PHILIPS RC0705/00 Commercial TV Remote Control

PHILIPS RC0705/00 Commercial TV Remote Control
Part Number: 313922880573

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RR2573 Philips Master/Setup remote control):

The Anderic RR2573 is a fully functional Master/Setup Remote Control for ALL Philips/Magnavox Commercial and Non-commercial (consumer) TVs.

Fully functional substitute for the following remotes:
RC2573GR (Green Master ITV remote)
RG4172BK (Older style black Master remote)
22AV8573/00 (Newer Yellow Hospitality remote)

Works the following types of TVs:
- Philips ITV
- Philips Commercial TVs
- Philips Professional TVs
- Philips Hospitality TVs
- All Older Magnavox Commercial TVs

No programming required.
Note: There is no sliding switch on the RR2573 because it is not needed; it's default codes are set to the "Setup" mode, no switching required. This remote is also already in the "RC5" Setup mode.

Model: RR2573 Philips Master/Setup
Part Number: RR2573
Catalogue No.: 78586

The replacement for original PHILIPS RC0705/00 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS RC0705/00 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

MODEL: RC0705/00
PN: 313922880571, 313922880572, 313922880573

This remote is Not the master remote for the these Magnavox/Philips TV's/.


Model: RC0705/00
Part Number: 313922880573
Catalogue No.: 6016
This remote control controls units : Commercial TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2810 (click here for programming instructions)

PHILIPS RC0705/00 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Commercial TV models:

Originally supplied with Commercial TV models: 19LT220, 19LT220L, 19LT220L/17, 19LT220L/17B, 19LT220L17, 19LT220L17B, 19LT220V, 19LT220V/17, 19LT220V17, 20LZ20, 20LZ202, 27HT2000, 27HT2000/27, 27HT2000/27B, 27ST22, 27ST220027, 27ST220L, 27ST220L/17, 27ST220L17, 27ST420L, 27ST420L/17, 27ST420L/17B, 27ST6210, 27ST6210/27, 27ST6210/27B, 32ST2200, 32ST2200/27, 32ST2200/27B, 32ST220P, 32ST220P/17, 32ST220P/17B, 32ST220P/35, 32ST6210, 32ST6210/27, 32ST6210/27B, EM6025, EM6025C, EM6025C121, EMX162, EMX162C101, HC0113, HC0113C, HC0113C1, HC0113C121, HC0113C199, HC0113C3, HC0113C321, HC0113C399, HC0119, HC0119C, HC0119C199, HC0119C3, HC0119C322, HC0119C399, HD2720, HD2720C1, HD2720C101, HD2730, HD2730C, HD2730C1, PC9219, PC9219C, PC9219C1, PC9219C125, PC9219C198, PC9219C199, PC9225, PC9225C, PC9225C198, PC9225C199, PC9225C2, PC9225C221, PC9225C298, PC9225C299, PC9225M, PC9227, PC9227C, PC9227C101, PC9227C121, PC9227C199, PC9227C201, PC9227C221, PC9227C299, PL0119, PL0119C, PL0119C1, PL0119C125, PL0119C199, PL0119C399, PL0127, PL0127C, PL0127C1, PL0127C121, PL0127C199, PL0127C3, PL0127C321, PL0127C399, PL2125, PL2125C, PL2125C1, Show more models

Compatible with Commercial TV models: 27Z500, CC2541, CDPCX2, CDPCX270, CDPCX90ES, CDR600, CT1921C, DEH46DH, DEHP3300, DEHP3370XM, DEHP520, DEHP5200, DEHP5500, DEHP5500MP, DEHP6000, DEHP7200, DEPH6000, EM6019, EM6019C121, EMG131, EMG131X102, EMX162C1, EMX852, KEHP5800, KEHP5900, KEHP7800, KJ9513C101, KJ9519C221, MX3290B102, PA5020C, PA5020C2, PA5020C204, PA5020N2, PA5020N205, PA5027C, PA5027C102, PA5027C2, PA5027C203, PA5032, PA5032C1, PA5032C102, PA5032C2, PA5032C203, PA7020C, PA7020C101, PA7027, PA7027C1, PA7027C101, PA7032, PA7032C1, PA7032C101, PA7036C1, PA7037, PA9027, PA9027C101, PA9032, PAV190, PAV190C1, PB5013, PB5025, PB5025C121, PC6227C, PC6227C123, PC7225C101, PC7225C107, PL0125C121, PL2119, PL2119C, PL2119C1, PL2119C101, PL2119C122, PL2120, PL2120C1, PL2120C101, PL2120C122, PL3120, PL4120, PL4120C, PL4120C101, PPC732C1, PPC732C101, PPC927C2, PPC927C201, PPC932C101, PX3119, PX3125, RC9319, RC9319G401, RC9319G402, RMDX270, SCN725, SCN725C, SCN725C101, SCN725C107, SCN727, SCN727C, SCN727C101, SCN727C107, SCN732C, SCN825C, Show more models

SCN825C, SCR1960421, SEC720, SEC919, XMX962

Operating Manuals Available for This Remote Control:

  • 32HFL5860HOM
    52HFL5580D/27 Operating Manual


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  • 32ST2200OM
    32ST220027 Operating Manual


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