ANDERIC RR9725 Toshiba TV Remote Control

Notice: The original ANDERIC RR9725 Toshiba remote control is no longer available.

No longer available

  when the ANDERIC RR9725 Toshiba remote control is stocked!

ANDERIC RR9725 Toshiba Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Compatible with TV models: 1450XS3, 1455XN, 1460RE, 1460RE1, 1460TM, 1460TMJ, 1460XM, 1460XMJ, 1460XN, 1460XNE, 1460XSC, 1460XSH, 1465XNK, 1465XR, 14DL74, 14DL74M, 14VL43U, 159X4Y, 2050XS3, 2060RE, 2060TM, 2060TMJ, 2060XN, 2060XNE, 2060XSH, 2065XNK, 2065XR, 206T4Y, 20DL74, 20VL14, 20VL43U, 2150XHC3, 2150XS3, 2160RE, 2160TM, 2160TMJ, 2160XH, 2160XHC, 2160XHE, 2160XS, 2165XR, 219X5M, 23120085, 23120086, 23120087, 23120088, 23120258, 23120259, 23120260, 23120261, 23120263, 23120284, 23120286, 23120287, 23120288, 23120425, 23120463, 23120475, 23120519, 23120644, 23306046, 23306263, 23306267, 2772B, 289X4Y, 289X6Y, 2970294, 36H64, 48D70, 50A10, 55A10, 55A10A, AC32D60, AZ624001, C1314M, C1315M, C1413, C1435, C1914M, C1915M, C1924M, C2009N, C2010, C2010M, C2647, C27C40, C72046, CA14131, CA14151, CA14272, CA14282, CA14292, CA20241, CA20261, CC27C90, CD3062, CD3062A, CDX35D70, CE13H22, CE2058, CE20C10, CE20D10, CE27C10, CE27C15, CE27F15, CE27H15, CE27T11, CE32C14, CE32D14, CE32D16, CE32F15, CE32H15, CE32T11, CE35D10, CE35F15, CE36H15, CE36T11, CF097W, CF1310, CF1310K, CF1312, CF1312A, CF1313, CF1313A, CF1327, CF1327B, CF13620, CF13C20, CF13E22, CF13E23, CF1405, CF1920, CF1920K, CF1924, CF1926, CF1926A, CF19C20, CF19H25, CF2005, CF2007, CF2008, CF2015, CF2018A, CF2018A/TAC886, CF2026, CF2026A, CF2028, CF2028A, CF2033, CF2033J, CF2034, CF2034J, CF2036, CF2038, CF2038A, CF2046, CF2047, CF2047J, CF2048, CF2052A, CF2055A, CF2074, CF2077A, CF2086, CF20C30, CF20C40, CF20D30, CF20D40, CF2500, CF2503, CF2514, CF2628, CF2636, CF2638, CF2640J, CF2647, CF2648, CF2655, CF2655J, CF2655K, CF2655R, CF2656, CF2657J, CF2660A, CF2660R, CF2662, CF2662B, CF2662K, CF2666A, CF2666R, CF2668, CF2668B, CF2668J, CF26C30, CF2758, CF2761A, CF2761B, CF2761R, CF2762B, CF2762R, CF2767, CF2767A, CF2768, CF2768B, CF2768R, CF2771, CF2771A, CF2772, CF2772B, CF2772R, CF2777J, CF27C30, CF27C40, CF27C50, CF27D30, CF27D50, CF27D50R, CF27E55, CF3045J, CF3048, CF3052, CF3052B, CF3054, CF3054J, CF3060, CF3060K, CF3061, CF3061K, CF3062, CF3062A, CF3063, CF3063A, CF3063K, CF3064, CF3064K, CF3066A, CF3068, CF3072, CF3072B, CF3078, CF3086, CF30C40, CF30C50, CF30D50, CF314, CF315, CF316, CF324, CF3254, CF3254J, CF3262, CF3262B, CF3264, CF3264K, CF3266, CF3266A, CF3268, CF3268K, CF3271, CF3272, CF3272B, CF3273, CF3273A, CF3275, CF3275K, CF3278, CF3278K, CF3279, CF3279K, CF3287, CF32C40, CF32C50, CF32D14, CF32D40, CF32F50, CF32H15, CF35050, CF3564, CF3564B, CF35C40, CF35C60, CF35D50, CF35F50, CF3725K, CF3727, CF3OD50, CF905, CF914, CF915, CF917A, CF917C, CF924, CFF35D50, CFS30C40, CH20C01, CH20D02, CH30C90, CL14R31, CL20R31, CLU851GR, CM1900A, CN2081B, CN2781, CN2781B, CN27C90, CN27D90, CN3081B, CN30C90, CN3281B, CN32C90, CN32D90, CN32E90, CN35C60, CN35C90, CN35D90, CN35E90, CN35E95, CN35F90, CN35F95, CP3062A, CR14C20, CR21C30, CRK76WA1, CS1926, CS2771A, CS3273A, CS32D60, CS35C50, CT1314, CT1314M, CT1385BU, CT1386B, CT13X6, CT1914, CT1914M, CT2076, CT2076B, CT2076BW, CT2076W, CT3062A, CT399, CT9146, CT9165, CT9259, CT9298, CT9328, CT9349, CT9371, CT9413, CT9482, CT9486, CT9489, CT9490, CT9491, CT9534, CT9538, CT9592, CT9593, CT9594, CT9595, CT9667, CT9668, CT9669, CT9670, CT9671, CT9721, CT9725, CT9726, CT9727, CT9753, CT976, CT9809, CT986, ct9870, CT988, CT9945, CT9952, CT9955, CV27D48, CV27G68, CV32F68, CV32G68, CX0767, CX1435, CX2000, CX2006, CX2010C, CX2014, CX2015C, CX2016, CX2035, CX2036C, CX2040C, CX2047J, CX2065, CX2066, CX2067, CX2074, CX2076, CX2077, CX2078, CX2088, CX2088K, CX21341, CX21349, CX21449, CX21479, CX2147J, CX2148, CX2150C, CX21521, CX21551, CX21772, CX2178C, CX21813, CX21880, CX23D70, CX2586A, CX2637J, CX2638, CX2657, CX2657J, CX2667, CX2675, CX2676, CX2677, CX2767, CX2767J, CX2769, CX2769J, CX2771, CX2778, CX2779K, CX2780, CX2780A, CX2785B, CX2786A, CX2788, CX2788J, CX2789, CX2789K, CX27D60, CX27E50, CX27E60, CX27F60, CX28409, CX2847C, CX28519, CX2857J, CX28602, CX28612, CX2885, CX2885C, CX29672, CX29679, CX29682, CX29699, CX2971, CX29711, CX29722, CX29779, CX2978C, CX29790, CX29801, CX29813, CX29853, CX29862, CX29889, CX29890, CX3077, CX3088, CX30C40, CX32621, CX3263, CX32723, CX3273, CX3277C, CX3278C, CX32813, CX3281C, CX3285, CX3285A, CX3287J, CX3288, CX3288C, CX3288J, CX3298, CX3298K, CX32B60, CX32C60, CX32C80, CX32C81, CX32D60, CX32D61, CX32D70, CX32D80, CX32D81, CX32E60, CX32E70, CX32F60, CX32G60, CX34549, CX34723, CX34813, CX34980, CX35060, CX35080, CX35C60, CX35C60R, CX35C80, CX35C81, CX35D60, CX35D70, CX35D80, CX35D81, CX35D8O, CX35E60, CX35E70, CX35F60, CX36F67, CX36F84, CX36F85, CX36G60, CX36G85, CX36H64, CX36P67, CX3D80, CX435C, CX9700, CXF2657, CZ1413, CZ1474, CZ2010, CZ2013, CZ2054, CZ2074, CZ2685, CZ2695, CZ2696, CZ3299K, DS25031, DVD120, DVDA112, DVDA112U, DVDA115, DVDA115U, DVDA120, DVDA120U, DVDA31OU, M6550, M6555, M7850, M7855, M7855C, MM20E45, P17CM01, PJ48C50, PJ48C90, PJ55C80, RKCT9725, RMY146, SR9725, T955D80, TE50T11, TE55T11, TF1327B, TF27C40, TF27D30, TF30C40, TOS30D50, TOSCX35D70, TOSTP55D80, TP4688, TP46889, TP4688C, TP4688J, TP4870, TP48703, TP4870B, TP4871, TP4871B, TP4880, TP4880A, TP4881, TP4881A, TP48902, TP48C50, TP48C51, TP48C70, TP48C71, TP48C90, TP48D50, TP48D51, TP48D70, TP48D71, TP48D90, TP48DS50, TP48E60, TP48E61, TP48E90, TP50F90, TP50H15, TP50H64, TP5288, TP52889, TP5288C, TP5288J, TP55780, TP55C51, TP55C80, TP55C81, TP55D80, TP55D81, TP55E80, TP55E81, TP55H64, TP61E80, TP61E90, TP61F90, TP61G90, TP61H95, TP71G90, TP71H95, TPD48D90, TRX1500, TRX1500RN, TRX80, TS34C50, TT29C35, TV14C20, TV14C21, TV20D30, TV20D50, TV21C40, TV27D30, TV27D45, TV27D50, TV27D85, TV27D90, TV29C35, TV29C50, TV29C90, TV30D50, TV32C40, TV32C50, TV32C90, TV32D60, TV32D70, TV32D90, TV34C50, TV34C90, TV35D50, TV35D60, TV35D90, TV37C40, TV37C60, TV37C90, TW40F80, TW40H80, TW56D90, TW56F80, VC32G60, VR720HF

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The Anderic RR9725 remote control replaces many original equipment Toshiba TV remotes. The RR9725 will work right out of the package for compatible Toshiba TV models listed (but not limited to) without any programming. The RR9725 is a pre-programmed Toshiba TV remote and cannot be programmed to any other devices. The remote includes popular features like setup options, PIP and of course all other buttons for normal operations. For detailed information on how to use this product with your TV, please refer to your TV's operating manual. This remote comes with a manufacturers 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

Additional information:

• This remote works with Toshiba TVs (no projectors)
• If your unit requires the EDS button instead of the MTS button, then you may prefer the RR9810
• For a more simple remote you may prefer the RR9584
• This remote will not program to a Cable box or VCR. It only operates Toshiba TVs
• 1-YEAR replacement warranty included

Model: RR9725 Toshiba
Part Number: RR9725
UPC: 895612001183
Catalogue No.: 2475
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Customer Reviews:


    As I said in my first letter, the remote control unit was for my Toshiba TV set, Model# CF-2077A. I'll definitely recommend your company to all of my friends. Thank you so much. Terry..........

    by Anonymous on December 31, 2013.
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    Works fine.

    by Anonymous on October 02, 2013.
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    Works perfectly

    by Anonymous on April 02, 2013.
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    by Anonymous on March 21, 2013.
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    I would recommend the product for anyone needing this remote for there model tv that matches the recommended use. The quality is excellent, works perfect.

    by Anonymous on January 10, 2015.
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