PHILIPS 483521917656 TV Remote Control

PHILIPS 483521917656 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 483521917656

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RR2573 Philips Master/Setup remote control):

The Anderic RR2573 is a fully functional Master/Setup Remote Control for ALL Philips/Magnavox Commercial and Non-commercial (consumer) TVs.

Fully functional substitute for the following remotes:
RC2573GR (Green Master ITV remote)
RG4172BK (Older style black Master remote)
22AV8573/00 (Newer Yellow Hospitality remote)

Works the following types of TVs:
- Philips ITV
- Philips Commercial TVs
- Philips Professional TVs
- Philips Hospitality TVs
- All Older Magnavox Commercial TVs

No programming required.
Note: There is no sliding switch on the RR2573 because it is not needed; it's default codes are set to the "Setup" mode, no switching required. This remote is also already in the "RC5" Setup mode.

Model: RR2573 Philips Master/Setup
Part Number: RR2573
Catalogue No.: 78586

The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917656 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original PHILIPS 483521917656 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

This remote control works with popular Philips televisions.Please confirm that your model is compatible with this part by clicking on the link belowEvery remote control needs batteries, don't forget yours. To place an order for AAA batteries copy AAA4SAMSUNG to your clipboard, start a new search, and add to cart.Batteries Sold Separately

Model: 483521917656
Part Number: 483521917656
Catalogue No.: 55965
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2810 (click here for programming instructions)

PHILIPS 483521917656 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: 13PR12W, 19P200C121, 19PR14C121, 19PR14C122, 19PR14C222, 19PR14C225, 19PR14C227, 19PRC10121, 19PRC10124, 19PRC231, 19PRC23121, 19PS52C325, 19PSC5, 20B101, 20J160SB, 20J160SB02, 20J170SB02, 20K130, 20K161SB02, 20P60400AA, 20S151B102, 20S240C, 20S240C101, 20S242C402, 20S250C101, 20X242C401, 25C510, 25E50100AA, 25P101BB, 25TR12, 25TR12C101, 25TR12C102, 25TR12C121, 25TR12C221, 25TRC10101, 25TS52, 25TS52C1, 25TS52C202, 25TS52C203, 25TS52C205, 25TS52C303, 25TSC60101, 27B7007562, 27FP74B102, 27FP74B103, 27H324SB, 27H327, 27J231, 27J231SB02, 27K221, 27K221SB02, 27P340C, 27P500, 27P600C101, 27PS52, 27R5010088, 27R510, 27S200C401, 27S242C, 27S242C102, 27S300C101, 27TS52, 27TS73C101, 27TS73C102, 27TS73C103, 27TS73C104, 27TS73C105, 27TSC60101, 27TSC62101, 27TSC62102, 27TSC62107, 27X10500AA, 31H332SA01, 31K371SB01, 31P400C101, 31P400C202, 31P405A202, 32FP74B102, 41KP10SA02, 43928, 46NP41FS02, 52HP61SB, 52KP55SA02, 7P6031C102, AK01, AV1900, AV1924A101, AV2510, AV2724A101, AV2726, AV27268102, AZ9430GY01, C54535A205, C5831CPN01, CC2545, CC2546P102, CC2556PE02, CC2741P, CC2743A101, CC2760A101, Show more models

CC2760A101, CC2772, CC2774B103, CF4151WA02, CJ4712AK01, CL9996PR01, CLB378AR03, CLB387PR04, CLJ242AK01, CP4571, CP4580A101, CP4680, CP4680A101, CP4680A102, CP4764A602, CP5180A1, CR4520, CR4520A, CR4520A101, CR4520A102, CR4520A104, CR4521, CR4521P, CR4521P104, CS4535, CS4535A1, CS4535A101, CS4535A205, CS4536, CS4740, CS4740A, CS4740A104, CS4751, CX9512, CX9526P103, CX9716PE04, CXB168WRQ4, CXB178WR03, EM6019C121, EM6025C121, EMX962, FP2772A101, FP2772A102, FP2772A103, FP2774B101, FP2774B103, FP2790A101, FP3272A101, FP3272A102, FP3272A2, FP460W102, FP4610W, FP4610W101, FP4610W103, FP4610W104, FP4620, FP4620W, FP4630, FP4630W, FP4630W101, FP4630W102, FP4630W104, FP4630W105, FP5210, FP5210W101, FP5210W103, FP5210W104, FP5220, FP5220W, FP5220W103, FP5230, FP5230W, FP5230W101, FP5230W102, FP5230W104, FP5230W105, FS2750A, FS2750A101, FS2750A102, FS2752A101, FS2762A101, FS2762A102, FS2762A103, FS3262A103, FS3270B101, GNB17719A, HC9719, HC9919C, HD1541A, HD1905C, HD1906, HD1925, HD2515C101, HD2630, HD2632, HD2715, HD2715C202, HD2715C203, HD2716C101, HD2716C103, HD2730C101, HD2762C206, KJ92208102, MX9750, P0K151, P0K171SB, P0K221SB, P0K221SB01, P0K221SB02, P0K221SB03, P0K221SB04, P0K251SB, P0K261SB02, P0K371, P0S272, P2702RC105, P8137WP06, P8237AAK02, P8340BAK08, PA2627C101, PA5020, PA7020, PC7220C121, PCW027, PH4344CH03, PJ4250, PJ4488, PJ4558, PJ4816, PJ5542, PJ5542CH01, PJ6020, PJ6020AK01, PJ6050, PK4035, PK4260, PK4260CH, PK4485, PK4559, PK4816, PK4916, PK6070, PKH198CH01, PKH198CH02, PL6125, PL7120C, PL7125C, PL9125C221, PLF335PE, PN2046, PN2046P103, PN3046A104, PNF356, PNF610, PNH372, PNH372AK01, PNH613CH01, POK130RB01, POK271SB02, PPF592BK, PPH542, PR1312, PR1312C, PR1316, PR1350, PR1914, PR1914C, PR1914C121, PR1914C122, PR1914C123, PR1915C121, PR1916, PR1917, PR1917C, PR2046P101, PR2046P102, PR3046A, PR3046A101, PR3046A103, PR3052B101, PR3061A101, PR3446A, PR3446A101, PR3952B101, PR4052B101, PRA600WA01, PRA927, PRK712AK02, PS1952, PS1952C121, PS1952C122, PS1953, PS1960, PS1960B125, PS1962, PS1962C121, PS1965C, PS1968C, PS1980, PS1980B121, PS2086, PS2086B121, PTV300, PTV376AH01, PTV380A001, PTV385A001, PTV420AH01, PX3119C, PXH169, R3940CWA01, R4940AWA01, R5085B, R5852WPE02, RD4960, RDC296TE01, RDP424PE04, RE4956, RE495GF, RF4473WA04, RF4940AK01, RF4948PE01, RF4950, RG4332WA02, RG5950, RG5956, RG8501AK02, RH4250WA02, RH4251WA07, RH4550WA01, RH4558AK01, RH4560CH01, RH4816PE01, RH5550, RH5550AK03, RH5560, RH5560CH01, RH5570, RH5940AK, RH5956, RH5956PE01, RH7700AK01, RH8520AK07, RH8524AK06, RJ18540AK, RJ4044, RJ4049WA01, RJ4250WA, RJ4250WA02, RJ4320WA01, rj4340, RJ4340WA01, RJ4348, RJ4348CH02, RJ4484AK01, RJ4484CH, RJ4488, RJ5540, RJ5540AK01, RJ5550, RJ5562CH02, RJ5563, RJ8510AK03, RJ8530, RJ8535, RJ8540, RJ8545AK, RJ8550, RJ8550AK, RJ8555AS03, RK4345, RK4490, RK4490AK01, RK4490AK02, RK4490AK03, RK4916PE04, RK4960AK02, RK5520, RK5520C101, RK5530AK02, RK5541, RK5554AK02, RK5554AK03, RK5565CH02, RK5700CH02, RK6020, RK6026P303, RK6026PE01, RK6026PE02, RK6070AK04, RK6070AK05, RK6076PE02, RK6076PE03, RK7605A104, RK8510, RK8510AK02, RK8530, RK8530AK, RK8530AK03, RK8536AK01, RK8548AK02, RK8550AK, RK8550AK03, RK8560, RKE192SL02, RKH178WA03, RKJ178WA02, RKJ195CH02, RKK191, RKX185, RKX185BK01, RL8510AK03, RL8530AK, RL8537, RL8544AK, RL8544AK04, RL8570, RL8570AK03, RL8570AK09, RLC352AK02, RLD308WA04, RLE652PE01, RLE922AK01, RLE926AK02, RLJ320WA01, RLJ356PE0, RLJ926PE01, RLK330WA02, RLK360, RLK366PE02, RLK923AK01, RLS332AK01, RLS356PE02, RLS430AK02, RLX344HP, RLX346PE02, RLX916PE02, RLX916PE04, RM560, RM6070AK04, RM8341, RM8346, RM8346P, RM8346P101, RM8346P102, RM8346T101, RM8510A101, RM8510A103, RM8530A104, RM8536P, RM8540, RM8540A104, RM8550, RM8560, RM8560A103, RM8570A103, RNE602, RNF600WC02, RNF610CH02, RNF922PE05, RNH601WA01, RP1945W101, RP2576, RP2576C101, RP2577C101, RP2780, RP2786A, RP2786B102, RP2786B104, RPH540AK01, RPH713CH02, RPJ514AK01, RPJ598PE02, RPJ700, RPJ930AK01, RPJ940, RPJ940AK02, RPK556PE03, RPK591AK04, RPK712AK01, RPK712AK02, RPK712AK06, RPK937PE, RR1330W101, RR1337, RR1337W101, RR1338, RR1338C101, RR1345, RR1938W122, RR1940, RR1940W122, RR2040C123, RR2540, RR2540A1, RR2540A104, RR2740, RR274A102, RRH801AK01, RRJ801AK02, RS1360, RS1960, RS1960W, RS1960W101, RS1965, RS1970, RS1980, RS1980WA01, RS2045W122, RS2050, RS2085C103, RS2560A103, RS2560A104, RS2560A130, RS2566, RS2566B101, RS2570, RS2570A103, RS2735, RS2745, RS2745C, RS2745C102, RS2745C207, RS2755W, RS2755W206, RS2760A106, RS2760C, RS3160C102, RS3161, RS4252, RS4282WA01, RS4380, RS4385CH01, RS4390, RS4530AK01, RS4585, RS4950AK05, RS4956PE04, RS4960AK01, RS5539CH, RS5554AK03, RS5556CH01, RSJ410AK02, RSJ440AK02, RSJ450AK03, RSK435, RSK450AK04, RSL43046, RSL440AK04, RSM430A103, RSM450A102, RX1335WA04, RX4030, RX4030WA, RX4030WA01, RX4030WA02, RX4030WG02, RX4035, RX4260WA21, RX4325WA03, RX4331AK03, RX4856PE0, RX9019GY02, RXD168WA01, RXD168WA03, SPC2754101, SPC2764401, SRA453, SRB136, SRB196, SRC1351, SRC135101, SRP453, SRW1350101, SRW1950, SRW1950122, SRW2520101, SSA475, SSC206, SSC2636102, SSC3184XXX, SSP4758, SSW256, SSW2736101, T185BB, T52560, TC7227, TK4916, TP2525C201, TP2526C101, TP2526C102, TP2526C103, TP2554C, TP2574C1, TP2574C101, TP2774C101, TP3170, TP3170C101, TP3272C101, TR2510, TR2512, TR2512C, TR2512C101, TR2516, TR2710, TR2710C102, TS2542C102, TS2552C, TS2552C101, TS2552C104, TS2552C202, TS2552C205, TS2553, TS2554, TS2560, TS2560B101, TS2572C101, TS2572C105, TS2582C102, TS2582C103, TS2744C, TS2744C103, TS2744C106, TS2752C201, TS2752C202, TS2752C205, TS2753, TS2756C101, TS2760, TS2760C, TS2760C101, TS2760C102, TS2760C105, TS2760C203, TS2760C207, TS27660C102, TS2773, TS2773C101, TS2773C102, TS2773C104, TS2773C105, TS3262, TS3262C101, TS3262C102, TS3262C103, TS3262C104, TS3270, TS3270B, TS3270B101, TS3272C101, TS3562C, TS3654C102, X25TSC60, XD2632, XD2632C103, XH4552, XJ4488, XJ5552, XJ5552CH01, XK4032, XK4335, XK4353, XK4353CH01, XK4353CH02, XK4485, XK4485CH05, XK4559, XK4559CH01, XK4559CH02, XK5556CH03, XK5565, XK5565CH01, XK5565CH02, XK6070, XK7601, XK7602A101, XL8530, XMK872, XML992, XMX862, XN1915, XN2514C101, XN2515, XR1312C121, XR1905, XR1905C222, XR1914, XR1914C121, XR1942C4, XR1942C421, XR2500C, XR2500C1, XR2500C101, XR2510, XS1952, XS1961, XS2050, XS2550C101, XS2552, XS2552C101, XS2552C102, XS2552C123, XS2555, XS2560, XS2563, XS2746C101, XS2761C101, XS2765C106, XS2773, XS2773C101, XS2773C104, XS2773C105, XS2773C407, XS3272C103, XS5660

Compatible with TV models: 00G08RPBAB02, 1018, 13K110, 13P60500AA, 13PR12C, 13PR12C1, 13PR12C121, 13PR12C221, 13S250C101, 146733911, 169301711, 19L402, 19P200, 19P200C, 19P200C1, 19PR14, 19PR14C, 19PR14C1, 19PR14C123, 19PR14C127, 19PRC10199, 19PS52, 19PS52C, 19PS52C1, 19PS52C121, 19PS52C122, 19PS52C2, 19PS52C221, 19PS52C222, 19PS52C3, 20H101, 20J160, 20J170, 20K130RB, 20K130RB02, 20K151, 20K151SB03, 20R200, 20R200C4, 20S151, 20S152, 20S152C101, 20S152C102, 20S152C103, 20S152C104, 20S152C105, 20S152C106, 20S240, 20S242, 20S242C4, 20S250, 20X242, 20X242C4, 2527COLOR, 25S102, 25T103, 25T200C1, 25TR12C1, 25TR12C2, 25TS52C, 25TS52C101, 25TS52C102, 25TS52C12, 25TS52C2, 25TS52C3, 25TS52C321, 25TS52C4, 25TS52C408, 25TS72C101, 25TS73C101, 25TS73C105, 25TSC6, 25TSC60, 25TSC601, 25TSC62104, 25TSC62110, 27FP74, 27K221SB, 27K241B101, 27P340, 27P340C401, 27P340C602, 27P550B, 27PS52C1, 27PS52C2, 27S200, 27S222, 27S222C101, 27S222C102, 27S222C103, 27S222C104, 27S222C105, 27S222C106, 27S300, 27T500, 27T600, 27TS52C, 27TS52C1, 27TS52C101, 27TS52C103, Show more models

27TS52C103, 27TS52C121, 27TS52C202, 27TSC6, 27TSC60, 27TSC601, 27TSC62, 27TSC621, 27V504, 27X200, 27X340, 313922886464, 31CCA255, 31H332, 31H332SA, 31P400, 31P400C2, 31P405, 31P405A2, 31S420, 31S420C401, 31S420C402, 31X420, 31X420C401, 31X420C402, 32F400, 32T600, 32T600C1, 32XS50, 35P500, 35P500C1, 46HP51, 46HP51SA01, 46JP40, 46JP40SA, 46NP41, 46NP41FS01, 47TP60, 483521837206, 483521837254, 483521837288, 483521917336, 483521917394, 483521917481, 483521917503, 483521917531, 483521917544, 483521917559, 483521917589, 483521917602, 52JP50, 52MP50, 52MP50A1, 52MP50A101, 52MP50A102, 52NP51, 52NP51FS01, 52NP51FS02, 52NP52, 52NP52B1, 52NP52B101, 52NP52B102, 52NP54B1, 52RP51, 52RP52, 52RP52W1, 52RP52W102, 52RP52W103, 52TP52, 52TP52W101, 52TP54, 52TP54B1, 52TP54B101, 52UP52, 52UP54, 53TP60, 61NP61, 61NP61FS, 61NP61FS01, 61NP61FS02, 61NP61FS03, 61NP62, 61NP62B1, 61NP62B101, 61NP62B102, 61RP61, 61RP61F102, 61RP62, 61RP62W102, 9P5031C, 9P5031C1, 9P5031C101, 9P5031C102, 9P5031C103, 9P5034, 9P5034C, 9P5034C101, 9P5034C102, 9P5034C103, 9P5434C, 9P5511C101, 9P5531C, 9P5531C101, 9P5531C102, 9P5531C103, 9P5534, 9P5534C, 9P5534C101, 9P5534C102, 9P5534C103, 9P6031, 9P60310C102, 9P60316102, 9P6031C, 9P6031C101, 9P6031C102, 9P6031C103, 9P6034, 9P60344C101, 9P60349101, 9P60349102, 9P60349103, 9P6034C, 9P6034C101, 9P6034C102, 9P6034C103, 9T5034, AV1926, AV1926A101, AV1926A102, AV1926A198, AV1926A199, AV1977, AV1977A2, AV1977A201, AV1977A299, AV2500, AV2500B1, AV2500B101, AV2500B102, AV2500BK, AV2726B, AV2726B1, AV2726B101, AV2726B198, AV2726B199, AV2781S, AVHP74080DVD, AVHP7480, AVHP7480DVD, AVHP7480DVD/UC, AVHP7490, AVHP7490DVD, AVHP7490DVD/UC, AVMP8000R/UC, AVMP9000R/UC, AVXP7300DVD/UC, BK4345, C2964QWR03, C4100R, C4865QP, CC2134AT, CC2194AT, CC2254AT, CC2530, CC2530AK, CC2530AK04, CC2531, CC2531PE, CC2531PE01, CC2531PE02, CC2531PE04, CC2532, CC2532HP, CC2532HP02, CC2533, CC2533A101, CC2534, CC2534P101, CC2534P102, CC2534P104, CC2535, CC2535N101, CC2537, CC2537A4, CC2538, CC2538P4, CC2546, CC2546P101, CC2547, CC2547A101, CC254A1, CC254AT, CC2555, CC2556, CC2556PE01, CC2556PE04, CC2747, CC2750, CC2750A201, CC2750A202, CC2762, CC2762A2, CC2762A204, CC2775, CC2775AK01, CC2776, CC2776PE01, CC2791, CC7254AT, CCA191, CCA191AT31, CCA191AT32, CCA254AT, CCA255AT, CCA255AT31, CCA255AT32/TV, CCA255AT98, CCA255AT99, CCDFC620, CCDFX200E, CCDFX270E, CCDFX270EP, CCDFX300, CCDFX300PK, CCDFX302, CCDFX310, CCDFX311, CCDFX4, CCDFX400, CCDFX400E, CCDFX410, CCDFX411, CCDFX420, CCDFX425, CCDFX470, CCDFX500, CCDFX510, CCDFX511, CCDFX520, CCDFX525, CCDFX600, CCDFX620, CCDFX700, CCDFX700E, CCDFX710, CCDTR61, CCDTR65, CCDTR91, CCDX425, CCF254AT, CCZ134, CCZ134AT, CCZ134AT01, CCZ190AT31, CCZ190AT32, CCZ194AT, CCZ194AT31, CCZ194AT31/TV, CCZ194AT32, CCZ199AT, CCZ245AT, CCZ252AT32, CCZ254, CCZ254AT, CCZ254AT31, CCZ25AT, CCZZS4AT, CDXFM12375, CDXFM1237S, CF4535A1, CJ4130WA01, CJ4712, CLB387, CLB387P, CLB571, CP4170, CP4171, CP4570, CP4570A101, CP4570A103, CP4572A101, CP4580, CP4581, CP4610, CP4610W101, CP4610W198, CP4620, CP4620W101, CP4620W198, CP4670, CP4670AK06, CP4671, CP4690, CP4690A1, CP4690A101, CP4690A102, CP4695, CP4695A101, CP4760, CP4760A104, CP4762, CP4762A101, CP4763, CP4763P1, CP4770, CP4770A104, CP4771, CP4772, CP4778, CP4778A1, CP4778A104, CP4778A109, CP4779, CP4779A1, CP5200, CP5200A1, CP5200A101, CP5200A102, CP5210, CP5210W101, CP5220, CP5220W103, CP5220W198, CP5220W199, CP5235, CP5235A101, CR4510, CR4520A1, CR4520A105, CR4521P101, CR4522, CR4523, CR4523A, CR4523A4, CR4523A401, CR4524, CR4524P, CR4524P4, CR4524P401, CS4535A102, CS4536P1, CS4536P101, CS4741, CS4750, CS4750A101, CS4750A102, CS4750AK01, CS4752, CS4752A102, CS4753, CS4754, CS4756, CS4756PE01, CS5160, CS5160A, CS5160A1, CS5160A101, CS5160A102, CS5160A103, CS5161, CT1312, CT1911, CT1911W121, CT1922, CT1922C101, CT1922C121, CT1922C124, CT1922C125, CT1926, CT1926C121, CT2030, CT2030WA03, CT2031, CT2050, CT2051, CT2511, CT2511W104, CT2521, CT2525, CT2525C202, CT2550, CT2721, CT2725, CT2741, CT2746, CT2747C1, CT2770, CT2770WA01, CT3210, CT3210B101, CT3221, CT4102, CX9512A101, CX9514, CX9514N101, CX9514PN01, CX9516, CX9516P104, CX9522, CX9526, CX9526P101, CX9716, CXB1160, CXB2513, CXB9291, DC320/37, DEH59DH, DEH635, DEH636, DEH68, DEHP645R/EW, DEHP735, DEHP736, DEHP75DH, DEHP85DHR, DEXP78, DVR420HS, DVR520HS, DVR520HS/KU/CA, DVR520HS/KUXU/CA, DVR65HS, DVR65HS/KCXU, EEH635, EM5019, EM5019C121, EM5019C122, EMK972CH03, EML192C102, EMX762, EMX862, EMX862PE21, EUR643806, FP2772, FP2772A1, FP2772A2, FP2772A204, FP2774, FP2774B1, FP2774B102, FP2774B2, FP2774B204, FP3262, FP3262A101, FP3272, FP3272A, FP3272A1, FP3272A203, FP3272A204, FP3274, FP3291, FP4610, FP4611, FP4611W101, FP4620RW, FP4620W101, FP4620W103, FP4620W199, FP4622, FP4625, FP4625W1, FP4625W103, FP5220W101, FP5220W199, FP5222, FP5240W, FP5240W104, FP5360, FPS272A, FS2752, FS2752A1, FS2770B101, FS3270, FS4620, FW32MX37, FW390EL, G0BRPBAB02, G144AABA02, G144AABA03, G145DBCA03, GNB12700, GNB12802, GNB12902, GNB177, GNB17719, GNB17729, GNB17737, GNB17737A, GNB17752, H0319BAG02, H1232AAA01, HD1306, HD1308, HD1308CM03, HD1541, HD1905, HD1906C, HD1906C1, HD1906C121, HD1906C122, HD1906C2, HD1906C221, HD1906C222, HD1926, HD1926C401, HD1926C421, HD1926C422, HD1926C802, HD1926C822, HD1932, HD2025, HD2032, HD2038, HD2506, HD2506C4, HD2506C401, HD2506C8, HD2506C802, HD2515C, HD2516, HD2516C, HD2516C1, HD2516C101, HD2516C102, HD2516C123, HD2516C2, HD2516C221, HD2630W101, HD2631, HD2632W1, HD2632W101, HD2632W103, HD2650, HD2715C, HD2715C2, HD2715C201, HD2716, HD2716C1, HD2716C2, HD2716C3, HD2762, HD2762C1, HD2762C101, HD2762C102, HD2762C401, HD2763, HD2763C, HD2763C4, HD2763C802, ICFS75V, LC3000G, LR2020, LR2020C, LR2020C121, LR2030, LR2030C, LR2030C121, LS2940, M0100UD, M0627AAA01, M1232AAA01, M143CCAB02, M144ABBA02, M144DABA02, M144DABA03, M145DBBA02, M145DBCA03, M146SBAA01, M192BCAA01, M662, MAGPR1356B, MAGTP2782C, MAGTS3262C, MD2603, MD2603C, MD2603C3, MDRIF33, MK4260, MK4270, MK4331, MK4353, MK4482, 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PR1396X1, PR1396X121, PR1911, PR1911B, PR1911B1, PR1911B101, PR1911B102, PR1912, PR1912B, PR1912B1, PR1912B101, PR19140, PR1914C1, PR1914C127, PR1915C1, PR1916C, PR1916C1, PR1916C121, PR1916C122, PR1916C125, PR1916C127, PR2041, PR2041P101, PR2041P102, PR2046, PR2052, PR2052P101, PR3046, PR3046A102, PR3046A104, PR3052, PR3052A, PR3052A101, PR3061, PR3061A, PR3061A102, PR5052, PRO3046P, PRV9200, PS1952C, PS1952C1, PS1953C, PS1953C1, PS1953C121, PS1953C122, PS1962C, PS1964C, PS1980B, PS2086B1, PS4530, PS7206, PSC410, PTV380, PTV835, PXF169WA, R3342, R3342A, R3342B, R3342BWA01, R3342C, R3342CWA01, R3343, R3343C, R3940A, R3940AWA01, R3940B, R3940BWA01, R3940C, R3940CWA02, R4896, R4896PE03, R4896S, R4896SPE03, R4973D, R4980D, R5185C, R5186D, R52560A1, R5590D, R5843X, R5844X, R5845D, R5845X, R5846X, R5861AAK, R5861AAK01, R5861B, R5861BAK01, R5861C, R5861CPN01, R5862APC, R5862APC01, R5862APE, R5862APE01, R5862B, R5862BPE01, R5863B, R5863BHP01, R5873D, R5875D, R5883, R5883B, R5883BAK01, R5883BPE01, R5883W, R6980A, R7083B, R7083BAK, R7083BAK01, R7084D, R7086D, R7183D, R7185D, R7585C, R7585CAK02, RAK150, RAK156, RAX150, RAX156, RC19036002/01A, RC1903600201, RC4264WA02, RC7320, RC7320AS01, RD8518, RD8518AK01, RD8518AK02, RD8518AK04, RD8518AS04, RDH503, RF4246W, RF4246WA, RF4246WA01, RF4246WC, RF4246WC01, RF4246WC03, RF4530AK02, RG4044, RG4248, RG4248WA01, RG4250, RG4250WA01, RG4251, RG4251WA01, RG4254, RG4332, RG4474, RG4474AK03, RG4474WA01, RG4549, RG4550, RG4950, RG4951, RG4956, RG5940, RG5951, RG5951AK01, RG5960, RG9165, RH4049, RH4060, RH4250, RH4250WA01, RH4251, RH4321, RH4332, RH4340, RH4530, RH4540, RH4542, RH4550, RH4551, RH4560, RH4560CH03, RH4812, RH4816, RH4950, RH4952, RH4956, RH5550AK01, RH5569, RH5569AK01, RH5569AK02, RH5940, RH5948, RH6050, RH6050AK01, RH6050AK02, RH6056, RH6056PE01, RH6060, RH6060AK01, RH6066, RH6066PE01, RH7700, RH7700AK02, RH8524, RH8524AK01, RH8524AK02, RH8524AK03, RH8524AK04, RH8524AK05, RH8530, RH8530AK01, RH8530AK02, RH8530AK03, RH8530AK04, RH8530AK05, RH8530AK06, RH8530AK09, RH8530TK01, RH8530TK02, RH8530TK03, RH8535, RH8535AK01, RH8535AK02, RH8535AK03, RH8535AK04, RH8535AK05, RH8535AK06, RH8535AK07, RH9814, RH9816, RH9940, RH9946, RH9953, RJ4049, RJ4049WJ22, RJ4250, RJ4251, RJ4310, RJ4320, RJ4322, RJ4324, RJ4349, RJ4476, RJ4559, RJ4559AK01, RJ4559AK03, RJ4812, RJ4814, RJ4816, RJ4910, RJ4910AK01, RJ4914, RJ4916, RJ5550AK01, RJ5550AK02, RJ5562, RJ5562CH01, RJ5563CH01, RJ6050, RJ6050AK02, RJ6056, RJ6056PE01, RJ6056PE02, RJ6060, RJ6060AK01, RJ6060AK02, RJ7600, RJ7600AK01, RJ7600AK02, RJ7604, RJ7700, RJ8510, RJ8510AK01, RJ8530AK01, RJ8530AK03, RJ8535AK01, RJ8535AK03, RJ8540AK01, RJ8540AK03, RJ8545, RJ8545AK03, RJ8550AK03, RJ8555, RJ8555AK03, RJ8555AS01, RJ9910, RJ9914, RK4035, RK4325, RK4331, RK4335, RK4341, RK4341WA01, RK4351, RK4353, RK4476, RK4482, RK4482AK, RK4482AK01, RK4482AK02, RK4482AK03, RK4482BC, RK4485, RK4486, RK4486AK01, RK4486AK02, RK4812, RK4910, RK4916, RK4966, RK5520C102, RK5521, RK5530, RK5530AK01, RK5541AK02, RK5541CH01, RK5541CH02, RK5554, RK5554AK01, RK5556, RK5556CH01, RK5556CH02, RK5556CH03, RK6026, RK6061, RK6070, RK6070AK, RK6070AK01, RK6070AK02, RK6070AK03, RK6076, RK6076PE01, RK607OAK, RK7601, RK7605, RK8568AK02, RKF169, RKF178, RKF198, RKH178, RKH190, RKJ176, RKK175, RKK185, RKK191WA, RKK191WA01, RKK191WA02, RKK191WA03, RKK196, RKK196CH01, RKK196CH02, RKK196CH03, RKS230, RKS240, RKX175, RKX175WA01, RKX184, RKX184WA01, RKX184WA02, RKX185BK22, RL8510, RL8510AK05, RL8510AK06, RL8530, RL8530AK02, RL8530AK03, RL8530AK06, RL8537AC, RL8537AK01, RL8537AK02, RL8537AK03, RL8537AK04, RL8537AK07, RL8539, RL8540, RL8540AK, RL8540AK01, RL8540AK02, RL8540AK03, RL8540AK04, RL8540AK05, RL8544AK06, RL8550, RL8550AK02, RL8560, RL8560AK01, RL8560AK02, RL8560AK03, RL8560AK04, RL8570AK01, RL8570AK02, RL8570AK04, RL8570AK05, RL9112, RLC308, RLC326, RLC337, RLC352, RLC352AK01, RLC352AK03, RLC357, RLC359, RLC372, RLF308, RLF308CH, RLF308CH01, RLF308WA, RLF308WA01, RLF335, RLF335PC, RLF335PC01, RLF335PE, RLF335PE01, RLF335PE03, RLF351, RLF650, RLF650PC, RLF650PC01, RLF650PE, RLF650PE01, RLF650PE02, RLF652, RLF652PC, RLF652PC01, RLF652PE, RLF652PE01, RLF652PE02, RLF652PE03, RLH350, RLH351, RLH353, RLH910, RLJ310, RLJ352, RLJ356, RLJ922, RLJ926, RLK310, RLK321, RLK321WA01, RLK321WA03, RLK330, RLK360AK01, RLK360AK02, RLK366, RLK366PE, RLK366PE01, RLK923, RLK923AK03, RLK927, RLK927PE01, RLS332, RLS350, RLS350AK01, RLS356, RLS356PE01, RLS360, RLS360AK01, RLS364, RLS364HP01, RLS364HP02, RLS366, RLS366PE01, RLS366PE02, RLX310, RLX310WA03, RLX342, RLX342AK01, RLX342AK03, RLX342AK04, RLX344, RLX344HP01, RLX344HP02, RLX344HP04, RLX346, RLX346PE, RLX346PE01, RLX346PE03, RLX346PE05, RLX346PE06, RLX912, RLX916, RM8341P102, RM8341T102, RM8352, RM8352P101, RM8431P102, RM8446, RM8446A101, RMC690, RMT509, RMT706, RNF337, RNF338, RNF351, RNF352, RNF357, RNF372, RNF601, RNF601WA02, RNF610, RNF921, RNF922, RNF980, RNH352, RNH375, RNH375HP01, RNH378, RNH378PE01, RNH398PE01, RNH601, RNH613, RNH613CH01, RNH613CH03, RNH921, RNH926, RNH937, RNH938, RNH958, RNH980, RNH980AK01, RNH980AK02, RP1945, RP2090, RP2090C101, RP2090C102, RP2545, RP2545A1, RP2545A104, RP2546, RP2549, RP2549C4, RP2549C401, RP2574, RP2575, RP2575A101, RP2575A102, RP2575A103, RP2575A205, RP2576C1, RP2576C4, RP2576C401, RP2576C402, RP2577, RP2577C1, RP2590, RP2590A, RP2590A1, RP2590A101, RP2590A102, RP2590A103, RP2591, RP2591C, RP2739, RP2739C4, RP2739C401, RP2748, RP2748B101, RP2750, RP2780A, RP2780A101, RP2780A102, RP2780A104, RP2780A106, RP2781, RP2781C101, RP2783, RP2783C, RP2783C4, RP2783C402, RP2783C6, RP2783C602, RP2783C603, RP2786A102, RP2786A104, RP2789, RP2789B401, RP3192, RP3192C4, RP3192C402, RP3192C403, RPF590, RPF702, RPH542, RPH713, RPH713CH, RPH713CH01, RPH713CH03, RPJ540, RPJ546, RPJ590AK02, RPJ700WA01, RPJ710, RPJ946, RPK550, RPK550AK01, RPK550AK03, RPK556, RPK556PE, RPK556PE01, RPK708, RPK708CH01, RPK708CH03, RPK708CH05, RPK712, RPK712AK03, RPK933, RPK937, RPK971, RPK971AK02, RPS530, RPS530AK01, RPS530AK03, RPS536, RPS536PE01, RPS536PE02, RPS590, RPS599, RR1338C1, RR1338C4, RR1338C401, RR1342, RR1342C, RR1342C4, RR1342C401, RR1342C805, RR1345C1, RR1345C101, RR1350, RR1352, RR1352C4, RR1352C403, RR1352C8, RR1352C805, RR1938, RR1938C, RR1938W101, RR1938W121, RR1940W121, RR1943, RR1943C, RR1943C401, RR1943C421, RR1944, RR1944W1, RR1944W121, RR2040, RR2040C1, RR2040C102, RR2040C103, RR2040C121, RR2040C122, RR2530, RR2535, RR2535W8, RR2535W802, RR2540A101, RR2540A102, RR2540A105, RR2540AI, RR2541, RR2541A104, RR2541A4, RR2541A40, RR2541A401, RR2541A8, RR2541A802, RR2544, RR2544A1, RR2740A101, RR2740A102, RR2740A105, RR2740C, RR2741, RR2741A4, RR2741A402, RR2741A802, RR8510AR, RRH801, RRH801AK02, RRH801AK03, RRJ801, RRJ801AK01, RS1360C1, RS1360C101, RS1360C103, RS1365, RS1365C4, RS1365C404, RS1365C805, RS1960W121, RS1962, RS1962B, RS1962B401, RS1962B421, RS1962B802, RS1962B822, RS1965B2, RS1965B22, RS1965B222, RS1966, RS1966B4, RS1966B421, RS1970C101, RS2002, RS2041, RS2041AT, RS2041WA01, RS2045, RS2045W101, RS2045W121, RS2050W121, RS2051, RS2051C4, RS2051C401, RS2051C8, RS2051C802, RS2065, RS206504, RS2065C4, RS2065C8, RS2065C802, RS2080, RS2080C1, RS2080C121, RS2085, RS2085C101, RS2085C102, RS2085C104, RS2086, RS2555, RS2555A2, RS2555A205, RS2555A4, RS2555A402, RS2555A8, RS2555A807, RS2556, RS2556A4, RS2556A401, RS2556A602, RS2556A802, RS2560, RS2560A, RS2560A101, RS2560A102, RS2563, RS2564, RS2564C4, RS2564C401, RS2564C602, RS2564C802, RS2565, RS2565B, RS2565B4, RS2565B802, RS2566B4, RS2570A101, RS2580, RS2580AK01, RS2580AK03, RS2655, RS2655C1, RS2744, RS2744A, RS2744A4, RS2744A802, RS2745C1, RS2745C101, RS2745C103, RS2745C104, RS2745C2, RS2745C206, RS2745C208, RS2746, RS2755, RS2755W101, RS2755W102, RS2756, RS2756C, RS2756C4, RS2756C402, RS2756C802, RS2760, RS2760A1, RS2760A101, RS2760A102, RS2761, RS2761B4, RS2761B401, RS2761B802, RS3140, RS3140C1, RS3140C202, RS3161C1, RS4282, RS4360, RS4385, RS4480, RS4480CH04, RS4530, RS4530AK, 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RXX172, S123AAAA02, S1430ABA02, S1631BBA02, SLPD888, SLPDAA8, SP6033W, SPA275, SPA456, SPA476, SPA477, SPA4776206, SPA478, SPA518, SPC258, SPC25811, SPC259, SPC275, SPC2785102, SPN456, SPP476, SPP4766101, SPP4766102, SPP4766104, SPP47682, SPP478, SPP4786, SPP4786101, SPP4786102, SRC1950822, SRC202, SRC20214, SRC2021401, SRC2021802, SRW252, SRW2520, SRW273, SSA454, SSA45452, SSA4545205, SSA45457, SSA4547, SSA45474, SSA4547406, SSA4747205, SSA4747206, SSA4755, SSA4755101, SSA4755102, SSA4755103, SSA4755104, SSA47572, SSA4759, SSA47594, SSA4759407, SSA477, SSA517, SSA5175202, SSB206, SSB257, SSB25714, SSB2571401, SSB25718, SSB2571802, SSC20621, SSC2062101, SSC2062102, SSC2062103, SSC2062104, SSC2062105, SSC2062106, SSC2063, SSC20634, SSC2063407, SSC2063808, SSC263, SSC273, SSC27384, SSC2738401, SSC2738802, SSC275, SSC318, SSC3182403, SSC3182404, SSC3182XXX, SSC31841, SSC3184101, SSC3184102, SSC31842, SSC3184202, SSP454, SSP45462, SSP4546205, SSP45484, SSP4548406, SSP475, SSP4756, SSP4756101, SSP4756102, SSP4756103, SSP4756104, SSP47582, SSP476, SSP47604, SSP4760401, SSW273, Sub483521917706.483521917589, SWN523, SWR523, T225AGMA02, T225EGMA01, T225WGMA02, T251AGMA01, T251AGYA01, TJ5542, TK5556, TK5556CH01, TNQ1655, TOJ130, TOJ160, TP2525, TP2525C2, TP2526, TP2526C, TP2526C1, TP2526C2, TP2526C204, TP2526C205, TP2526CT204, TP2574, TP2574C, TP2575, TP2575C1, TP2575C101, TP2580, TP2580C1, TP2580C101, TP2590, TP2770, TP2774, TP2774C1, TP2779, TP2779C1, TP2779C101, TP2782C102, TP2790, TP3170C1, TP3267, TP3269, TP3269C, TP3269C1, TP3269C101, TP3269C102, TP3270, TP3290, TP3569, TP3569C, TP3569C101, TR2512C1, TR2512C102, TR2512C121, TR2516C1, TR2516C121, TR2712, TR2712C1, TR2712C101, TR2712C102, TR2712C2, TR2712C221, TS2542, TS2542C, TS2542C1, TS2542C101, TS2542C123, TS255, TS2552, TS2552C1, TS2552C126, TS2552C2, TS2552C203, TS2552C4, TS2552C408, TS2553C, TS2553C1, TS2553C101, TS2553C103, TS2553C121, TS2553C2, TS2553C204, TS2560B1, TS2560C, TS2560C1, TS2566C121, TS2570, TS2572C103, TS2572C2, TS2752, TS2752C, TS2752C1, TS2752C103, TS2752C104, TS2752C2, TS2752C3, TS2752C321, TS2752C4, TS2752CT05, TS2753C, TS2753C1, TS2753C103, TS2753C121, TS2753C2, TS2753C202, TS2756, TS2756C, TS2756C102, TS2756C103, TS2760C1, TS2760C2, TS3253, TS3253C, TS3253C1, TS3253C101, TS3262C, TS3262C1, TS3270B1, TS3270R101, TS3272, TS3272C1, TS3544, TS3553, TS3553C1, TS3553C101, UR14, UR15, VR3330, VR9130, VXX2932, XD1320, XD1925, XD1925C, XD2025, XD2038, XD2503, XD2762, XD2781, XK4245, XK4910, XK4960, XK5541, XK7602, XL8530AK05, XMK972, XMK972CH01, XMK972PE01, XMX962, XP2576C401, XP2576C402, XP2590, XP2591, XP2748, XP2780, XP3192, XR1312, XR1333, XR1338, XR1342, XR1345, XR1936, XR1938, XR1940, XR1941, XR2050, XR2080, XR2512, XR2541, XR2542, XR2741, XS1360, XS1950, XS1952C, XS1953, XS1953C121, XS1953C122, XS1970, XS2550, XS2552C1, XS2552C3, XS2552C321, XS2552C4, XS2565, XS2565B4, XS2568, XS2708, XS2744, XS2746, XS2746C1, XS2760, XS2761, XS2761C1, XS2773C102, XS2773C103, XS2773C4, XS3161, XS3161C1, XS3161C2, XS3182, XS3253, XS3253C1, XS3253C101, XS3270B1, XS3272, XS3675, XS4380, XS4530, XS4530CH01, Y0727BAB02, Y1232AAA01, Y123ABAA01, Y143CCAB02, Y192BCM01

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