, DBS500, DR13VCR101, DVDR1000, DVDR100099, DVDR150, DVDR15099, EC9380, FR50XX, FR60, FR60XXBK02, FR70XX, FR70XXBK02, FR780, FR780X, FW358C, FW390, FW390C, FW390EL, FW70PP, FWC70C3701, GCCT132AT, HD2720C101, IRD500, IRD500PK, LC403327, LC404327, LC423517, LC4236, LC424117, LC424517, LC4246, LC513100, LC514100, LC5231, LC5241, LCT134AT, M1081A, MAGCCT132AT, MAGCCT190, MAGCCX194AT, MAGVRU342AT, MAGVRU362AT, N0300UD, P1310R, P1311R, P1311RP101, P1321RC2, P1321RC201, P1321RC401, P1321RC406, P1920R, P1920RC, P1920RC1, P1920RPE, P1920RPE21, P1921R, P1921RPE25, P2505R, P2505R1208, P2505R1406, P2505R1407, P2505R1806, P2505RP1, P2505RP101, P2505RP2, P2505RP205, P2505RP4, P962, P962VR, PH4017, PN483521917617, PR1396X121, PR3046A102, REM280, RG5552AK01, RK3955, RK3955AL, RK3955AL01, RK3955AL02, RK3955BK, RK3955BK01, RK3955BK02, RKF198, RP8560, RPF530AK02, RPF592, RPF592BL01, RPF702AK01, RZK119BK, SHAC300, SV2000, SVA102AT21, SVA104AT21, SVA106AT21, SX2754HK, SY8920, T061AGGA01, T089A, TH179, TH189, TP2526C204, TS3258C, TS3658C, UR9360, UR9362, VCA431AT21, VCA631AT21, VPH735, VR1225, VR1225AT, VR1225AT01, VR1260, VR1260AT, VR1260AT01, VR2032, VR2040, VR2040AT01, VR2040DT01, VR2050, VR2050AT01, VR3560, VR3562, VR3562AT01, VR3562AT98, VR562AT, VR5930, VR6065, VR6065AT01, VR6405AT01, VR6615, VR6625, VR6625AT01, VR6625AT99, VR6685AT, VR6885, VR8510, VR9045, VR9060, VR9060AT, VR9060AT01, VR9110, VR9120, VR9120AT, VR9120AT01, VR9120AT02, VR9120AT98, VR9140, VR9142, VR9142AT, VR9142AT01, VR9142AT02, VR9142AT03, VR9142AT98, VR9160, VR9161, VR9161AT, VR9161AT01, VR9161AT03, VR9162, VR9162AT01, VR9162AT03, VR9223, VR9230, VR9230AT, VR9230AT01, VR9230AT98, VR9240, VR9240AT01, VR9241, VR9241AT, VR9241AT01, VR9242, VR9242AT, VR9242AT01, VR9242AT02, VR9242AT98, VR9260, VR9260AT01, VR9261, VR9261AT, VR9261AT01, VR9261AT98, VR9261AT99, VR9320, VR9330, VR9330AT, VR9330AT01, VR9330AT99, VR9360, VR9360AT, VR9360AT01, VR9360AT98, VR9360AT99, VR9361, VR9361AT, VR9361AT01, VR9361AT98, VR9361AT99, VR9362, VR9362AT, VR9362AT01, VR9362AT98, VR9720, VR9720AT, VR9720AT01, VR9722, VR9722AT01, VR9725, VR9725AT01, VR9730, VR9740, VR9740AT01, VR9745, VR9750, VR9750AT01, VR9912, VR9925, VR9925AT01, VR9942, VRA211AT21, VRA231AT21, VRA411AT21, VRA431AT21, VRA471AT21, VRA611AT21, VRA631AT21, VRA633AT21, VRA670AT21, VRA671AT21, VRRU362AY, VRS930, VRS930AT, VRS930AT01, VRT245, VRT245AT, VRT245AT01, VRT245AT98, VRU262AT, VRU342, VRU342AT, VRU342AT02, VRU342AT21, VRU362, VRU36299, VRU362A, VRU362AT, VRU362AT02, VRU362AT21, VRU362AT22, VRU362AT98, VRU362AT99, VRU362ATCCC, VRU562AT, VRU642, VRU642AT, VRU642AT21, VRU642AT99, VRU662AT, VRU662AT21, VRV342, VRV342AT, VRX362AT22, VRX562AT, VRX762, VT2610, XK3955

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original PHILIPS PM4S Remote Control is available for special order.
The replacement for original PHILIPS PM4S Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

  • Controls TV, cable,
  • VCR & DVD
  • Advanced DVD functions
  • Chapter Scan
  • Repeat
  • Subtitle
  • Sleep Timer
  • TV/VCR input
  • Previous channel

  • Model: PM4S
    Part Number: PM4S
    Catalogue No.: 6674
    This remote control controls units : 4-Device Universal
    Battery Required : 2 AAA

    Questions on PHILIPS PM4S Remote Control: