CANON WL20A Remote Control

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Notice: The original CANON WL20A remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the CANON WL20A remote control is stocked!

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Model: WL20A
Part Number: WL20A
Catalogue No.: 59

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    Most hotels have switched to flat panel TVs, which make it difficult to keep them secure. Even the remote controls are not safe, as a guest may have a similar model at home and want a free replacement. Fortunately, there are several security options to lock down your TV and remote controls, and prevent guests from stealing them from your guest rooms.
    1. Secure remote controls with security cables. There are small security cables that allow you to secure the remote control to a fixed location within the room, such as the nightstand.
    2. Use flat panel TV security cable lock kits. These kits lock the TV down and have an anti-theft security lock and high strength security cable.
    3. Mount flat panel TVs to the wall using fixed wall mounts. Securing the TV to a fixed wall mount makes it more difficult to remove the TV from the guest room.
    4. Replace standard TV remote controls with hospitality remotes. Hospitality TV and device remotes are generic remote controls with limited functionality. Not only are guests less likely to steal one, they also prevent guests from accessing and making changes to the TVís settings.
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