RCA CRK17TD1 Master TV Remote Control

RCA CRK17TD1 Master TV Remote Control
Part Number: 244889

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RMC12050 for RCA MASTER remote control):

The ANDERIC RMC12050 remote control is a replica and exact replacement for the Master RCA CRK17TD1 remote control. It will work exactly the same with no programming required. Just point and shoot.

NOTE: In order to access the master menu, you must push the SYSTEM button at the bottom left of the remote. No other remotes will work for the master menus.
Returns not accepted on master remotes.

Model: RMC12050 for RCA MASTER
Part Number: RMC12050
Associated Number: CRK17TD1
Catalogue No.: 66211

The replacement for original RCA CRK17TD1 Master Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original RCA CRK17TD1 Master Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.



PN: 244889

Model: CRK17TD1 Master
Part Number: 244889
Catalogue No.: 8715
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2728 (click here for programming instructions)

RCA CRK17TD1 Master Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: 25GH300, CRK17TD1, J20420, J20420TX52J5, J20420TX52J9, J20420YX1, J20420YX1J, J20420YX52, J20420YX52J5, J20435, J20435TX52, J20531, J20531BL, J20532, J20541, J20541TX52J5, J20541TX52J9, J20541YX1, J20541YX1J2, J20541YX52, J20541YX52J5, J20542, J20L743, J20L743H, J25230, J25230BL, J25230ET, J25330BL, J25330BLFE1, J25400TX52, J25420, J25420TX52, J25420TX52AJ9, J25420YX1, J25420YX1AJ, J25420YX52, J25420YX52AJ5, J26L637, J26L637H, J26L637L, J27430, J27430TX52, J27430TX52AJ9, J27430YX1, J27430YX1AJ, J27430YX52, J27430YX52AJ5, J27435, J27530TX52AJ9, J27530YX1AJ, J27530YX52AJ5, J27F636, J27F636CYX1, J27F636H, J27F636HYX, J27F636HYX1, J27F636L, J27F636YX, J27F636YX1, J27L637, J27L637H, J27L637L, J32430, J32430YX1CJ, J32430YX3CJ2, J32430YX50CJ5, J32430YX50CJ9, J32430YX52CJ9, J32430YX54CJ6, J32430YX58CJ6, J32430YX5CJ2, J32430YX7, J32430YX7CJ2, J32430YX9CJ, J32435YX52, J32530YX1CJ, J32530YX3CJ2, J32530YX50CJ5, J32530YX50CJ9, J32530YX52CJ5, J32530YX52CJ9, J32530YX54CJ6, J32530YX58CJ6, J32530YX5CJ2, J32530YX7CJ2, J32530YX9CJ, J32L637, J32L637L, J36435, J36530YX1CJ, J36530YX52CJ5, J42PH637

Compatible with TV models: 20GH150, 20GH150FB1, 20GH150JX1, 20GH155, 20GH250, 25GH250FE1, C14201S06, C14201S26, C20200BX, C20200BX1, C20200YX, C20200YX1, C21220, C21220J, C21220JX1, CRK10A1, E09302, E09302BC, E09302BCF24, E13208GY, E13209, E13209BC, E1331BKF25, E13331BK, E13331BKC25, E13331BKF25, E13334WH, E13335, E13335GY, E13335GYF25, F19201, F19201BK, F19201BKTX2, F19205, F19205GY, F19205GYTX1, F19206, F19206BK, F19206BKTX1, F19207, F19207BC, F19220BK, F19220BKTX2, F19221, F19221BC, F19221BCTX1, F19240, F19240GY, F19251, F19251GY, F19251GYTX1, F20209, F25209WT, F25216, F25216BC, F25216BCTX1, F25216WT, F25216WTTX1, F25250, F25250BC, F25250BCFE, F25250BCFE1, F27181, F27230ESNB1, F27240, F27240WT, F27240WTFE1, F27240WTJX1, F27242, F27242GY, F27242GYTX1, F27242GYTX2, F27250, F27250BC, F27250BCFE1, G25342AT, G25342ATKF1, J20300BL, J20300BLFB1, J20300BLJU1, J20300BLJX1, J20310BJX1, J20310BL, J20310BLFB1, J20310BLJU1, J20530, J27330, J27330BL, M14001, M20000, RAR1410, RAR2010, RAR2150, RBA1420, RBA2020, RBA2150, RSTR777, X20102, X20102SG, X20102SGJ, Show more models

X20102SGJ, X20102SGJX3, X20102SGJX4, X20102SGT, X20102SGTX3, X20102SGTX4, X20103, X20103SG, X20103SGJ, X20103SGJX1, X20103SGTX1, X20103SGTX2

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