TCL RC3100L06 Remote Control

TCL RC3100L06 Remote Control
Part Number: RC3100L06
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Product Description:

This remote is replaced by the Comcast RC1475507/02B. You must do the following steps to program the Comcast to your TCL TV:
1. Turn on TV.
2. Press TV button on Comcast remote.
3. Press and hold SETUP button until TV mode key blinks twice, then release.
4. Enter one of the following codes: Note: if the code you tried does not work, repeat steps and try the next code, until your TV is operated.

CODES: 10047, 11447, 11347, 11547, 11247, 10679, 11661, 11958, 10093, 12002, 10051, 10090, 11047, 11602

Done with programming, now you must De-activate the channel control lock feature by following these steps:
1. Press CABLE button.
2. Hold SETUP key until CABLE light blinks twice, then release.
3. Enter code [9] [7] [3] [CH+], CABLE key will blink twice to confirm

Model: RC3100L06
Catalogue No.: 87939
This remote control controls units : TV