RCA CRK55P Remote Control

Part Number: 198512
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Product Description:

CRK55R, Original
P/N 198512, RCA Lists A, Substitute
P/N: 197944, UNIV.


Model: CRK55P
Part Number: 198512
Catalogue No.: 719

RCA CRK55P Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models:

Originally supplied with models: F27196, F27196BTN01, F27196BTN02, F31221WNN01, F31221WNN02, F31400, F31400SB, G31163BT, G31163BTL01, G31163BTL02, G34170, G35300, G35300WK, G35300WKL01, G35300WKL02, G35301, G35301WKL01, G35301WKL02, G35320LM, G35350, G35350WKL01, G35350WKL02, G35351, G35351CP, G35351CPL01, G35351CPL02

Compatible with models: 20GT372FB1, F20685, F27181, F27181DG, F27182, F27182DW, F27183, F27185, F27185DW, F27187BTN01, F27188BT, F27188BTN01, F27188BTN02, F27203WNFE1, F27203WNFE11, F27203WNFE12, F27442, F27700MGFB1, F27700MGJX1, F27731, F27731BKFE1, F31221WN, F31223GGNM1, F31223GGNM11, F31223GGNM12, F35010STNM1, F35700SBFM1, F35700SBJX1, F46101, G26280, G26281, G26285PN, G26289TK, G27150, G27150WK, G27210, G27211, G27212, G27219, G27219TK, G27220TNKF1, G27220TNKF11, G27220TNKF12, G27220TNMF1, G27220TNMF11, G27220TNMF12, G27220TNMF2, G27220TNMF21, G27220TNMF22, G27221WKKF1, G27221WKKF2, G27221WKMF1, G27221WKMF11, G27221WKMF12, G27221WKMF2, G27229TKKF1, G27229TKKF11, G27229TKKF12, G27229TKLF1, G27229TKMF1, G27229TKMF11, G27229TKMF12, G28685HP, G35800CKLM1, P46100, P46100TND01, P46100TND03, P46100TNN01, P46100TNN02, P46100TNN03, P46101, P46101WKCG1, P52929YX2

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