RRY116 Sony RR861 Sony
(No Longer Available)
RR861 Sony

ANDERIC RRY116 Sony TV Remote Control

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The original ANDERIC RRY116 Sony Remote Control is substituted by ANDERIC RR861 Sony remote control and comes with our compatibility guarantee.

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  • RR861 Sony/RR861
    RR861 Sony Remote Control


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ANDERIC RRY116 Sony Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models

Originally supplied with TV models: 141838711, 146696611, KV27TS29, KV29RS10, KV2S10, KV30M30, KV32510, KV32S10, KV32S12, KV32SV10, KV9FT50, KV9P50, KV9PT5, KV9PT50, KV9PT60, KV9PTS0, KV9T50, KV9TP50, KVB20M20, KVM20M20, KVPPT50, KVPT50, KVS20S10, KVZ0S11, RMY116, RMY116W, RMY116WHITE, RMY117, RMY118, RMY122, RMY126, RMY127, RMY138, RMY145, RMY146, RMY168, RMY902, SJV20VM30, SONKV9PT50, KV20V50, KV27V55, KV29V55M, KV29V55C, KV27TS32, KV27TS36, KV27TW77, KV27TW78, KV2970M, KV2975M, KV32TS36, KV32TS46, KV32TW67, KV32TW68, KV32TW77, KV32TW78, KV27V15, KV29RS15, KV32S15, KV32S16, KV32V15, KV32V16, KV34V15C, KV2180R, KV21R10C, KVMT2000, KVMT1300, KVST2050, KV2190RS, KV1460R, KV21RS10C, KV29V10M, KV27V10, KV29RS10C, KV29V11C, 146696621, 146696641, 146705921, 146706021, 146762211, 146782811, 147317012, 147329411, 147362611, 147509211, 147509321, 147509421, 147589811, A1470922AP/N, ANJDS1, CKV20DST1, HG23A05W, KRC450, KSV20S10, KT32S10, KV13M0, KV13M10, KV13M10GRY, KV13M20, KV13M30, KV13M31, KV13TR, KV13TR28, KV13TR29, KV13V50, KV13VM30, KV13VM30.KV20M10, KV14PM1, KV14R10, KV14R20, KV14RD1, KV16M10, KV20510, KV20520, KV20530, KV207532, KV20BM30, KV20M10, KV20M20, KV20M210, KV20MV30, KV20S10, KV20S11, KV20S20, KV20S21, KV20S30, KV20TR23, KV20TR32, KV20TR50, KV20TS, KV20TS29, KV20TS29GRAY, KV20TS32, KV20TS50, KV20WS10, KV20YS32, KV2150R, KV21PM1, KV21PS1, KV21R10, KV21R20, KV21RD1, KV21RS10, KV21RS20, KV21SD1, KV27410, KV27S10, KV27S15, KV27TS10

Compatible with TV models: 13M20, CKV20DST1, CKV27DST1, KV13M10, KV13M20, KV13M30, KV13TR28, KV13TR29, KV13V50, KV1430R, KV1440WR, KV1460R, KV14R10, KV20M10, KV20M20, KV20S10, KV20S11, KV20S20, KV20S30, KV20TR23, KV20TR32, KV20TR50, KV20TS12, KV20TS29, KV20TS32, KV20TS50, KV20V50, KV2150R, KV2160WR, KV2170RS, KV2180R, KV2190RS, KV21R10, KV21R10C, KV21RS10, KV21RS10C, KV21STR2, KV27RS31, KV27S10, KV27S15, KV27TS29, KV27TS32, KV27TS36, KV27TW77, KV27TW78, KV27V10, KV27V15, KV27V55, KV2970M, KV2970RS, KV2975M, KV29RS10, KV29RS10C, KV29RS15, KV29V10M, KV29V11C, KV29V55C, KV29V55M, KV32S10, KV32S12, KV32S15, KV32S16, KV32TS36, KV32TS46, KV32TW67, KV32TW68, KV32TW77, KV32TW78, KV32V15, KV32V16, KV34V15C, KV9PT50, KV9PT60, KVMT1300, KVMT2000, KVST2050

Note: This list may not be a complete list.

Product description

The replacement for original ANDERIC RRY116 Sony Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original ANDERIC RRY116 Sony Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

Model: RM-Y116 (Black), PN: 146696631 (1-466-966-31), For: Sony Trinitron TV

Due to the low amounts of orders we had for this model we have discontinued it! 9-18-06 The RM861 has all the features.

Model: RRY116 Sony
Part Number: RRY116
Associated Number: RMY116
Catalogue No.: 1468
This remote control controls units : TV

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