RCA CRK93J1 Remote Control

Part Number: 241248

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RRU401.3 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning remote control):

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New with Version 3

• More extensive code database
• Added ability for Macro functionality - Macro allows for programming multiple key presses into one predetermined key.

The Anderic RRU401 4-Device Universal Remote control is great for combining up to 4 remotes into one for your home entertainment use. The RRU401 can easily be programmed to work most all brands using the provided instructions. The RRU401 is a 4-Device Universal remote and can be programmed for use with up to 4 devices using the TV, DVD, STB and AUX modes. The remote includes popular features for your TV like APPS (if applicable), CC, Sleep, Menu and of course, all other buttons for normal operations.

• Download FREE manual at http://www.anderic.com/rru401
• Programs for TVs, DVD Players, Cable Boxes, Sat Boxes, Set-top-boxes, Audio equipment, Roku and more.
• Smart keys for HOME, NETFLIX, APPS
• 4-Device Universal
• Extensive code database
Macro ability
Learning ability
• Full key Back-lighting for easy use in dark rooms
• Large easy to read buttons
• Can individually assign any keys to automatically punch-through to the mode of your choosing
• Can program for multi-unit combine POWER off/on of multiple devices with the single press of the POWER key
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
• Optional screw for battery cover (included)
• Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01
• 1-Year Replacement Warranty by Anderic.com

Pre-programmed for the following:
TV - LG (2698)
DVD - Samsung (3229)
STB - Motorola (5260)
Audio - Vizio Sound Bar (4240)

Quick Reference Guide for Programming to Roku Enabled TVs:
Note: The following codes must be programmed under TV mode, and disabling "ROKU PUNCH-THROUGH (no D-Pad)" is required (see instructions in manual).

  • TCL TVs with Roku - Code 2654 (RC280) - (SEE IMAGE ABOVE)
  • Hisense Roku TVs - Code 2722 (EN3A32, EN3B32HS, HU-RCRUS-18)
  • Insignia Roku TVs - Code 2723, 2724 (NS-RCRUS-16, NS- RCRUS-17, NS-RCRUDUS-17, NS-RCRCA-17, NS-RCRUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-19, )
  • Sharp Roku TVs - Code 2725 (LC-RCRUS-16, LC-RCRUS-17, LC-RCRUS-18, EN3B32R)
  • LG Roku TVs - Code 2726 (LF-RCRUS-16)
  • Haier Roku TVs - Code 2654 (HTRR01)
  • Hitachi Roku TVs (101018E0002, 101018E0003)

Note: When programming to a DirecTv box, you may have to change the settings for the remote control to IR. Using DirecTv remote, press MENU > Settings & Help > Settings > Remote control, then find the option to change from RF to IR mode.


Dish Hopper 3 (but will work all other Dish boxes, IR only)
Roku Stick/TV (but will work all other Roku boxes that accept IR)
Amazon Fire Stick

Model: RRU401.3 Smart Universal with Macro and Learning
Part Number: RRU401.3
Catalogue No.: 196618

The replacement for original RCA CRK93J1 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original RCA CRK93J1 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


PN: 241248

Same As CRK93H1

Model: CRK93J1
Part Number: 241248
Catalogue No.: 4311
Battery Required : 4 AAA

RCA CRK93J1 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models:

Originally supplied with models: 238905, CRK93J1, NC1010, NC1020

Compatible with models: 052430RW, 13GP411F01, 197461, 19GT366TX1, 204935, 20AB2B, 20GH550, 20GT372FB1, 20GT374JU2, 20GT374JX2, 20GT375FB1, 20GT377, 211687, 212234, 212688, 221109, 221132, 22124710, 224265, 224266, 225841, 228003, 232574, 233068, 237909, 238545, 241036, 242656, 25GC722, 25GC732, 25GC732KF1, 25GC744KF1, 25GC752, 25GT510, 25GT510FE1, 25GT536, 25GT536FE1, 25GT536JX1, 25GT537, 25GT537JX1, 25GT537TX1, 25GT538, 25GT538FE1, 25GT538JX1, 25GT538TX1, 25GT539, 25GT539FE1AB, 25GT539YX1, 25GT539YX1AB, 25GT542, 25GX309, 25GX390N01, 27122, 27CX21B, 27GC732, 27GC903, 27GC903KF1, 27GT614FE1, 27GT614JX1, 27GT615, 27GT615FE2, 27GT615JX1, 27GT618JX, 27GT619SX1AB2, 27GT619TX1, 27GT619TX1AB2, 27GT619TX1AB3, 27GT620JX1, 27GT620TX1, 27GT621FE1, 27GT621YX1, 27GT621YX1AB, 27GT622FE1, 27GT623, 27GT630, 27GT6618, 29GE650, 29GE651, 2DGT375, 3020224511, 3126490004, 3130RA, 3161659, 316T658, 316T660, 31CT660, 31CX513, 31CX58B, 31CX63, 31CX68, 31DX10B, 31DX11B, 31DX20, 31DX21B, 31DX31B, 31GT657FM1, 31GT657JX1, 31GT658, 31GT658FM1CK, 31GT658JX1CK, Show more models

31GT658JX1CK, 31GT659, 31GT659FM1, 31GT659FM1CN2, 31GT659FM2CN2, 31GT659FM3CH, 31GT659JX1CN2, 31GT660FM1CN3, 31GT660FM3CH3, 31GT660YX1CN3, 31GT670, 31GT671, 31GX31B, 31KX39K, 31KX8K, 31QT660, 31UX5, 31VX6B, 32CX32B, 32CXX11B, 32TX78, 32TX78B, 32TX79K, 33GE691, 33GE692, 3561695, 356T695, 35FT695, 35GT681JX1, 35GT690, 35GT690FM1, 35GT690FM1CN3, 35GT690JX1, 35GT690JX1CN3, 35GT695, 35GT695FM1, 35GT695FM1CN3, 35GT695YX1CN3, 35GT69SFM1, 45GW945, 46CW945, 46GE945, 46GW941, 46GW945, 46GW945LG1, 46GW945LG2, 46GW945LG2AA A, 46GW945YX1, 46GW945YX1AA A2, 46GW945YX3A3A A3, 46GW945YX3AA A2, 46GW946YX1, 46GW946YX1AA A2, 46GW947, 46GW94S, 46UX11KA, 46UX21X, 46UX2OB, 46UX2UB, 46UX321K, 46UX78B, 46UX78K, 46W945, 504616183, 5120RB, 5230RBC, 526W945, 52GW945, 52GW945YX1, 52GW945YX1AB A2, 52gw947, 5451RB, 60425, 6852507M, 729691130M, 82033C01, 837627195X, 843436921, A2, A26CD, BS35180, BS5230RBC, C20GE520BX1, C20GE520RX1, C20GE520YX1, CC4252, COM312AD/TV, CRK62B2, CRK62D, CRK62F, CRK62J, CRK62S2, CRK70B2, CRK70E1, CRK70F2, CRK70G1, CRK70N1, CRK70VC12, CRK70VCL1, CRK70VHL, CRK70VK, CRK71B1, CRK72D2, CRK74A2, CRK74B, CRK74B1, CRK74B2, CRK74BA3, CRK74E2, CRK74EA3, CRK74FA2, CRK74J1, CRK80C, CRK80D, CRK80D2, CRK830PL1, CRK83BA3, CRK83C1, CRK83D, CRK83D1, CRK83DPL1, CRK83E, CRK83E1, CRK83F1, CRK83ML1, CRK84A1, CRK84A2, CRK84AA3, CRK84B1, CRK84B2, CRK84C2, CRK84CA3, CT2085B/W, D34280RE, D46920BL, D5120RB, D53130RA, D5313ORA, D53330RA, D5450RB, D55120RB, D55230RBC, D55450RB, D55451RB, D85120RB, DA009, DCD302RA CR, DD5230RBC, DDS5451RB, DF3130RA, DPMA5, DR0403RA, DR05230B, DR5120RB, DR5230RBC, DR5451RB, DRB502RB, DRD001, DRD001RW, DRD102, DRD102RW, DRD103RA, DRD203, DRD203RW, DRD212NW, DRD213NW, DRD221RD, DRD222RD, DRD223RD, DRD22RD, DRD2430, DRD302, DRD302RA, DRD303, DRD303A, DRD303MLA, DRD303R, DRD303RA, DRD303RA CR, DRD303RAS, DRD303RD, DRD303VA, DRD30RA, DRD3130, DRD3130RA, DRD40, DRD403, DRD403RA, DRD403RBC, DRD403RD, DRD404, DRD44ORE, DRD5003RBC, DRD502, DRD502RA, DRD502RB, DRD502RD, DRD502RV, DRD503, DRD503BBC, DRD503BC, DRD503RB, DRD503RBC, DRD503RD, DRD505, DRD505RA, DRD505RB, DRD50RB, DRD5102RB, DRD5120RB, DRD512RB, DRD515, DRD515BB, DRD515RB, DRD5203RBC, DRD520RB, DRD523, DRD5230RB, DRD5230RBC, DRD523B, DRD523R, DRD523RA, DRD523RB, DRD523RBC, DRD523RD, DRD523RDB, DRD525, DRD526RB, DRD52S, DRD5450RB, DRD5451RB, DRD703RA, DRD705RB, DRDD505RB, DRP503RBC, DRS5120RB, DRW2430, DS1120, DS1120RW, DS1120RWD, DS2150RB, DS230RBC, DS2430RW, DS243DRW, DS303MLA, DS303ORA, DS310RA, DS3120RA, DS3130, DS3130A, DS3130BA, DS3130DRA, DS3130ORA, DS3130RA, DS3130RB, DS3130RD, DS31330RA, DS313ORA, DS32130RA, DS330RA, DS3330RA, DS333ORA, DS3451RB, DS3B0RA, DS3L3RA, DS4280, DS4280ARE, DS4280RE, DS428ORE, DS4330, DS4430, DS4430RA, DS4430RAP, DS4430RD, DS4540RB, DS502MLB, DS503MLB, DS503MLBC, DS503RBC, DS5054RB, DS51020RB, DS5120DB, DS5120OR, DS5120RA, DS5120RB, DS5120RD, DS5120RM, DS5120RR, DS5120RV, DS5129RB, DS512ORB, DS512ORV, DS512RB, DS5130, DS5130RB, DS513DRB, DS513ORB, DS5140RB, DS51420RB, DS5150RB, DS515MLB, DS520RB, DS5230, DS5230DR, DS5230RB, DS5230RBC, DS5230RBL, DS5230RC, DS5230RVC, DS523MLB, DS523ORB, DS523ORBC, DS523ORC, DS523RBC, DS5280RBC, DS530RBC, DS5350RB, DS54050RB, DS540RB, DS5415RB, DS5430RBC, DS5440RB, DS5450, DS5450R13, DS5450RB, DS5450RD, DS5450RP7, DS5450RV, DS5451, DS5451ERB, DS5451RB, DS5451RB7, DS5451RBC, DS5451RD, DS5451RV, DS545CRB, DS545IRB, DS545ORB, DS545RB, DS55120RB, DS5720RB, DS6160RA, DS7430RA, DS8120RB, DSA100RW, DSA400RW, DSD313ORA, DSD502, DSM735RH, DSR708R17, DSS126RB, DSS130RA, DSS20RB, DSS230RB, DSS230RBC, DSS430, DSS450RB, DSS451RB, DSS5120RB, DSS512ORS, DSS515RB, DSS5230RBC, DSS5450RB, DSSDRD303, DSSS5451RB, DSW5120RB, DVD523RB, ET0WSRXML01, F19442TX1, F26433, F27230, F27442, F27442TX1AD, F27442TX41AD12, F27442TX41AD8, F27442TX51, F27442TX51AD5, F27615, F27651, F27664, F27665YX2, F27669, F27669YX51, F27673, F27690BC, F27695, F27695BC, F27731BKJX1, F31665YX4, F32665YX1, F32669YX50, F32669YX53, F32674SB, F32685, F32690, F32691YX9, F32715YX1, F32TF600, F35665, F35665YX1, F35751MB, F36669, F3668, F36688, F36688YX1, G26685WK, G31151WK, G32665YX5, G32695, G32695LVYX2, G32705, G35302WK, G35303SK, G35665, G35830WK, G35830WKLM1, G35850CK, G36695LV, G36695LVYX1, G36705, G36705TV, G36705YX12, G36710, G7093632, GE27601, GE27601UX1, GE27601XBE1, GE27602, GE27602UX1, GE29600, GE29600UX1, GE29600XBE1, GE29601, GE31GT660, GE33681, GE33681UX1, GE33681XBM133GE692UX1, GE33682, GE35GT695, GF31GT660, GFR618S, GRD33G2A, GXD3362A, HPT120AV, KDCP5900, KS5120RB, KV32V40, KV35S40, LDE26CD, LDG26CD, M20GE500, M20GE500BX1, M20GE500YX1, M20GE500YX1N, M27GE500BX1, MAT10DAAAL, MAT10PDABL, MAT25DAAAL, MCDZ30, MDE12PDADW, MDE12PDAEW, MDE12PRACW, MDE12PSAGW, MDE26DAACG, MDE26PCACG, MDG10DAAAL, MDG12PDAAW, MG27006, MG27006TX3, MG27006TX3AB7, MG31526YX1CY, MG31526YX2, MM3211, MM36110JX1, MR27310, NRD313NA CR, O52920BL, P335182, P35130, P36665, P46151WKDG1, P46159, P46160WK, P46720B, P46720BA, P46728, P46733, P46770, P46770CK, P46920BL, P46924, P51929, P52151WK, P529201BL, P52920BLYX3, P52920VL, P52923YX2, P52924YX1, P52926YX1, P52926YX2, P52926YX5, P52927YX10, P52927YX2, P52928, P52928YX1, P52928YX3, P52930BL, P52930BLYX3, P52935LVYX1, P52937SG, P52937YX1, P52939, P52940, P52940YX1, P52945, P52950YX1, P52950YX4, P52950YX5, P52955YX5, P52960, P52965, P52990BL, P5355653, P56820BLLG1, P56921YX1, P56923BLYX3, P56926, P56926YX1, P56926YX4, P56927, P56930BLYX3, P56937, P56937YX1, P56938YX2, P56940, P56950YX2, P60153EB, P60750, P60750CKLG1, P60752, P60920, P60920BLYX1, P60923, P60923BLYX1, P60924YX2, P60928, P61926, P61937YX3, P61946, P61950YX5, P61960, P66921, P935680, PO52920BL, PRD8630A, PRD8650B, Pro844, PS1120RW, PS25123, PS257123, PS2711, PS27121, PS2715, PS27160, PS2731WK, PS31122JX1, PS31151, PS31151NM2, PS32109FM1CH, PS3210B, PS32120, PS321303A, PS32152, PS3512, PS35120NX1, PS35123FM1, PS35130FMI, PS35150NM2, PS35153, PS3535682, PS35560, PS355660, PS3562, PS3565, PS35651LG2, PS35653LW1, PS35660LM2DJ, PS35660LMl, PS35680, PS36123, PS36123FM1, PS36123JX1, PS36126, PS36126FM1, PS36126JX1, PS36127, PS36127AJX4CI2, PS36130FM4CJ2, PS36161FM1, PS507000, PS52652DX1, PS52652LG1, PS52680CG1, PS52682CG1, PS526882, PS52731WK, PS52750WK, PS52750WKOAK, PS53123, PS5450RB, PS5652, PS56662, PS60752, PS84360A, PSN27112, PSN27121, PSN35123, PSN60682, PSNPS27153, PSNPS35652, PSPS35122, PSPS35123, RC3130RA, RCFADS5120RB, RD303RA, RDR502RB, RMTV140A, RMY119, RS27160, S32665, S35123, SDS3130RA, SLVE10VP, T20010BK, TRD502RB, TRV74, TS35160, TXN2726X/XAA, UG27000YX1, UG29000, UG29000YX1, UG33000YX1, VR0212A, VR0313, WWA8806MWH

Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control: