ORION 076R074150 TV Remote Control

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Notice: the original ORION 076R074150 Remote Control is NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS NEW. We suggest buying our refurbished below. Refurbished Remote Controls are guaranteed to work like NEW, but may have a few scuffs.

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  • 076R074050
    076R074050 Remote Control


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ORION 076R074150 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: MT1120, MT1136A, TVM1315B, TVM1315D, TVM1900ACB, TVM1900CA, TVM1900CB, TVM1902AB, TVM1902B, TVM1903A, TVM1903B, TVM1913A, TVM1913B, TVM1915, TVM1915A, TVM1915AD, TVM1915B, TVM1915C, TVM2500, TVM2500ACA, TVM2500C, TVM2500CA, TVM2500CB, TVM2500CC, TVM2502A, TVM2502AC, TVM2502B, TVM2515, TVM2515A, TVM2515B, TVS2001A, TVS2541, MT1192A, MT1195, MT1196A, MT2205, MT2245, MT2251, TC1927W, TV1317, TV1318A, TV1318AH, TV1318AL, TV1318C, TV1319A, TV1319B, TV1319C, TV1325A, TV1325AD, TV1325AE, TV1325AF, TV1325AG, TV1325AH, TV1326A, TV1326BWA, TV1326BWC, TV1326BWD, TV1326BWH, TV1326CA, TV1329, TV1329A, TV1329AA, TV1329B, TV1910, TV1910C, TV1925A, TV1925AA, TV1925AB, TV1925AC, TV1925AD, TV1925AE, TV1926A, TV1926AB, TV1926ACB, TV1926AWC, TV1926CB, TV1927W, TV1928A, TV1928AB, TV1928B, TV1928W, TV1928Y, TV1928Z, TV1929, TV1929A, TV1929AF, TV1929B, TV1929C, TV1929D, TV2520, TV2520A, TV2520B, TV2525CA, TV2525CD, TVM1300ACA, TVM1300CA, TVM1302A, TVM1302AB, TVM1302AC, TVM1302AE, TVM1302SE, TVM1313D, TVM1313J, TVM1313W, TVM1315, TVM1315A

Compatible with TV models: 227FAX, BRKCTSGT936CTT, COM0950B, COM2550, COM2551, CT5GT9369CTT, CTDG9369CTT, CTS69369, CTSBT9369CTT, CTSCT9369T, CTSG369, CTSG9369, CTSG9369C, CTSG9369CCT, CTSG9369CT, CTSG9369CTT, CTSG9369CTTC, CTSG9369T, CTSG9369TC, CTSG9369TCT, CTSG9774, CTSGR9369CTT, CTSGT79369CTT, CTSGT9, CTSGT9369, CTSGT9369C77C, CTSGT9369CT, CTSGT9369CTT, CTSGT9369CTTC, CTSGT9369T, CTSGT9369TTC, CTSGT936C, CTSGT936CTT, CTSGT936T, CTSGT99369CTT, CTVD5463GVC, DBTV2500, DBTV2501, KC1963D, MT1125, MT1136, MT1136A, MT1195, MT1196, MT1196A, MT2205, MT2251, MT2251B, MT2252, MVD4540C, MVD4540D, MVR4040A, MVR4046, MVT2135, SNVT1331, TC0918, TC1927, TV1303, TV1318, TV1319, TV1326, TV1326A, TV1326BW, TV1326C, TV1326W, TV1329B, TV1926, TV1926A, TV1926AC, TV1926AW, TV1927, TV1928, TV1928A, TV2501A, TV2501B, TV2510, TV2520, TV2520A, TV2520B, TV2521, TV2525, TV2525C, TVB1304Z, TVBR1302, TVBR1302Y, TVBR1302Z, TVBR1304Y, TVBR1304Z, TVBR130ZZ, TVCR1300, TVCR1300A, TVCR1320, TVCR1321, TVCR1900, TVCR1900C, TVCR1921, TVCR2500, TVCR2500A, TVM1302, TVM1302A, TVM1302S, TVM1313, TVM1315AE, TVM1315B, TVM1315C, TVM1315D, TVM1316B, TVM1902, TVM1902A, TVM1903, TVM1913, TVM1915B, TVM1915C, TVM1915D, TVM2502, TVM2502A, TVM2515A, TVM2515B, TVM2515C, TVM2515C/G, TVM2515CG, TVM2515G, TVM2515G/A, TVM2515G/B, TVM2515GA, TVM2515GB, TVM9180, TVS2001, TVS2540A, TVS2540B, TVS2541, TVS2740B, VCR2510C, VCR2511, VCR4010A, VCR4010AD, VCR4010AG, VCR4502, VCR4502B, VHF6010D, VHF7010, VP0040, VR0211C, VR0212, VR0212A, VR0313, VR0313A, VR0419A, VR0419AG, VR0419F, VR0420A, VR0420AC, VR0420ACB, VR0420AD, VR0420AG, VR212A, VR213, VR313, VR313A, VRDVD4001A, VRDVD4001AC, VRDVD4100A, VRDVD4100AC, VRDVD4100B, VRDVD4100BA, VT1922DA, WT1305, WT1902, WT1942

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The original ORION 076R074150 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ORION 076R074150 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

For Models: Dura Brand, DBTV1300, DBTV1900, DBTV2500, Memorex, MT1136A, MT1192A, MT1196A, MT2251, Orion, TV1317, TV1318A, TV1325A, TV1329, TV1329A, TV1925A, TV1929, TV1929A, TV1929B, TV2520, Sansui, TVM1315, TVM1315A, TVM1915, TVM1915A, TVM1915B, TVM2515, TVM2515B

Model: 076R074150
Part Number: 076R074150
UPC: sansui/memorex
Catalogue No.: 619
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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