RCA CRK55R TV Remote Control

Part Number: 200458
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Product Description:

P/N 200458, 198511
This remote will replace CRK55P, CRK45G, CRK55B. But does NOT have PIP functions.

PS20110, PS27110

Model: CRK55R
Part Number: 200458
Catalogue No.: 720
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 4 AA

RCA CRK55R Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: CRK55R, PS20110, PS27110, PS27110F01, PS27110W01, PS27110W02, TCWE305, TCWE471

Compatible with TV models: 20AB2B, 20GT372FB1, 231541, 232306, 238545, 241036, 25GC722, 25GC725KX1, 25GC725MF1, 25GC729MF1, 25GT534FC1, 25GT534NC1, 26GC728, 27122, 27GE650UX1, 27GT610FE1, 27GT614FE1, 27GT622FE1, 31CX513, 31CX58B, 31CX63, 31CX68, 31DX10B, 31DX20, 31DX21B, 31DX31B, 31GT658, 31KX8K, 31UX5, 31VX6B, 32CX32B, 32CXX11B, 32TX78, 32TX78B, 32TX79K, 35GT680, 35GT680NM1, 35GT680NX1, 35GT681JX1, 46GW940, 46GW941, 46UX11KA, 52920BL, 52GW945, 52GW945YX1, 60425, 6852507M, 729691130M, A26CD, BS35180, C33682BM1, C35830WK, CD3700, CD3700F, CRK50A, CRK62F, CRK70A1, CRK70G1, CRK70VCL1, CRK70VK, CRK80D, CRK80D2, CRK830PL1, CRK83BA3, CRK83C1, CRK83D, CRK83E1, CRK83F1, CRK84A1, CRK84A2, CRK84AA3, CRK84B1, CRK84B2, CRK84C2, CTL120, DRD221RD, ED3600, ED3600F, EMR348ER, EMR349FR, ET0WSRXML01, F19442TX1, F20347WN, F20539DG, F20540, F20540WN, F20540WNF01, F20540WNF0l, F20540WNN01, F20544, F20544WN, F20544WNF01, F20544WNF0l, F20544WNN01, F20545, F20545AK, F20545AKF01, F20545AKN01, F20546, F20546EZ, Show more models

F20546EZ, F20546EZF01, F20546EZN01, F20590, F20635SEFB1, F20636, F20636BL, F20636BLFB1, F20684, F26071ESFB1, F26071ESFB11, F26071ESFB12, F26071ESNB1, F26071ESNB11, F26071ESNB12, F270315F, F27100, F27100AK, F27100AKF01, F27100AKF0l, F27101, F27101MM, F27101MMF01, F27107, F27107EG, F27107EGF01, F27107EGF0l, F27110, F27110NG, F27110NGF01, F27122, F27122TN, F27122TNF, F27122TNF01, F27122TNF0l, F27123, F27123SB, F27123SBF, F27123SBF01, F27150, F27150BH, F27150BHF, F27150BHF01, F27155, F27155AK, F27155AKF, F27155AKF01, F27155AKF0l, F27187BTN01, F27188BTN01, F27188BTN02, F27189ETNX1, F27191DGF02, F27191DGW02, F27193BTN01, F27194SMF01, F27194SMW01, F27194SMW02, F27196, F27196BTN01, F27196BTN02, F27201GGFE1, F27201GGNE1, F27202FTFB1, F27202FTNX1, F27203WNFE1, F27204EMFB1, F27204EMFX1, F27227EM, F27227EMNB1, F27228ETNX1, F27230, F27230EMFB1, F27230EMJX1, F27230ESFB1, F27230ESNB1, F27235ETNB1, F27235ETNX1, F27442, F27442TX1AD, F27442TX41AD12, F27442TX41AD8, F27442TX51, F27690BC, F27700MGFB1, F27700MGJX1, F27701BKFE1, F27701BKJX1, F27730EMJX1, F27731BKFE1, F27731BKJX1, F27732SB, F27732SBFE1, F27732SBJX1, F31200, F31200BA, F31221WNN01, F31221WNN02, F31222SB, F31222SBN01, F31222SBN02, F31223GGNM1, F31224GG, F31224GGNM1, F31224GGNX1, F31225SB, F31226ESJM1, F31226ESNM1, F31400, F31400SB, F31665YX4, F31700GGFX1, F31700GGJX1, F31703GGJX1, F32690, F35010STNM1, F35050STNM1, F35050STNX1, F35665YX1, F35700SBFM1, F35700SBJX1, F35720, F35720SBFM1, F35730STFM1, F35731MBFM1, F35731MBJX1, F35750STJX1, F35751MBFM1, F35751MBJX1, F35753MBJX1, F3668, FHB30C, FMR2723, FMR620WR, FMR622TR, FMR623ER, FPR2722, FPR2722N, FPR2722N/T, FPR2722N1, FPR2722Nl, FPR2722NT, FPR2722T, FPR2722T1, FPR2722T2, FPR2722Tl, FPR2723, FPR2723E, FPR2723E1, FPR2723E2, FPR2723El, FPR2725, FPR2725G, FPR2725G1, FPR2725Gl, FPR487, G25170, G26299TKMF1, G26330, G26330TN, G26330TNC01, G26331TN, G26331TNC01, G26333TN, G26335T, G26335TK, G26335TKC01, G26339, G26339HP, G26339HPC01, G26339HPC0l, G26341, G26341TN, G26341TNC01, G26343, G26343TN, G26343TNC01, G26345, G26345TK, G26345TKC01, G26354, G26400TNKF1, G26400TNKF11, G26400TNKF12, G26400TNMF1, G26400TNMF11, G26400TNMF12, G26400TNPF1, G26400TNPF11, G26400TNPF12, G27140, G27140TN, G27140TNK01, G27143, G27143TN, G27143TNC01, G27149, G27149TK, G27149TKC01, G27212TN, G27220TNKF1, G27220TNMF1, G27220TNMF2, G27221WKKF1, G27221WKKF2, G27221WKMF1, G27221WKMF2, G27229TKKF1, G27229TKMF1, G27250, G27250CP, G27250CPC01, G27250CPC0l, G27251TN, G27251TNC01, G27255NP, G27255NPC01, G27255NPC0l, G27259, G27259HP, G27259HPC01, G27259HPC0l, G27340, G27340CK, G27340CKC01, G2734AT, G27350, G27350CP, G27350CPC01, G27350CPC0l, G27360, G27360GM, G27390TNM01, G27390TNM02, G27391WKL01, G27391WKL02, G27391WKL03, G27396, G27396CPL01, G27396CPL02, G27399CR, G27399CRP01, G27399CRP02, G27400, G27400LM1, G27400WKKM1, G27400WKKM2, G27400WKLM1, G27400WKLM3, G27400WR, G277221WK, G27750WKALM1, G27750WKDX1, G27750WKLM1, G27751ATLM1, G31100, G31100CK, G31121TN, G31121TNN01, G31121TNN02, G31129WKL01, G31150, G31150CK, G31151WKLM1, G31159TPLM1, G31163BT, G31163BTL01, G31163BTL02, G3161CK, G31641CKOAK, G31750WKALM1, G31750WKDX1, G31750WKLM1, G3264SK, G32705YX3, G34170, G35300, G35300WK, G35300WKL01, G35300WKL02, G35301, G35301WKL01, G35301WKL02, G35302WKLM1, G35302WKLX1, G35303SK, G35303SKLM1, G35310WKLM1, G35310WKLX1, G35311CKLM1, G35311CKLX1, G35320LM, G35350, G35350WKL01, G35350WKL02, G35351, G35351CP, G35351CPL01, G35351CPL02, G35665, G35800CKLM1, G35830WKDX1, G35830WKDX2, G35830WKLM1, G35830WKLM2, G35850CKLM1, GMR811PR, GMR815HR/LR, GMR821TR, GMR823TR, GMR825TR, GMR831PR, GMR833PR, GPR2649P, GPR2740, GPR2740T, GPR2740T1, GPR2740T2, GPR2743, GPR2743E, GPR2743E1, GPR2743E2, GPR2743El, GPR2747, GPR2747T, GPR2747T1, GPR2747T2, GPR2747Tl, GPR2750, GPR2750P, GPR2750P1, GPR2750P2, GPR2751, GPR2751T, GPR2751T1, GPR2751T2, GPR2755, GPR2755H, GPR2755H1, GPR2755H2, GPR2755Hl, GPR2758, GPR2758P, GPR2758P1, GPR2758P2, GPR2758Pl, GPR275L, GPR275lT2, GPR275lTl, GPR2760, GPR2760T, GPR2760T1, GPR2760T2, GPR2790, GPR2790E, GPR2790E1, GPR2790E2, GPR2798, GPR2798E, GPR2798E1, GPR2798E2, GPR2798El, GPR795FR, GRP2743E, ITNR5100E, J26750, J26750HP, J26750HPN01, JMR920WR, JMR926HP, JMR926WR, JPR922WR, KV20VM20, LDG26CD, MAT10DAAAL, MAT25DAAAL, MDG12PDAAW, MG31526YX2, MPA100A, MPT200, MPT200A, MSR250, MSR250A, MVR975, P27100AK, P36665, P42000T, P46000, P46000T, P46050T, P46101HK, P46720B, P46720BA, P46731A, P46731AT, P46731ATDX1, P46731ATLG1, P46770, P46770CK, P46820BL, P52151, P52720UV, P52731WKLG1, P52920B7, P52923YX2, P52924YX1, P52926YX2, P52928, P52928YX1, P52928YX3, P52930BLYX3, P52935LVYX1, P52937YX1, P52950YX4, P52990BL, P56930BLYX3, P56937, P56938YX2, P56950YX2, P60750CKLG1, P60752, P60923BLYX3, P60924YX2, P61926, P61937YX3, P61946, P61950YX5, P61960, P66921, P935680, PA3400F, PA3600F, PA3700F, PO52920BL, PP65R21MCA, PR55R21AB, PR55R21AC, PR55R21AD, PR55R21AE, PR55R21MCA, PR55R621CA, PR65RM21CA, PR675R21AA, PR7R21A, Pro844, PS25123, PS257123, PS2711, PS27111JX1, PS27111NX1, PS27112FX1, PS27112JX1, PS27113FB2, PS27120F01, PS27120W01, PS27120W02, PS27121, PS27123FB1, PS27123JX1, PS2715, PS27150F01, PS27150W01, PS27150W02, PS31122JX1, PS31150F01, PS31150F02, PS32109FM1CH, PS3210B, PS32120, PS321303A, PS35120NM1, PS35120NX1, PS35123FM1, PS35150NM2, PS35153, PS35560, PS3562, PS3565, PS35650L01, PS35650L02, PS35651, PS35651LG2, PS35652LG2, PS35653LW1, PS36123, PS36123FM1, PS36123JX1, PS36126, PS36126FM1, PS36126JX1, PS36127, PS36130FM4CJ2, PS507000, PS52652DX1, PS52680CG1, PS52682CG1, PS56662, PS60752, PSN27112, PSN27121, PSN35123, PSN60682, PSNPS35652, PSPS35122, PSPS35123, R25216, R32632SB, R35N20RD, RCA631642, RCAF27634ET, RCAF32632SB, RCU800, RCU8700MSL, RM755, RS27160, RVM2050, RVM2050N, RVM2050N01, RVM250N, RVM2630, RVM2630F, RVM2630F01, RVM2630F0l, RVM2650, RVM2650C, RVM2650C01, RVM2650C0l, RVM2730, RVM2730F/N, RVM2730FN, RVM2730N, RVM2730N01, RVM2731, RVM2731F/N, RVM2731FN, RVM2731N, RVM2731N01, RVM2750, RVM2750C, RVM2750C01, RVM2750C0l, RVM2769, RVM2769C, RVM2769C01, RVM2769C0l, RVM4670, RVM46700, RVM46700T, RWT42014A, S20520, S20520WN, S20520WNF01, S20520WNF0l, S20520WNN01, S20631SE, S35123, SE1915W, SLVX25PS, TAD5024, TPT1939, TU3700F, VHR9410, VKP50T, VKP900, VKP900T, VKP925, VKP925D, VKP926, VKP950, VKT650, VKT700, VLP900, VLP950, VLP950HFT, VLP970HF, VLT470, VLT471, VLT472, VLT473, VLT650HF, VLT700, VLT700HF, VMT400, VMT670HF, VPT289, VPT290, VPT291, VPT292, VPT293, VPT294, VPT295, VPT296, VPT385, VPT490, VPT495, VPT595, VPT695HF, VR0212A, VR0313, VR695HF, WT4000A, WT4000B, WT4000C, WT4000D, WT4000E, WT4000F, WT4000G

Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control: