MEMOREX 076ROCG010 TV/VCR Combo Remote Control

Notice: The original MEMOREX 076ROCG010 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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MEMOREX 076ROCG010 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV/VCR Combo models: 2135, COM3100, COM3100A, COM3100B, COM3100C, COM3100D, COM3101, COM3101C, COM311ADA, COM5200, COM7200, COM9100, COM9100A, COM9100D, CTSGT9369CTT, DBTV1341, DBVT1333, DBVT1341, DBVT1342, GOJ12331, MVT2135B, MVT2136, MVT2136A, MVT2195B, MVT2196, MVT2197, MVT2199, TVCR1322

Compatible with TV/VCR Combo models: 227FAX, BRKCTSGT936CTT, CDVD1900, CDVD9000A, CDVD9000C, COM0950B, COM2550, COM2551, COM3100, COM3100A, COM3100B, COM3100C, COM3100D, COM3101, COM5200, COM7200, COM9100, COM9100A, CT5GT9369CTT, CTDG9369CTT, CTS69369, CTSBT9369CTT, CTSCT9369T, CTSG369, CTSG9369, CTSG9369C, CTSG9369CCT, CTSG9369CT, CTSG9369CTT, CTSG9369CTTC, CTSG9369T, CTSG9369TC, CTSG9369TCT, CTSG9774, CTSGR9369CTT, CTSGT79369CTT, CTSGT8118CTT, CTSGT9, CTSGT9369, CTSGT9369C77C, CTSGT9369CT, CTSGT9369CTT, CTSGT9369CTTC, CTSGT9369T, CTSGT9369TTC, CTSGT936C, CTSGT936CTT, CTSGT936T, CTSGT99369CTT, DBTV1341, DBTV2500, DBVT1333, DBVT1341, DBVT1342, GOJ12330, GOJ12331, KC1963D, MT1136, MT1136A, MT1196A, MT2205, MT2251, MT2251B, MVD4540C, MVD4540D, MVR4040A, MVR4046, MVT2090, MVT2135, MVT2135B, MVT2136, MVT2136A, MVT2136B, MVT2137, MVT2195B, MVT2196, MVT2197, MVT2199, SNVT1331, TC0918, TV1329B, TV2510, TV2520, TV2520A, TV2520B, TVB1304Z, TVBR1302, TVBR1302Y, TVBR1302Z, TVBR1304Y, TVBR1304Z, TVBR130ZZ, TVCR1300, TVCR1300A, TVCR1320, TVCR1321, TVCR1322, TVCR1900, TVCR1900C, TVCR1921, TVCR2500, TVCR2500A, TVDVD091, TVDVD091A, TVM1302S, TVM1315AE, TVM1315B, TVM1915B, TVM2515A, TVM2515B, TVM9180, TVS2001, VCR2510C, VCR2511, VCR4010A, VCR4010AD, VCR4010AG, VCR4502, VCR4502B, VHF6010D, VHF7010, VP0040, VR0211C, VR0212, VR0212A, VR0313, VR0313A, VR0419A, VR0419AG, VR0419F, VR0420A, VR0420AC, VR0420ACB, VR0420AD, VR0420AG, VR212A, VR213, VR313, VR313A, VRDVD4001A, VRDVD4001AC, VRDVD4100A, VRDVD4100AC, VRDVD4100B, VRDVD4100BA, VT1922DA, WT1305, WT1902, WT1942

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

Works with these models:

ADMIRAL GOJ-12330 GOJ-12331


DURABRAND DBTV1341 DBVT1333 DBVT1341 DBVT1342 MEMOREX MVT-2135B MVT-2136 MVT-2136A MVT-2136B MVT-2195B MVT-2196 MVT-2197 MVT-2199


SANSUI COM3100 COM3100A COM3100B COM3100C COM3100D COM3101 COM5200 COM7200 COM9100 COM9100A

Model: 076ROCG010
Part Number: 076R0CG010
UPC: 36717
Catalogue No.: 29743
This remote control controls units : TV/VCR Combo
Battery Required : 2 AAA

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    I use. It for my tv

    by Anonymous on December 25, 2014.
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