MR180 NE200UD
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FUNAI MR180 Remote Control

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The original FUNAI MR180 Remote Control is substituted by FUNAI NE200UD remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

Refurbished Replacement $18.00

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FUNAI MR180 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with models: 3913LC, 6309CC, MSD513E, MSD520FE, AK08, RSJ450AK03, SC309C, SC309D, SC309D/TV, SC309E, SC313C, SC313D, SC313E, SC319, SC319C, SC3913, SC519DD, SC724FDF/TV, scr2113, SSC092, SSC509D, SSC719C, SST4323, ST413B, ST413E, ST419B, ST419E, ST423E, ST427F, ST427FF, ST4913, STL20D5/TV, WF206, 19TVD3S, NE209UD, 6719DD, 6719DDS, NE207UD, 6727DC, NE218UD, 6309CD, 6309CE, 6313CC, 6313CC/TV, 6313CD, 6313CE, 6319CC, 6413TEY, 6419TEY, 6420FB, 6420FE, 6420FF, 6420FG, 6424FF, 6427FD, 6427GG, 6427TF, 6432GG, 6432TD, 6432TE, 6432TF, 6509DD, 6513DD, 6513DE, 6513VD, 6519DD, 6519VD, 6520FDE, 6520FDF/TV, 6613LD, 6615LD, 6615LDF/TV, 6620LCT, 6620LDF/TV, 6620LF4, 6620LFP, 6626LCT, 6637LCT, 6719DC, 6720FDE, 6720FDG/TV, 6724DG/TV, 6727DC/TV, 6727dd, 6727DD/TV, 6727DE, 6727DF/TV, 6727DG/TV, 6727FDE, 6842PE, 6842PEM, 6842PFM, 6842THG, BL519DD, C6513DD, CST419E, EWC0902, EWC1302, EWC1302/TV, EWC1303, EWC1304, EWC13D4, EWC1902, EWC19T2, EWC19T4/TV, EWC20D4, EWC20D5/TV, EWC27T3, EWC27T4, EWC27T4/TV, EWF2004, F3809C, F3809U, ISTV040920

Compatible with models: 6420FD, 6420FE, 6420FF, 6424FF, 6424TFS, 6427FD, 6427FE, 6427FF, 6432TD, 6432TFY, 6613LD, 6615LD, 6615VD, CST204FE, CST274FE, CST324E, CWF203, DCF2003, DCF2703, SST4274S, SST4323, SST4324, SST4324A, ST420FF, ST424FF, ST427FF, WF203, WF27F4

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original FUNAI MR180 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original FUNAI MR180 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

No programming, no codes, it just worksWorks all the same features as your original TV remote including full menu functions and brand specific keysNever loses settingsErgonomically designed with the most utilized buttons at the top of the remoteWorks Emerson, Funai, Sylvania and Symphonic TVs only. Will not operate TV/VCR or DVD Combo units. Works with Emerson models after 2001, Sylvania & Symphonic after 1997

Model: MR180
Part Number: MR180
UPC: 15330262
Catalogue No.: 74845

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