Proscan-RCA CRK76TBL1 TV Remote Control

Proscan-RCA CRK76TBL1 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 240896
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Product Description:

MODEL: CRK76TBL1, PN: 240896

Model: CRK76TBL1
Part Number: 240896
Catalogue No.: 766
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA

Proscan-RCA CRK76TBL1 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: 13GP411F01, 197461, 204935, 20AB2B, 20GT372FB1, 20GT375FB1, 20GT377, 211687, 212234, 212688, 221132, 22124710, 224265, 224266, 225841, 228003, 232306, 237909, 238545, 240896/RCA, 240896RCA, 244876, 25GC722, 25GC732, 25GC732KF1, 25GC744KF1, 25GC752, 25GT510, 25GT510FE1, 25GT536, 25GT536FE1, 25GT536JX1, 25GT537, 25GT537TX1, 25GX309, 25GX390N01, 27122, 27400, 27500, 27600, 27GC732, 27GC903KF1, 27GT614FE1, 27GT615JX1, 27GT619TX1, 27GT619TX1AB3, 27GT620TX1, 27GT622FE1, 27GT630, 27GT6618, 3020224511, 3126490004, 316T658, 31CX513, 31CX58B, 31CX63, 31CX68, 31DX10B, 31DX20, 31DX21B, 31DX31B, 31GT657FM1, 31GT657JX1, 31GT658, 31GT659, 31GT659JX1CN2, 31GT660FM1CN3, 31GT660FM3CH3, 31KX8K, 31UX5, 31VX6B, 32700, 32CX32B, 32CXX11B, 32TX78, 32TX78B, 32TX79K, 35GT681JX1, 36500, 36600, 36700, 400, 4070, 46UX11KA, 504616183, 50700, 60425, 6852507M, 729691130M, 82033C01, 931431224X, 9527500K, A26CD, AZ156517, BS35180, CC4252, COM312AD/TV, CRK62B2, CRK62D, CRK62S2, Show more models

CRK62S2, CRK70B2, CRK70F2, CRK70VCL1, CRK70VHL, CRK70VK, CRK74J1, CRK80C, CRK80D, CRK80D2, CRK830PL1, CRK83BA3, CRK83C1, CRK83D, CRK83D1, CRK83E, CRK83F1, CRK84A2, CRK84AA3, CRK84C2, CRK84CA3, CT2085B/W, DPMA5, DRD221RD, DRD22RD, DRD455RH, DSM735RH, DSR708R17, ET0WSRXML01, F19442TX1, F26433, F27230, F27442, F27442TX1, F27442TX1AD, F27442TX41AD12, F27442TX41AD8, F27442TX51, F27442TX51AD5, F27615, F27651, F27664, F27665YX2, F27669, F27669YX51, F27673, F27690BC, F27695, F27695BC, F27731BKJX1, F31665YX4, F32665YX1, F32669YX50, F32669YX53, F32674SB, F32685, F32690, F32691YX9, F32715YX1, F32TF600, F35665YX1, F36669, F3668, F36688, F36688YX1, G32665YX5, G32695, G32705, G32750, G35302WK, G35303SK, G35665, G35830WK, G35830WKLM1, G36695LV, G36705TV, G36710, GRD33G2A, KDCP5900, LDE26CD, LDG26CD, MAT10DAAAL, MAT10PDABL, MAT25DAAAL, MDE12PDADW, MDE12PDAEW, MDE12PRACW, MDE12PSAGW, MDE26DAACG, MDE26PCACG, MDG10DAAAL, MDG12PDAAW, MG31526YX2, MM3211, MM36110JX1, MR27310, O52920BL, P35130, P36600, P36665, P46151WKDG1, P46159, P46160WK, P46720B, P46720BA, P46728, P46770, P46770CK, P46920BL, P46924, P51929, P52151WK, P527400, P527500, P527500K, P529201BL, P52920BLYX3, P52920VL, P52923YX2, P52924YX1, P52926YX1, P52926YX2, P52926YX5, P52927YX10, P52927YX2, P52928, P52928YX1, P52928YX3, P52930BL, P52930BLYX3, P52935LVYX1, P52937SG, P52937YX1, P52939, P52940, P52945, P52950YX1, P52950YX4, P52950YX5, P52955YX5, P52960, P52965, P52990BL, P53, P532600, P5355653, P53660, P536600, P536605, P536700, P550700, P556700, P561700, P56820BLLG1, P56921YX1, P56923BLYX3, P56926, P56926YX1, P56926YX4, P56927, P56930BLYX3, P56937, P56937YX1, P56938YX2, P56940, P56950YX2, P60153EB, P60700, P60750, P60750CKLG1, P60752, P60920, P60920BLYX1, P60923, P60923BLYX1, P60924YX2, P60928, P61926, P61937YX3, P61946, P61950YX5, P61960, P66921, P732500, P935680, PA61700, PO52920BL, Pro844, PRP36, PS20105, PS20700, PS21700, PS232500, PS24700, PS25123, PS257123, PS2600, PS26700, PS2700, PS27000, PS2711, PS27121, PS2715, PS27160, PS27300, PS2731WK, PS27400828421, PS27400C, PS27410, PS27410YX1, PS27410YX1AX, PS27440, PS2750, PS27500, PS27500YX1, PS27500YX1AD3, PS27500YX1AD4, PS27500YX2, PS27500YX2AN, PS27500YXI, PS27510, PS27510YX1, PS27510YX1AN, PS2760, PS27600, PS27600YX1, PS27600YX1AL4, PS27600YX1AL5, PS27600YX2, PS27600YX2AP, PS27600YXI, PS27610, PS27610YX1, PS27610YX1AP, PS27610YX1AR, PS27810, PS27810JX1, PS27810JX1GBE, PS31122JX1, PS31151, PS31151NM2, PS32109FM1CH, PS3210B, PS3210O, PS32120, PS321303A, PS32152, PS3250, PS32500, PS325000, PS32500YX1, PS32500YX1CM, PS32500YX1CM3, PS32500YX2, PS32500YX2CM2, PS32500YX9, PS32500YX9CM2, PS32500YXL, PS3250D, PS3250U, PS32510, PS32510YX1, PS32510YX1CM2, PS3260, PS32600, PS326000, PS32600BM, PS32600YX1, PS32600YX1CK, PS32600YX1CK3, PS32600YX2, PS32600YX2CK2, PS32600YX9CK2, PS32610, PS32610YX1, PS32610YX1CK2, PS32610YX1CS, PS32610YX3, PS32610YX3CS1, PS32610YX9CS, PS32700, PS32700YX1, PS32700YX1CJ3, PS32700YX1CJ5, PS32700YX2, PS32700YX2CJ4, PS32710, PS32710YX1, PS32710YX1CJ4, PS32710YX1CJ5, PS32710YX1CT, PS32810, PS32810JX1, PS32810JX1GCE, PS3500, PS3512, PS35120NX1, PS35123FM1, PS35130FMI, PS35150NM2, PS35153, PS3535682, PS35560, PS35600, PS3562, PS3565, PS35651LG2, PS35653LW1, PS35660LM2DJ, PS35660LMl, PS35680, PS35700, PS3600, PS3610YX1, PS36123, PS36123FM1, PS36123JX1, PS36126, PS36126FM1, PS36126JX1, PS36127, PS36127AJX4CI2, PS36130FM4CJ2, PS36161FM1, PS36500, PS365000, PS36500YX1, PS36500YX1CM, PS36500YX1CM3, PS36500YX2, PS36500YX2CM2, PS36510, PS36510YX1, PS36510YX1CM2, PS3660, PS36600, PS36600FM1CK, PS36600YX1, PS36600YX1CK, PS36600YX1CK3, PS36600YX2, PS36600YX2CK2, PS36605, PS36605LM1CK, PS36605YX1, PS36605YX1CK, PS36605YX1CK3, PS36605YX2, PS36605YX2CK, PS36605YX2CK3, PS36605YX3CK2, PS36605YX4CK2, PS36610, PS36610YX1, PS36610YX1CK2, PS36610YX1CS, PS36615, PS36615YX1CK2, PS36615YX2, PS36615YX2CK2, PS366600, PS36700, PS36700YX1, PS36700YX1CJ3, PS36700YX1CJ5, PS36700YX2, PS36700YX2CJ4, PS3670D, PS36710, PS36710YX1, PS36710YX1CJ4, PS36710YX1CJ5, PS36710YX1CT, PS36810, PS36810JX1, PS36810JX1GCE, PS36T00, PS37700, PS500700, PS507000, PS50700LG1, PS50700LG1FL F, PS50700YX1, PS50700YX1FL F, PS50700YX2, PS50700YX2FL F, PS50700YX3, PS50700YX3F3L F3, PS50700YX4, PS50700YX4F2L F2, PS50700YX5F2L F2, PS50710, PS50710YX1, PS50710YX1TL T, PS50710YX2, PS50710YX2T01L T, PS50710YX4, PS50710YX4T1L T1, PS50710YX5, PS50710YX5T16L T1, PS52652DX1, PS52652LG1, PS52680CG1, PS52682CG1, PS526882, PS52731WK, PS527400, PS52750WK, PS52750WKOAK, PS52810, PS52810JX1, PS52810JX1G, PS53123, PS532500, PS550700, PS5652, PS56662, PS56700, PS56700LG1, PS56700LG1FP F, PS56700YX1, PS56700YX1FP F, PS56700YX2, PS56700YX2FP F, PS5700, PS60752, PS61700, PS61700LG1, PS61700LG1FT F, PS61700YX1, PS61700YX1FT F, PS61700YX3, PS61700YX3F2T F2, PS61710, PS61710YX1, PS61710YX1TT T, PS61710YX2, PS61710YX2T01T T, PS61710YX4, PS61710YX4T1T T1, PS61710YX5, PS61710YX5T16T T1, PS61800, PS61810, PS61810JX1, PS61810JX1G, PS6700, PS86500, PSF0700, PSN27112, PSN27121, PSN27400, PSN27500, PSN32600, PSN32700, PSN35123, PSN35653, PSN50700, PSN60682, PSNPS27153, PSNPS27500, PSNPS27600, PSNPS32500, PSNPS32600, PSNPS35652, PSNPS36500, PSNPS36605, PSNPS36700, PSNPS50700, PSNPS5600, PSPS35122, PSPS35123, PSS2600, PSS36605, RC521SP, RC5225O, RC5225P, RC522OP, RMY115, RS27160, S32665, S35123, T20010BK, TS32500, TS35160, TS36600, TXN2726X/XAA, VR0212A, VR0313, VR5700

Compatible with TV models: CDVD9000A, CDVD9000B, CDVD9000C, CDVD9000S, CLD0065, COM0950AW, COM0953, COM0953A, COM0960, COM0960A, COM1307AD, COM3101A, COM311ADA, COM311ADB, COM312AD, CTC185C, F19206BK, F19442, F27230ESNB1, F27730EM, F27731BK, F31700GG, F32685YX4, F35100STNM11, F35100STNM12, F35100STNM21, F35100STNM22, F35731, F35750, F35750ST, F35750STJX1, F35751, F35751MB, F35751MBFM1, F35751MBJX1, F35830WK, F52731WK, G27750WK, G27750WKA, G31750, G31750WK, G31750WKA, G32665YX6, G34170AT, G35302WKLM1, G35302WKLM11, G35302WKLM12, G35302WKLX1, G35302WKLX11, G35302WKLX12, G35303, G35303SKLM1, G35303SKLM11, G35303SKLM12, G35311CK, G35311CKLM1, G35311CKLX1, G35850, G35850CK, G35850CKLM1, KE2626, KE2626 , KV27TS27, KV27TS31, KV27TS35, KV27TW75, KV27TW76, KV32TS20, KV32TS35, KV32TW75, KV32TW76, KVT915DVD, MT1098, MVD2009CB, MVT2138, MVT2138B, MXT1303AD, P46151, P46151W, P46151WK, P46151WKCG1, P46151WKCG2, P46151WKDG2, P46159WK, P46159WKDG1, P46160, P46160WKCG1, P46160WKDG1, P46728WKLG1, P46729BA, P46729BADX1, P46729BALG1, P46730WK, P46730WKLG1, P46731, P46731AT, P46731ATDX1, P46731ATLG1, P46732, P46732BA, Show more models

Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control: