RCA CRK17TD1 Master TV Remote Control

RCA CRK17TD1 Master TV Remote Control
Part Number: 244889

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The original RCA CRK17TD1 Master Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original RCA CRK17TD1 Master Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.



PN: 244889

Model: CRK17TD1 Master
Catalogue No.: 8715
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2728 (click here for programming instructions)
Dimensions: 1.90 x 6.90 x 0.90 (W x L x D, inches)

RCA CRK17TD1 Master Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: RCA 25GH300, RCA CRK17TD1, RCA J20420, RCA J20420TX52J5, RCA J20420TX52J9, RCA J20420YX1, RCA J20420YX1J, RCA J20420YX52, RCA J20420YX52J5, RCA J20435, RCA J20435TX52, RCA J20531, RCA J20531BL, RCA J20532, RCA J20541, RCA J20541TX52J5, RCA J20541TX52J9, RCA J20541YX1, RCA J20541YX1J2, RCA J20541YX52, RCA J20541YX52J5, RCA J20542, RCA J20L743, RCA J20L743H, RCA J25230, RCA J25230BL, RCA J25230ET, RCA J25330BL, RCA J25330BLFE1, RCA J25400TX52, RCA J25420, RCA J25420TX52, RCA J25420TX52AJ9, RCA J25420YX1, RCA J25420YX1AJ, RCA J25420YX52, RCA J25420YX52AJ5, RCA J26L637, RCA J26L637H, RCA J26L637L, RCA J27430, RCA J27430TX52, RCA J27430TX52AJ9, RCA J27430YX1, RCA J27430YX1AJ, RCA J27430YX52, RCA J27430YX52AJ5, RCA J27435, RCA J27530TX52AJ9, RCA J27530YX1AJ, RCA J27530YX52AJ5, RCA J27F636, RCA J27F636CYX1, RCA J27F636H, RCA J27F636HYX, RCA J27F636HYX1, RCA J27F636L, RCA J27F636YX, RCA J27F636YX1, RCA J27L637, RCA J27L637H, RCA J27L637L, RCA J32430, RCA J32430YX1CJ, RCA J32430YX3CJ2, RCA J32430YX50CJ5, RCA J32430YX50CJ9, RCA J32430YX52CJ9, RCA J32430YX54CJ6, RCA J32430YX58CJ6, RCA J32430YX5CJ2, RCA J32430YX7, RCA J32430YX7CJ2, RCA J32430YX9CJ, RCA J32435YX52, RCA J32530YX1CJ, RCA J32530YX3CJ2, RCA J32530YX50CJ5, RCA J32530YX50CJ9, RCA J32530YX52CJ5, RCA J32530YX52CJ9, RCA J32530YX54CJ6, RCA J32530YX58CJ6, RCA J32530YX5CJ2, RCA J32530YX7CJ2, RCA J32530YX9CJ, RCA J32L637, RCA J32L637L, RCA J36435, RCA J36530YX1CJ, RCA J36530YX52CJ5, RCA J42PH637

Compatible with TV models: RCA 20GH150, RCA 20GH150FB1, RCA 20GH150JX1, RCA 20GH155, RCA 20GH250, RCA 25GH250FE1, RCA C14201S06, RCA C14201S26, RCA C20200BX, RCA C20200BX1, RCA C20200YX, RCA C20200YX1, RCA C21220, RCA C21220J, RCA C21220JX1, RCA E09302, RCA E09302BC, RCA E09302BCF24, RCA E13208GY, RCA E13209, RCA E13209BC, RCA E1331BKF25, RCA E13331BK, RCA E13331BKC25, RCA E13331BKF25, RCA E13334WH, RCA E13335, RCA E13335GY, RCA E13335GYF25, RCA F19201, RCA F19201BK, RCA F19201BKTX2, RCA F19205, RCA F19205GY, RCA F19205GYTX1, RCA F19206, RCA F19206BK, RCA F19206BKTX1, RCA F19207, RCA F19207BC, RCA F19220BK, RCA F19220BKTX2, RCA F19221, RCA F19221BC, RCA F19221BCTX1, RCA F19240, RCA F19240GY, RCA F19251, RCA F19251GY, RCA F19251GYTX1, RCA F20209, RCA F25209WT, RCA F25216, RCA F25216BC, RCA F25216BCTX1, RCA F25216WT, RCA F25216WTTX1, RCA F25250, RCA F25250BC, RCA F25250BCFE, RCA F25250BCFE1, RCA F27181, RCA F27230ESNB1, RCA F27240, RCA F27240WT, RCA F27240WTFE1, RCA F27240WTJX1, RCA F27242, RCA F27242GY, RCA F27242GYTX1, RCA F27242GYTX2, RCA F27250, RCA F27250BC, RCA F27250BCFE1, RCA G25342AT, RCA G25342ATKF1, RCA J20300BL, RCA J20300BLFB1, RCA J20300BLJU1, RCA J20300BLJX1, RCA J20310BJX1, RCA J20310BL, RCA J20310BLFB1, RCA J20310BLJU1, RCA J20530, RCA J27330, GE General Electric J27330BL, RCA M14001, RCA M20000, RCA RAR1410, RCA RAR2010, RCA RAR2150, RCA RBA1420, RCA RBA2020, RCA RBA2150, RCA RSTR777, RCA X20102, RCA X20102SGJ, RCA X20102SGJX3, RCA X20102SGJX4, Show more models

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