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SAMSUNG BN5901182B TV Remote Control

SAMSUNG BN5901182B TV Remote Control
Part Number: BN5901182B

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Product Description:

The original SAMSUNG BN5901182B Remote Control is available for special order.
The original SAMSUNG BN5901182B Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


2013 TV'S

Model: BN5901182B
Part Number: BN5901182B
Associated Number: BN59-01182B
Catalogue No.: 80970
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

SAMSUNG BN5901182B Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: UE48H8000

Compatible with TV models: KN55S9CAF, KN55S9CAFXZA, LA52A610A3RXXD, LA52A610A3RXXM, LA52A610A3RXXT, LA52A610A3RXXV, LA52A610A3RXZN, LA52A650A1H, LA52A650A1HXXY, LE26A330J1XUA, LE26A450C1XBT, LE40A330J1XCS, LE40A330J1XKS, LE40A330J1XXC, LE52A650A1HXKS, LN19B361C5D, LN19B361C5DXZA, LN19C350, LN19C350D1, LN22A330, LN22C350D1, LN22C350D1D, LN22C350D1DXZX, LN22C500, LN22C500B2F, PN51F5500, PN51F5500AFXZA, PN51F8500, PN51F8500AFXZA, PN60F5500, PN60F5500AFXZA, PN60F8500, PN60F8500AFXZA, PN64F5500 PN64F5500AFXZA, PN64F5500AFXZA, PN64F8500, PN64F8500AF, PN64F8500AFXZA, PT5499HD, UN32F5500, UN32F5500AFXZA, UN40F5500, UN40F5500AFXZA, UN40F6400, UN40F6400AFXZA, UN40HU6900FX, UN40HU6900FXZA, UN40HU6950F, UN40HU6950FXZA, UN467050A, UN467050AFXZA, UN46F5500, UN46F5500AFXZA, UN46F6400, UN46F6400AFXZA, UN46F6400AFXZP, UN46F6800, UN46F6800AFXZA, UN46F7100, UN46F7100AFXZA, UN46F7450, UN46F7450AFXZA, UN46F7500, UN46F7500AF, UN46F7500AFXZA, UN46F8000, UN46F8000BF, UN46F8000BFXZA, UN46F8000BFXZATS01, UN50F5500, UN50F5500AFXZA, UN50F6400, UN50F6400AFXZA, UN50F6800, UN50F6800AFXZA, UN50HU6900FX, UN50HU6950F, UN50HU6950FXZA, UN55F6400, UN55F6400AFXZA, UN55F6800, UN55F6800AFXZA, UN55F7050A, UN55F7050AFXZA, UN55F7100, UN55F7100AFXZA, UN55F7450, UN55F7450AF, UN55F7450AFXZA, UN55F7500, UN55F7500AFXZA, UN55F8000, UN55F8000BF, UN55F8000BFXZA, UN55F8000BFXZATS01, UN55F9000, UN55F9000AF, UN55F9000AFXZA, UN55HU7200F, UN55HU7200FXZA, Show more models

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    Very happy with this replacement!

    by Judy on October 29, 2020.
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    Easy to use, better than the original.

    by Glenn on September 20, 2020.
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    works great and is a good replacement for my old remote control.

    by James on August 16, 2019.
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