KENWOOD RCR0407 Remote Control

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Notice: The original KENWOOD RCR0407 remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

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KENWOOD RCR0407 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: 470AV, A70083105, A70097505, A70110705, A70119405, A70126605, CENTER67, CNTR37, CNTR38, CNTR67, CRS158, CT201, CT203, HTB201, HTB206, HTBS02, JL507, KDCC602FM, KDCC662, KDCP200, KDLC602FM, KENCENTER67, KENVR205, KRFV5010, KRFV6010, LR30707, RCR0407, RCR0505, RCR0607, RCR0709, RCS0501, SPEC370AV, SPEC37OAV, SPEC670AU, SPEC670AV, SPEC670AW, SRC447, SRC607, VR20, VR205, VR206, VR207, VR255, VR257, KDCC602

Compatible with models: 105VR, 1060VR, 106VR, 1070VR, 107VR, 1080VR, 1090VR, 305VR, 306VR, AR304, AR404, BR306, CNTR78, CNTR87, CNTRS7, CT201, DCR0608, DPX400, DPX4000, DPX4010, DPX600, HTB200, HTB201, HTB300, HTB401, HTB502, HTBS715, KDC3011, KDC315S, KDC315V, KDC316S, KDC316V, KDC37MR, KDC4011, KDC4011S, KDC4015, KDC415S, KDC416S, KDC5011, KDC5018, KDC515, KDC515S, KDC516S, KDC57MR, KDC6011, KDC6015, KDC7011, KDC7012, KDC715S, KDC716S, KDC8011, KDC8015, KDC8016, KDC9011, KDC9015, KDC9017, KDCMP8017, KDCV6017, KDCV7017, KDCX6015, KDCX711, KMD42, KMDX91, KR200HT, KR300HT, KR797KR897, KRC308S, KRC309S, KRC408, KRC409, KRC487, KRC507, KRC507S, KRC508, KRC508S, KRC509, KRC509S, KRC607, KRC608, KRC609, KRC707, KRC708, KRC709, KRC807, KRC887, KRCX657, KRCX957, KRFV5010, KRFV5020, KRFV6010, KRFV6020, KRFV7010, KRFV7510D, KRFV8010D, KRV1070VR, KRV1080VR, KRV1090VR, KRV5570, KRV6090, KRV888D, KRV9090, KRV999D, RCR0607, RCR0608, RCR0709, RCR0711, RCR0805, RCR0905, SRC607, SRC807, VR20, VR207, VR208, VR209, VR255, VR257, VR305, VR306, VR309, VR3090, VR355, VR357

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

Model: RC-R0407
P/N: A70119905

Model: RCR0407
Part Number: A70119905
Catalogue No.: 1581
Battery Required : 2 AA

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