Proscan-RCA CRK83VBL VCR Remote Control

Proscan-RCA CRK83VBL VCR Remote Control
Part Number: 232843
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Product Description:

MODEL: CRK83VBL, PN: 232843
P/N: 232843, CRK83VBL, PSVR65

Model: CRK83VBL
Part Number: 232843
Catalogue No.: 788
This remote control controls units : VCR
Battery Required : 4 AAA

Proscan-RCA CRK83VBL Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following VCR models:

Originally supplied with VCR models: PSVR57, PSVR65

Compatible with VCR models: 20AB2B, 238545, 25GC722, 27122, 27GT622FE1, 31CX513, 31CX58B, 31CX63, 31CX68, 31DX10B, 31DX20, 31DX21B, 31DX31B, 31KX8K, 31UX5, 31VX6B, 32CX32B, 32CXX11B, 32TX78, 32TX78B, 32TX79K, 46UX11KA, 6852507M, A26CD, CRK70VCL1, CRK830PL1, CRK83BA3, CRK83C1, CRK84A2, CRK84AA3, CRK84C2, ET0WSRXML01, F27230, F27442, F27442TX1AD, F32690, JVM1440WA, MDG12PDAAW, MG31526YX2, P36665, P46720B, P46720BA, P52924YX1, P52937YX1, P52950YX4, P52990BL, P56950YX2, P60752, P61926, P935680, PS25123, PS257123, PS27121, PS2715, PS3210B, PS35150NM2, PS35560, PS36127, PS36130FM4CJ2, PS56662, PSNPS35652, PSNPSVR83, PSNVR83, PSRV83, PSVR62, PSVR81, PSVR81HF, PSVR82, PSVR83, PSVR85, PSVVR83, TSVR83, UR538, UR692HF, V538, VR0212A, VR0313, VR507, VR522, VR524, VR528, VR532, VR538, VR539, VR542, VR560, VR621HF, VR628HF, VR644HF, VR652HF, VR674, VR6743HF, VR674HF, VR678, VR678HF, VR684, VR684HF, VR688HF, VR691HF, VR69287, Show more models

VR69287, VR692HF, VR692HR, VR911HF, VRC692HF

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