PHILIPS 928135705390 Projector Lamp

PHILIPS 928135705390 Projector Projector Lamp
PHILIPS 928135705390 Projector Projector Lamp
PHILIPS 928135705390 Projector Projector Lamp
Part Number: 928135705390

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The PHILIPS 928135705390 Projector Lamp is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The PHILIPS 928135705390 Projector Lamp carries a 6-Months warranty.

UHP 220-150W 1.0 E19 Philips Projection Bulb without cage assembly . Brand New High Quality Genuine Original Philips UHP Projector Bulb

Model: 928135705390
Part Number: 928135705390
Associated Number: 9281-357-05390
Catalogue No.: 81468
This projector lamp can be used with units : Projector

PHILIPS 928135705390 Projector Lamp is guaranteed to work with the following Projector models:

Originally supplied with Projector models: 151104300 Bulb, 5J.J1M02.001 Bulb, 9281 357 05390, Astrobeam X10 Bulb, BLFU180B Bulb, BLFU180C Bulb, BLFU220B Bulb, CP220 Bulb, CS.59J99.1B1 Bulb, CS.5JJ1B.1B1 Bulb, Domino D60 Bulb, DP7259 Bulb, EC.J2302.001 Bulb, EP1690 Bulb, EP7161 Bulb, EP7169 Bulb, EP7190 Bulb, EP7195 Bulb, EP7199 Bulb, Imagepro 8762 Bulb, M3 Bulb, Medical Projection Design F20 SX, Model 65 Bulb, Model 75 Bulb, MP770 Bulb, MP775 Bulb, P47841007 Bulb, PB2145 Bulb, PB2245 Bulb, PB2255 Bulb, PD113P Bulb, PD115 Bulb, PD123 Bulb, PD123D Bulb, PD123P Bulb, PD526D Bulb, PE2240 Bulb, PH110 Bulb, PH112 Bulb, PH113P bulb, PJ258D Bulb, PJ260D Bulb, Projection Design ACTION 2, Projection Design ACTION M20, Projection Design CINEO 20, Projection Design EVO2, Projection Design EVO2 SX, Projection Design EVO20 SX, Projection Design EVO22 SX, Projection Design F2, Projection Design F2 SX, Projection Design F20, Projection Design F20 SX, Projection Design F22, Projection Design F22 SX, Projection Design M20, PVIP 170220/1.0 E19, RLC025 Bulb, RS900 Bulb, RUPA007500 Bulb, SP.85F01G001 Bulb, TDPP75, TDPP9 Bulb, TDPPX10 Bulb, TDPPX10U Bulb, TDPT90AU Bulb, TDPT91AU Bulb, TDPTW90AU Bulb, TLPLW3A Bulb, U6132 Bulb, UHP 220150W 1.0 E19, VE2ST, W20000 Bulb, W5000 Bulb, XL300 Bulb, YF562 Bulb

Compatible with Projector models: 101280603 Bulb, 151103900 Bulb, 290200012011, 8000430, A10 Plus, A1100, A1200, A1300, A8 Plus, A9 Plus, Astrobeam S110, Astrobeam S120, Astrobeam S135, Astrobeam X110, AstroBeam X120 Bulb, Astrobeam X155, Astrobeam X20, Astrobeam X201, Astrobeam X210, Astrobeam X211, Astrobeam X220 Bulb, Astrobeam X230, Astrobeam X25, Astrobeam X250 Bulb, Astrobeam X311 Bulb, C1 Compact Bulb, C100, C105, C110, C130, C160 Ask, C170, C175, C180 Ask, C185, C2 Compact Bulb, C20, C20 Plus, C200, C250, C250W, C310, C315, C350, C40 Bulb, C410, C420, C440, C445, C445 Plus, C450, C460, C50, C6 Compact Bulb, C60, C7, C80, C85, C90, C95, CDG67DL Bulb, CDG80DL Bulb, CDR67DL Bulb, CDR80DL Bulb, Cine1000 Bulb, Cine5000 Bulb, CLM HD6 Bulb, CLM HD8, CLM R10, CLM W6 Bulb, DML 1200, DXL7030, EMP800, EMP810, FLM HD20, Graphic 6500, iD LR6, iD NR6, iD Pro R600, iD R600, iQ 300 Series, iQ 350 Series, iQ 400 Series, iQ 500 Series, iQ G300, iQ G350, iQ G350 Pro, iQ G400, iQ Pro G30, iQ Pro G400, iQ Pro G500, iQ Pro R350, iQ Pro R500, iQ R300, iQ R350, iQ R400, iQ R500, LN55B650A1FXZA, LNT4053, LNT4053HX/XAC, Show more models

LNT4053HX/XAC, LNT4661, M2, M2 Plus, M20, M22, M6, M82, MC.JH511.004, MDG50DL Bulb, Model 10 Bulb, Model 12 Bulb, Model 15 Bulb, Model 15 ET Bulb, Model 20, Model 20 ET, Model 30 Bulb, Model 30 ET Bulb, Model 40, Model 40 ET, Model 50 Bulb, Model 60, Model 70 Bulb, Model 80 Bulb, MP G15, NW 5, P1165 Bulb, P1165E, P1166 Bulb, P1173, P1265 Bulb, P1266 Bulb, P5 Bulb, P5260 Bulb, P5260i Bulb, P5270 Bulb, P5280 Bulb, P5281 Bulb, P5290 Bulb, P5370W Bulb, P5390W Bulb, P7 Bulb, P7200i Bulb, P7203 Bulb, P7270 Bulb, P7270i Bulb, P7280 Bulb, P7290 Bulb, P7500 Bulb, PD100D, PD100PD, PD100S, PD112, PD113, PD116, PD116P, PD116PD, PD120, PD120D, PD120P, PD120PD, PD125 Bulb, PD321 Bulb, PD322, PD521 Bulb, PD523, PD523PD, PD525, PD525D, PD525PW, PD527D, PD527W, PD528 Bulb, PD528W Bulb, PD721, PD723, PD725, PD726, PD726W, PD727, PH530, PJ1060, PJ10602, PJ1065, PJ10651, PJ10652, PJ1158, PJ1165, PJ1172, PJ1173, PJ1250, PJ255D Bulb, PJ256D, PJ260D, PJ358, PJ359W, PJ400, PJ4002, PJ402D, PJ402D2, PJ406D, PJ452, PJ456D, PJ458D, PJ500, PJ5001, PJ5002, PJ501, PJ5011, PJ502, PJ503D, PJ506, PJ506D, PJ506ED, PJ508D, PJ510, PJ513, PJ513D, PJ513DB, PJ520, PJ550, PJ5501, PJ5502, PJ551, PJ5511, PJ551D, PJ552, PJ556, PJ556D, PJ556ED, PJ557D, PJ558D, PJ559D, PJ560, PJ560D, PJ562, PJ568D, PJ588D, PJ650, PJ656, PJ656D, PJ658, PJ658D, PJ678, PJ750, PJ7502, PJ7503, PJ755D, PJ758, PJ759, PJ760, PJ766D Bulb, PJ853, PJ860, PJ8602, PJ862, PJ870, PJ880, PJ885, PJD5111, PJD5112, PJD5113, PJD5122, PJD5123, PJD5132, PJD5133, PJD5134, PJD5152, PJD5211, PJD5221, PJD5223, PJD5226, PJD5232L, PJD5233, PJD5234L, PJD5351, PJD5352, PJD5523, PJD5523W, PJD6210, PJD62103D, PJD6210WH, PJD6211, PJD6211P, PJD6213, PJD62203D, PJD6221, PJD6223, PJD6230, PJD6235, PJD6235/P, PJD6240, PJD6241, PJD6243, PJD6245, PJD6246, PJD6251, PJD6253, PJD6253W, PJD6345, PJD6353, PJD6353s, PJD6381, PJD6383, PJD6531W, PJD6544W, PJD6553, PJD6553W, PJD6683W, PJD7382, PJD7383, PJD7383i, PJD7583, PJD7583W, PJD7820HD, PJL3211, PJL6233, PJL6243, PJL7201, PJL7211, PJL9371, PRJRLC001, PRJRLC002, PRJRLC010 Bulb, PRJRLC011, PRJRLC015, Pro6200, Pro8100, Pro8300, Pro8400, Pro8450W, Pro8500, PT46DL10 Type Z Bulb, PT50DL14X, PT50DL14XSMS, PT61DL34X, PW730, R9832747, RBB009H, S1200 Bulb, S5201M, V700, VIPA000100, VIPA000125 Bulb, VIPA000215, Vision Model 30 Bulb, X110P, X1130, X1130P, X1130PS, X1160 Bulb, X1160P Bulb, X1160PZ Bulb, X1160Z Bulb, X1161N, X1161P, X1171, X1173, X1230, X1230K, X1230PK, X1230PS, X1230S, X1260 Bulb, X1261P, X1273, X1373W, XD1150, XD1150D, XD1150P Bulb, XD1160 Bulb, XD1160Z Bulb, XD1170D, XD1250, XD1250P, XD1270D, XD1280, XD1280D