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COMCAST RC1475505/02SB Cable Box Remote Control

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The original COMCAST RC1475505/02SB Remote Control carries a 60-Days warranty.
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COMCAST RC1475505/02SB Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with Cable Box models: RC1475507/02B Operating Manual and Codes

Product description

Model: RC1475505/02SB
Part Number: RC1475505/02SB
UPC: comcast
Associated Number: RC147550502SB
Catalogue No.: 78680
This remote control controls units: Cable Box
Battery Required: 2 AA

Works the HD and none HD cable boxes.

Comcast Universal Remote - Red OK/Select Button

This remote will program to work the following brand Cable box units:

ABC, Americast, Bell South, Comcast, Cox, Digeo, Director, General Instrument, GoldStar, Hamlin, Jerrold, Memorex, Motorola, Pace, Panasonic, Paragon, Philips, Pioneer, Pulsar, Quasar, Regal, Runco, Samsung, Scientific Atlanta, Sony, Starcom, Supercable, Torx, Toshiba, Zenith  

3-Device Universal Works with the following types of units:

  • TV (including LCD TVs)
  • Audio Amplifiers
  • Audio Receivers
  • Cable boxes
  • DVD Players
  • DVD-R Players
  • DVR/PVR Units
  • VCR
  • TV/VCR

Can't Program your cable box to this remote? Codes will not accept under "Cable" mode? Do the following first:

To unlock it:

1. Press CBL key
2. Press and hold SETUP unit CBL binks twice
3. Type 982



Works with the following brands:

Audio Amplifiers, GE, JVC, Soundesign, Victor, Wards, Yamaha

Audio Receivers, ADC, Aiwa, Bose,  Capetronic, Carver, Denon,  Harman/Kardon,  Integra, JBL, JVC, Kenwood , Linn, Magnavox,  Marantz, Onkyo,  Optimus,  Panasonic,  Philips,  Pioneer , Polk Audio, Proscan, RCA, Sansui, Sony, Stereophonics, Sunfire, Technics,  Victor, Wards, Yamaha 

Cable Boxes,  ABC,  Americast, Bell South, Comcast, Digeo, Director, General Instrument , GoldStar, Hamlin,  Jerrold , Memorex, Motorola   , Pace, Panasonic, Paragon, Philips,  Pioneer , Pulsar, Quasar, Regal,  Runco, Samsung, Scientific Atlanta , Sony, Starcom, Supercable, Torx, Toshiba, Zenith  

DVD Players, Accurian, Aiwa, Akai, Alco, Allegro, Amphion Media, AMW, Apex Digital , Arrgo, Aspire Digital, Audiovox, Blue Parade, Broksonic, Cinea, Cinego, CineVision, Citizen,  Coby , Craig, CyberHome , Daewoo     , Denon,  Disney,  Durabrand, DVD, Emerson , Enterprise, ESA,  Funai, Gateway, GE,  Go Video      , GoldStar, Harman/Kardon,  Hitachi, Hiteker, iLo,  Initial, Insignia, Integra, JBL, JVC  , Kawasaki, Kenwood,  KLH, Koss, Lenoxx, LG, LiteOn, Loewe, Magnavox     , Marantz, Memorex, Microsoft,  Mintek,  Mitsubishi,  NAD, NEC, Norcent, Onkyo,  Oritron, Panasonic   , Philips     , Pioneer, Polaroid, Polk Audio, Presidian, Proscan, ProVision, Qwestar, RCA    , Rio, Rotel, Sampo,  Samsung     , Sansui, Sanyo,  Sharp , Shinsonic,  Sonic Blue,  Sony    , Sova, Superscan, Sylvania, Symphonic,  Teac, Technics,  Theta Digital, Tivo, Toshiba   , Urban Concepts, US Logic, Venturer, Vizio,  Xbox,  Yamaha, Zenith   

DVD-R Players, Accurian, Apex Digital, Aspire Digital, Broksonic, Coby, CyberHome, Funai,  Gateway, Go Video,  iLo, JVC, LG, LiteOn,  Magnavox, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Polaroid, RCA, Samsung,  Sharp, Sony , Sylvania, Zenith

TVs, Admiral,  Advent   , Aiko, Akai  , Albatron,  America Action, Anam, Anam National, AOC, Apex Digital  , Audiovox   , Aventura, Bell & Howell, BenQ, Bradford, Broksonic,  Candle, Carnivale, Carver, Celebrity, Celera, Changhong, Citizen, Clarion, Commercial Solutions,  Contec, Craig, Crosley, Crown, Curtis Mathes      , CXC, Daewoo   , Dell,  Denon, Denstar, Dumont, Durabrand  , Electroband, Electrograph, Electrohome, Emerson     , Envision,  ESA, Fisher,  Fujitsu, Funai , Futuretech, Gateway,  GE    , Gibralter,  Go Video, GoldStar,  Grunpy, Haier,  Hallmark, Harman/Kardon, Harvard, Havermy, Helios, Hello Kitty, Hewlett Packard,  Hisense, Hitachi , Hyundai, iLo, Infinity, Initial, Insignia , Inteq, JBL, JCB, Jensen , JVC, KEC, Kenwood, KLH,  Konka,  Kost, KTV,  LG    , Loewe, LXI  , Magnavox      , Marantz , Matsushita,  Maxent, Megapower, Megatron,  Memorex , MGA, Midland, Mintek, Mitsubish  , Monivision,  Motorola,  MTC,  Multitech, NAD, NEC,  NetTV, Nikko, Norcent,  NTC, Olevia, Onwa, Optimus , OptomA, Optonica,  Orion, Panasonic   , Penney    , Petters, Philco,  Philips, Pilot, Pioneer, Polaroid     , Portland, Prima  , Princeton,  Prism, Proscan, Proton,  Pulsar, Quasar  , RadioShack   , RCA      , Realistic  , Runco,  Sampo,  Samsung      , Sansui, Sanyo, Scotch, Scott, Sears    , Sharp , Sheng Chia, SigneT, Simpson, Sony, Soundesign,  Squareview, SSS, Starlite, Studio Experience, Superscan,  Supreme, SVA    , Sylvania   , Symphonic,  Syntax, Tandy, Tatung,  Technics,  Techview, Techwood, Teknika  , Telefunken, TMK, TNCi, Toshiba      , TVS, Vector ResearcH, Victor, Vidikron, Vidtech, Viewsonic   , Vizio , Wards   , Waycon, Westinghouse  , White Westinghouse,  YamahA, Zenith    

LCD TVs, Apex Digital, Audiovox, Dell,  Envision, Funai, Go Video, Hyundai, iLo, Initial, Insignia,  Kost, LG, Magnavox , Marantz, Maxent, Mintek, Mitsubishi, Olevia, Panasonic,  Petters, Philips, Polaroid , RCA,  Sampo, Samsung, Sharp,  Signet, Superscan, SVA, Sylvania, Symphonic, Syntax, Techview, Toshiba,  Viewsonic  , Vizio , Westinghouse  , Zenith

DVR/PVR Units, Panasonic, Philips, ReplayTV, Sonic Blue, Sony, Tivo 

VCRs And TV/VCR Combos, ABS, Admiral, Adventura, Aiwa,  Alienware, American High, Audiovox, Broksonic, Calix, Canon, Carver, Citizen,  Craig,  Curtis Mathes , CyberPower, Daewoo,  Dell, Denon, DirecTV, Durabrand, Dynatech, Electrohome, Electrophonic, Emerex, Emerson     , Fisher, Fuji,  Funai, Garrard, Gateway, GE  , Go Video, GoldStar,  Gradiente, Harley Davidson, Harman/Kardon, Hewlett Packard, HI-Q, Hitachi, Howard Computers, HP, HNS,  Humax, Hush, iBUYPOWER, JVC, KEC, Kenwood, Kodak,  Linksys, Lloyd’s, LXI, Magnasonic,  Magnavox     , Marantz,  Marta, Matsushita,  Media Center PC, MEI, Memorex     , MGA, Microsoft, Mind, Minolta, Mitsubishi, Motorola,  MTC, Multitech, NEC, Nikko, Niveus Media, Northgate, Olympus, Optimus  , Orion,  Panasonic    , Penney  , Pentax, Philco, Philips , Pilot, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Presidian, Proscan,  Pulsar, Quasar, RadioShack, Radix, Randex, RCA    , Realistic  , Ricavision, Runco, Samsung, Sanky,  Sansui, Sanyo, Scott , Sears   , Sharp,  Sony    , Stack,  STS, Sylvania    , Symphonic, Systemax, Tagar Systems, Teac, Technics,  Teknika, Thomas, Toshiba    , Totevision, Touch, Vector, Video Concepts, Videomagic, Viewsonic, Villain, Voodoo, Wards, XR-1000, Zenith , ZT Group

Customer Reviews:


    Used with a Comcast DCT700 SD Motorola box. Original remote. Fully functional after coding. Highly recommended. Excellent price.

    by Anonymous on April 05, 2014.  
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Questions on COMCAST RC1475505/02SB Remote Control:

  • Q: "Where can I find the manual for my remote?"
    A: Because most of the remotes are original equipment remotes, all instructions for the remote is located in the owners manual of your unit. If you do not have the manual of the unit, find your model number of your TV (Dvd player, etc.) and search our site for it. If we have it, it will show and all information about the remote (including codes) will be located in the owner's manual.
    Asked by jerry myers on February 15, 2013.  
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  • Q: "Will I need to program this remote?"
    A: No. Most of the remotes we offer are original equipment remotes and do not need programming (unless the remote is labeled as a "Universal"). It will work for your unit right out of the package for the models that are shown in the "guaranteed to work with the following models" section.
    Asked by Anonymous on February 13, 2013.  
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  • Q: "The batteries leaked in the remote and it stopped working. Can it be repaired?"
    A: Yes. Please go to our Repair Page and we will step you through the repair process.
    Asked by Harry Bootansingh on July 20, 2013.  
    Was this Q+A helpful?        Yes   /   No
  • Q: "What do I have to do to set it up to the Device (TV, DVD player, Etc.?"
    A: Simply Install batteries and it will work. No programming necessary (unless otherwise stated).
    Asked by MICHAEL SANCHEZ on May 13, 2013.  
    Was this Q+A helpful?        Yes   /   No

Manuals available for this Remote Control

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