SAMSUNG AA5900075A TV/VCR Combo Remote Control

SAMSUNG AA5900075A TV/VCR Combo Remote Control
Part Number: AA5900075A
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Product Description:

The Samsung AA59-00075A remote control allows easy operation for your compatible Samsung model. The Samsung AA59-00075A is perfect if you lose the one that was included with your unit or if you're in need of an additional remote. The AA59-00075A controls all basic functions of the unit. Batteries Sold Separately.

Model: AA5900075A
Part Number: AA5900075A
Associated Number: AA59-00075A
Catalogue No.: 31427
This remote control controls units : TV/VCR Combo
Battery Required : 2 AA

SAMSUNG AA5900075A Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV/VCR Combo models:

Originally supplied with TV/VCR Combo models: CXJ0933AX, CXJ1353, CXJ1353/TCCX, TT10V52, TT10V52A, TT10V52AX/RCL, TT10V52TX/XAX, TT10V52X, TT10V52X/RCL, TT10V52X/XAX

Compatible with TV/VCR Combo models: 27PC4326, 27PC4326/37, 27PC4326/37B, 27PC432637, 32LH40, 32LH40UA, 32PD5000, 37LH40, 37LH40UA, 37LH55, 37LH55UA, 40T4236, 42HDM70, 42LH40, 42LH40UA, 42LH55, 42PD5000, 42PX3D, 42PX3DCV, 42PX3DCVUC, 47LH40, 47LH40UA, 47LH55, 50PX1D, 50PX1DH, 50PX1DUC, 55HDM71, 55HDM71A, 55LH40, 55LH55, 55PD5000, 55PMA550, 8055, 8063, 8755C, AC5910332B, AK5900051A, AK5900080B, ASNH091E1H0, ASNH121E1H0, ASNH1835DM0, ASNH2435DM0, BG8000ER, CLE958, CMP420V1, CMP420V1A, CMP420V2, CMP420V2A, CMP4211, CMP4211U, CMP4212, CMP4212U, CMP5500, CMTHPR90, CP324I, CPRD4, CPRS56, CPRS57, CPRS57W, CPRX61, CPS235, CPS235W, CPS335, CPS860, CPS860W, CPS860WE, CPX340, CPX345, CPX345W, CPX345WF, CPX958, CPX960, CPX960W, CPX960WE, CPX970, CPX970W, DGE100, DGE100N, DGE100NA, DGE505, DGE505N, DP6850, DPX302, DRD112NW, DRD122GW, DRD212, DRD212NW, DS2630, DS2630RW, DU37LZ55, DVC6480, DVC6660, DVC6660N, DVC6680, DVC6860, DVC6860BL, DVC6860SL, DVD1200, DVD5, DVDC740, Show more models

DVDC740, DVDC740N, DVDC920, DVDC940, DVDC940N, DVDE600, DVDLS90, DVDLS90PP, DVDLS93, DVDLS93P, DVDLX110PP, DVDLX95PP, DVDLX97PP, DVDN2000, DVDN2000/XAA, DVDN501, DVDN501/XAA, DVDS520, DVDS520B, DVDS530, DVDS530N, DVDS540, DVDS540RU, DVDS550, DVDV4600, DVDV4600A, DVDV4600A/XAA, DVDV4600C, DVDV4600C/XAA, DVDV5500, DVDV5500/DVD, DVDV5500/XAA, DVDV5600, DVDV5600/XAA, DVDV5650, DVDV5650/VCR, DVDV5650/XAA, DVDV5650B, DVDV5650B/XAA, DVDV6500, DVDV6700, DVDVR329, DVDVR329/XAA, DVDVR330, DVDVR330/VCR, DVDVR330/XAA, DVDVR330/XAC, DVDVR330/XAX, DVDVR330S, DVDVR330S/AFS, DVDVR330S/XAX, DVDVR335, DVDVR335/VCR, DVDVR335/XAA, DVDVR345/VCR, DVS5450, DVS5550, DVS5550N, DVS5650, DVS5750, DVS5750S, DVS5750SL, DVS5751, DVS5751S, DVS5751SL, DVT27N, DVT3DN, DVT47DN, DVT47N, DVT5DN, DVT8DN, EDPJ32, EDS3350, EDX3400, EDX3450, GE5803, GE5803P, GE5803P8, GE5803PB, HCDEC55, HCDEC77, HCDGX99, HCDHPR90, HD52W69D, HD52W69DYX21, HD52W69DYX22, HD52W69DYX23, HD52W69DYX30, HD52W69DYX31, HD52W69DYX32, HD52W69DYX33, HL01901, HL26K1, HL26K1A, HL26R, HL26R1, HL26R1A, HL32K1, HL32K1A, HL32K1b, HL32K2a, HL32LE2a, HL32P1, HL32P1A, HL32R, HL32R1, HL32R1A, HL32XK1, HL32XK1A, HL32XK2a, HL32XSL2a, HL32XSLW2a, HL37T, HL37XLE2a, HL40R, HL40XSL2a, HL42R, HL42T, HL42XK1, HL42XK1A, HL42XK1c, HL42XLE2a, HL42XR1, HL42XR1A, HL42XZK2a, HL42XZK42, HL42XZK42a, HL46XSL2a, HL46XSL2b, HL47T, HL52T, HL55XZK22, HL55XZK22a, HL55XZK22b, HLR6167W, IMAGEPRO8055, IMAGEPRO8063, IMAGEPRO8755C, IMAGEPRO8800, IMAGEPRO8800A, KDCMP2035, KDCMP205, KDCMP235, KDCMP235CR, KDCMP238, KDCMP3035, KDCMP335, KDCMP338, KDCMP435, KDCMP435U, LA121CNM, LA121CPM, LA121CPMI, LA26R71BBL/XTL, LA26R71BBM/XTL, LA32A330J1NMER, LA32A330J1NXSV, LA32A330J1NXUM, LA32A330J1NXXP, LAN121CNM, LCT2785TA, LCT2785TAJ, LCT3285TA, LCT37SHA, LCT37Z6TA, LCT42Z6TA, LE32A550P1RXXC, LN19B360C5DXZA, LN19B360C5DXZC, LN19B361, LN19B361C5D, LN19B361C5DXZA, LN19B361C5DXZC, LN22B360C5DXZA, LN26B360, LN26B360C5D, LN32B360C5DXZA, LSN092HE, LSN122HE, LSN182HE, LSN242HE, LT32E710, LWC051JGMK2, LWC141CGMM1, LWC183MBMM1, LWC183MBMM4, LWC183MGMM1, LWC243NGMM0, LWC243NGMM2, M1203R, M1404ER, M1804R, M2403R, M3201C, M3201CBA, M3701C, M3701CBA, M4201C, M4201CBA, M4210C, M4210CBA, M4210CBH, M5200R, M6004R, M8003R, MCRE600, MHCEC55, mhcec77, mhcgx99, MP650I, MP8755, MT2272, MW7695G, MW7695GS, PJ1060, PJ562, POLAVIEW360, PT39R, PT39R/SEA, PTR39, PTR39R, PTR39R/SEAC, PTR39R/SEAS, SCA12, SCA12/SEA, SCA14, SCA14/SEA, SCA15, SCA15/SEA, SCA18, SCA18/SEA, SCD180, SCD180/XAA, SCD67, SCD67/XAA, SCD70, SCD70/XAC, SCD71, SCD77, SCD77/XAA, SCD77X, SCD77X/XAA, SCDC163, SCDC163/XAA, SCDC164, SCDC164/XAA, SCDC165, SCDC165/RCL, SCDC165/XAA, SCDC165/XAO, SCDC165/XAP, SCDC165/XBG, SCDC564, SCDC564/XAA, SCDC575, SCDC575/XAA, SCHMX10, SCHMX10C, SCHMX10C/XAP, SCHMX20C/XAA, SCHMX20C/XAP, SCHMX20CXAA, SCL90, SCL90/SEA, SCL90/SEPA, SRC21135, SRC21194, SRC22194, SV115U, SV115U/SEA, SV125U, SV125U/SEA, SV125UC, SV65U, SV65U/SEA, SV65UC, SV75U, SV75U/SEA, SV75UC, SVA20UR, SVA20UR/SEA, SVA20UR/SEAC, SVC100UP, SVC100UP/XAP, SVC105P, SVC106P, SVC122P, SVC22P, SVC25P, SVC50UP, SVC50UP/XAP, SVC52P, SVC55P, SVC56P, SVC60UM, SXV62490, TVS2745, TVS2746, TVS3245A, TWC051HGMK0, TWC061HGMK0, TWC101GBMK2, TXM2797HFX, TXM3098WHFXX, TXR3079WHX/XAA, VP2504, VPD190I, VPD190I/COL, VPD70, VPD77I, VPD77I/COL, VR2656, VR3040, VR3409, VR3409C, VR3606, VR3607, VR3702, VR4607, VR5140C, VR5260, VR5260/XAA, VR5260C, VR5360C, VR5409, VR5459, VR5459C, VR5508, VR5606, VR5607, VR5702, VR5706, VR5806, VR8140C, VR8170C, VR8260, VR8260/XAA, VR8260C, VR8360C, VR8409, VR8409C, VR8459, VR8459C, VR8508, VR8508C, VR8607, VR8656, VR8656C, VR8702, VR8756, VR8806, VR9160, VR9160/XAA, VR9160C, VT320, VT320/SEA, VT320T, VT32H01, VT350, VT350/SEA, WG1000R, WG1005R, WG1205R, WG1205RY7, WG1800R, WG1805R, WG1805RY6, WG2400R, WG2404R, WG2405R, WG2405RY7, WG5200R, WG8000R, WG8005R, X55, YHT470, YHT470SL, YHT5002, YHT540, YHT550HTIB, YHT560, YHT5603, YHT570, YHT570SL, YHT670, YHT670BL, YHT800, YHT900, YHT940, YHT941, Z37LC6D, Z37LZ5D, Z42PK1D, Z42PX1D, Z50PG10, Z50PG10UA, Z50PK2D, Z50PX2D, ZSS2IP, ZSS2IP/BLACK, ZSS2IP/WHITE