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PHILIPS G170 MK II TV Remote Control

PHILIPS G170 MK II TV Remote Control
Part Number: 483531057635

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RR2573 Philips Master/Setup remote control):

The Anderic RR2573 is a fully functional Master/Setup Remote Control for ALL Philips/Magnavox Commercial and Non-commercial (consumer) TVs.

Fully functional substitute for the following remotes:
RC2573GR (Green Master ITV remote)
RG4172BK (Older style black Master remote)
22AV8573/00 (Newer Yellow Hospitality remote)

Works the following types of TVs:
- Philips ITV
- Philips Commercial TVs
- Philips Professional TVs
- Philips Hospitality TVs
- All Older Magnavox Commercial TVs

No programming required.
Note: There is no sliding switch on the RR2573 because it is not needed; it's default codes are set to the "Setup" mode, no switching required. This remote is also already in the "RC5" Setup mode.

Model: RR2573 Philips Master/Setup
Part Number: RR2573
Catalogue No.: 78586

The replacement for original PHILIPS G170 MK II Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS G170 MK II Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.



Model: G170 MK II
Part Number: 483531057635
Catalogue No.: 50468
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2810 (click here for programming instructions)

PHILIPS G170 MK II Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: 27T600C102, 55PP935217, 8P6044C101, 9P6040C104, 9P6044C104, G170

Compatible with TV models: 00G174CCAA02, 00G176BAA01, 00H176KD, 114697, 115.2960199, 115296, 1152960199, 115297, 201401, 25PS73C, 25PS73C1, 25PS73C101, 25T290, 25T290C, 25TR290C101, 26GT443F, 27600C101, 27PS82, 27PS82C1, 27PS82C101, 27PS82C102, 27PS82C103, 27PS83, 27PS83C1, 27T500, 27T500C1, 27T500C101, 27T501, 27T501C1, 27T501PN01, 27T502, 27T502C1, 27T502C101, 27T502C102, 27T502C103, 27T502C104, 27T511, 27T511AK, 27T511AK01, 27T600, 27T600C1, 27TP82, 27TP82C1, 27TP82C101, 27TP82C103, 27TP82C104, 27TP83, 27TP83C, 27TP83C1, 27TP83C101, 27V504, 31CCA255, 32F400, 32F400A1, 32T530, 32T530CH, 32T530CH02, 32T600, 32T600C, 32T600C1, 32T600C101, 32T607, 32T607C1, 32T607C102, 32TP72, 32TP72C1, 32TP72C101, 32TP72C103, 32XS50, 46CP10, 46CP10W, 46CP10W199, 46UP40, 47TP60, 47TP60C101, 47UP70, 483521837254, 483521917668, 483521917669, 483521917684, 483521917699, 483521917706, 483539517303, 48PP72, 48PP72A, 48PP72A001, 48VP41, 48VP41C1, 48XP43C, 48XP44, 48XP44C, 48XP44C101, 50YP44, 50YP44C, 50YP44C101, 50YP44C102, 50YP44C103, 50YP44C104, 50YP45, 50YP45C, Show more models

50YP45C, 52UP40, 52VP52, 52VP52B199, 53TP30, 53TP60, 53TP60C, 53TP60C103, 53UP70, 54CP40, 54CP40W, 54CP40W101, 54CP40W199, 54CP41, 54CP41C1, 54CP41C101, 54CP41C102, 54PP72, 54PP72A001, 54VP32, 54VP41, 54VP51, 54VP51C1, 54VP51C199, 54XP43, 54XP43C101, 54XP43C103, 54XP44, 54XP44C101, 54XV71C, 55PP73, 55PP73A, 55PP9401, 55PP97, 55PP9701, 55PP970101, 55PP970102, 55PP970103, 55PP970104, 55YP44, 55YP44C, 55YP44C101, 55YP44C102, 55YP44C103, 55YP44C104, 55YP45, 55YP45C, 60PP9401, 60PP96, 60PP9601, 60PP960101, 60PP960102, 60PP960103, 60PP960199, 60PP960N3, 60PP9660N, 60PP9701, 60PP970101, 60PP970102, 60PP970103, 60PP970199, 60VP51, 60XP43, 60XP43C, 62654528790, 62654528791, 6P4615, 6P4615W1, 6P4830, 6P4830W, 6P4830W1, 6P4830W101, 6P4830W102, 6P4830W199, 6P4840, 6P48402, 6P4840W, 6P4840W102, 6P4841, 6P4841C, 6P4841C103, 6P4850, 6P4850W, 6P4850W1, 6P4850W101, 6P4851, 6P4851C, 6P4851C1, 6P4851C101, 6P5252, 6P5252B, 6P5252B101, 6P5430, 6P5430W, 6P5430W1, 6P5430W101, 6P5430W102, 6P5430W198, 6P5430W199, 6P5435, 6P5435C, 6P5435C101, 6P5435W101, 6P5440, 6P5440W, 6P5440W1, 6P5440W101, 6P5440W103, 6P5441, 6P5441C, 6P5441C103, 6P5441W, 6P5450, 6P5450W, 6P5450W1, 6P5450W101, 6P5450W102, 6P5451, 6P5451C, 6P5451C1, 6P5451C101, 6P5451C102, 6P5451W, 6P5452, 6P5452B, 6P6030, 6P6030W, 6P6040, 6P6040W, 6P6040W102, 6P6041, 6P6041C, 6P6041C102, 6P6050, 6P6050W, 6P6050W1, 6P6050W101, 6P6050W199, 6P6051, 6P6051C, 6P6051C1, 6P6051C101, 6P6051C102, 6PD440W, 6PS440W, 7P4830, 7p4830w, 7P4830W101, 7P4830W102, 7P4830W198, 7P4830W199, 7P4834, 7P4834C, 7P4834C101, 7P4840, 7P4840C, 7P4840W, 7P4841C, 7P5430, 7P5430W, 7P5430W10, 7P5430W101, 7P5430W102, 7P5431, 7P5431C, 7P5431C101, 7P5431C102, 7P5433, 7P5433W, 7P5433W101, 7P5433W102, 7P5435, 7P5435C, 7P5435C101, 7P5435W, 7P5435W1, 7P5435W101, 7P5435W102, 7P5441C, 7P5451C, 7P6030, 7P6030W, 7P6030W1, 7P6030W101, 7P6030W102, 7P6031, 7P6031C, 7P6031C101, 7P6031C102, 7P6033, 7P6033W, 7P6033W1, 7P6033W101, 7P6033W102, 7P6033W199, 7P6035, 7P6035C, 7P6035C101, 7P6035W, 7P6035W101, 7P6035W102, 7P6041C, 7P6041C101, 7P6051C101, 7S4600, 7S4600W, 7T5430W101, 8CM700, 8CM701, 8P4831, 8P4831C, 8P4831C101, 8P4831C102, 8P4831C199, 8P4834, 8P4834C, 8P4834C101, 8P4834C102, 8P4834C198, 8P4834C199, 8P4841, 8P4841C, 8P4841C1, 8P4841C101, 8P4841C199, 8P4844, 8P4844C, 8P4844C101, 8P4844C102, 8P4844C199, 8P5424C, 8P5431, 8P5431C, 8P5431C101, 8P5431C198, 8P5431C199, 8P5434, 8P5434C, 8P5434C101, 8P5434C199, 8P5441, 8P5441C, 8P5441C101, 8P5441C198, 8P5441C199, 8P5444, 8P5444C, 8P5444C1, 8P5444C101, 8P5444C102, 8P5444C199, 8P6031, 8P6031C, 8P6031C101, 8P6031C199, 8P6033C, 8P6034, 8P6034C, 8P6034C1, 8P6034C101, 8P6034C102, 8P6034C198, 8P6034C199, 8P6034W, 8P6041, 8P6041C, 8P6041C101, 8P6044, 8P6044C, 8P6044C1, 8P6044C102, 8P6044C199, 8P6051, 8P6051C, 8P6051C1, 8P6051C101, 8P6051C198, 8P6051C199, 8P6054, 8P6054C, 8P6054C1, 8P6054C198, 8P6054C199, 8P6141, 9P5031C, 9P5034C, 9P5034C102, 9P5511, 9P5511C, 9P5511C1, 9P5511C101, 9P5511C102, 9P5511C199, 9P5514C, 9P5531, 9P5531C, 9P5531C101, 9P5531C102, 9P5531C103, 9P5531C198, 9P5531C199, 9P5534C, 9P5540C, 9P6031C, 9P6034C, AZ758317, CC2772, CC2772A1, CC2772A103, CC2774, CC2774B1, CC3272, CC3272A1, CC3272A101, CCA092, CCA092AT, CCA092AT01, CCA092AT02, CCA092AT98, CCA092AT99, CCA132, CCA132AT, CCA132AT01, CCA132AT02, CCA132AT99, CCA191AT32, CCA192, CCA192AT, CCA192AT31, CCA192AT32, CCA192AT98, CCA192AT99, CCA252, CCA252AT, CCA252AT31, CCA252AT32, CCA252AT98, CCA252AT99, CCA254AT, CCA255AT, CCA255AT31, CCA255AT32/TV, CCA255AT98, CCA255AT99, CDK3300, CDK3300C, CP4830, CP5440, CP5440W102, CP5440W103, CP5440W198, CP5440W199, CT2747, CT2747C, CT2747C1, CT2747C101, CT2747C102, CT2747C103, CT2747C104, CT2747C2, CT2747C205, CT3247, CT3573, CT3573C, CT3573C1, CT3573C101, CU0AV100, CUAV100, CVK300AV01, CVK300AV02, DC320/37, EUR7623XD0, FP240W, FP2772, FP2772A1, FP2772A101, FP2772A102, FP2772A103, FP2772A2, FP2772A204, FP2774B2, FP2774B204, FP2784A101, FP2784A102, FP2785, FP2785A1, FP2786, FP2786B, FP2786B101, FP2786B102, FP2787, FP2787B101, FP3272, FP3272A1, FP3272A101, FP3272A2, FP3272A203, FP3272A204, FP3284A101, FP3285, FP3285A, FP3285A101, FP3285A103, FP3286, FP3291, FP3291A, FP3291A1, FP3291A101, FP4640, FP4640W, FP4640W1, FP4640W101, FP4640W102, FP4640W104, FP4650, FP4650W, FP4650W104, FP4651, FP4651G1, FP4651G104, FP4670, FP4760, FP4760C1, FP4770, FP5240, FP5240W, FP5240W1, FP5240W101, FP5240W102, FP5240W104, FP5240W199, FP5250, FP5250W, FP5250W1, FP5250W101, FP5250W102, FP5250W104, FP5250W105, FP5251, FP5252, FP5252G104, FP5360, FP5360C101, FP5360C103, FP5360C105, FP5370, FP5370G, FW3555C1, FW5360, FW58P, G170GF, G175CDBA02, G176KDAA01, H146KDAA01, M144DBAA02, M146SBAA01, M174CCAA01, M174DAAA01, M174DCAA01, M175CCBA02, M175DABA02, M175DBBA02, M176SBAA01, M176SDAA01, MX2778, MX2778B, MX2778B1, MX2778B101, MX2788B, MX2789, MX2789B1, MX2789B101, MX2790, MX2790B, MX2790B101, MX2796, MX2796B1, MX2797, MX2797B, MX2797B1, MX3274B, MX3290, MX3290B, MX3290B1, MX3290B101, 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Customer Reviews:


    Have not been able to use it yet but I did get it very quickly !!! I have tv stored but as soon as we have it out of storage I'll b able to see if it works !!

    by Kina on November 16, 2017.
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