RCA CRK74B1 TV Remote Control

RCA CRK74B1 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 221133
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Product Description:

Model: CRK74B1
Catalogue No.: 755
Battery Required : 4 AAA

RCA CRK74B1 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: HITACHI 20AB2B, RCA 238545, RCA 25GC722, HITACHI 27122, RCA 27GT622FE1, HITACHI 31CX513, RCA 31CX58B, RCA 31CX63, RCA 31CX68, HITACHI 31DX10B, RCA 31DX20, HITACHI 31DX21B, HITACHI 31DX31B, HITACHI 31KX8K, RCA 31UX5, RCA 31VX6B, HITACHI 32CX32B, RCA 32CXX11B, HITACHI 32TX78, HITACHI 32TX78B, HITACHI 32TX79K, HITACHI 46UX11KA, RCA 6852507M, RCA A26CD, RCA C21521BX1, RCA C21521YX1, RCA C27521BX1, RCA CRK70G1, RCA CRK830PL1, RCA CRK83BA3, RCA CRK83C1, RCA CRK84A1, RCA CRK84A2, RCA CRK84AA3, RCA CRK84B1, HITACHI CRK84B2, RCA ET0WSRXML01, RCA F20603BCTX1, RCA F25217BC, RCA F25217BCTX1, RCA F27230, RCA F27244BCTX2, RCA F27252GYTX1, RCA F27253GYFE1, RCA F27255BCFE1, RCA F27255BCTX1, RCA F27442, RCA F27442TX1AD, RCA F32690, RCA F35670MBFM1, RCA G27302ATLF01, RCA G27303, RCA G27303HPLF1, RCA G32643SKLX1, RCA M21501BX1, RCA M21501YX1, RCA M27501BX1, RCA MDG12PDAAW, RCA MG31526YX2, RCA P36665, RCA P46720B, RCA P46720BA, RCA P52924YX1, SAMSUNG P52937YX1, RCA P52950YX4, RCA P56950YX2, RCA P60752, RCA P61926, RCA P935680, RCA PS25123, RCA PS257123, RCA PS27121, RCA PS2715, RCA PS3210B, RCA PS35150NM2, RCA PS35560, RCA PS36130FM4CJ2, RCA PS56662, RCA PSNPS35652, RCA RBA27500UX1, RCA RBA27500XBF1, RCA RBA29550BE1, RCA RBA29550UX1, RCA RBA29550XBF1, RCA RBA29551UX1, RCA RBA33693UX1, RCA RBA33693XBM1, RCA RBA33694UX1, RCA RBA37693UX1, RCA RBA37693XBM1, RCA RBA37694UX1, RCA RCA27000UX1, RCA RCA27001UX, RCA RCA29520BE1, RCA RCA29520UX1, RCA RCA29521UX1, RCA RCA33683UX1, RCA RCA33684UX1, RCA RCA37683UX1, RCA RCA37684UX1, Show more models

Compatible with TV models: TOSHIBA 14VL43U, RCA 20LV43U, TOSHIBA 20VL43U