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Model: CO002
Part Number: CO002
Catalogue No.: 65

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    Check back here each week for more helpful hints to make the most of your TV viewing experience. On our blog, we share fun facts about your favorite television shows, maintenance tips, and articles about the products carried at Our store offers TV remotes for purchase, parts, operating manuals, and more to complete all your home entertainment needs. Shop our selection online, or call 1-855-5-REMOTE to place an order.
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    4. Wipe the remote control and buttons with an antibacterial wipe. Allow them to air dry.
    5. Replace the batteries.
    Never submerse a remote control in water, pour rubbing alcohol on it, or spray cleaning products directly onto it. The liquid can get inside the remote, and cause the device to short-circuit and stop working. For more serious problems, like sticky soft drink spills and non-working remotes, you will need to order a new remote control. You can obtain new TV and device remotes for all makes and models by contacting Replacement Remotes at -855-5-REMOTE (1-855-573-6683).