Panasonic EUR50351 TV Remote Control

Panasonic EUR50351 TV Remote Control
Part Number: EUR50351
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Product Description:

Replacement: RCU8700MSL, TNQ1429

Model: EUR50351
Part Number: EUR50351
Catalogue No.: 11906
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

Panasonic EUR50351 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: CTF1952R, CTG1952R1, CTH1463R, CTJ1463R, CTL1355, CTL1355R, CTL1356R, CTL2052R, CTL2052R1, CTL2053R, CTL2053R1, CTL2520R, CTL2555R, CTL2570S, PC21T53R, PC26T52R

Compatible with TV models: CT1381VY, CT2045, CT2081VY, CT2580, CT2580VY, CT2580Y, CT2581VY, CT25SOY, CTH1942R, CTH1949R, CTH2049R, CTH2053, CTH2053R, CTH2063R, CTH2529, CTJ1350R, CTJ1351R, CTJ1352R, CTJ1355R, CTJ1359R, CTJ1941R, CTJ1942R, CTJ2042R, CTJ2042R1, CTJ2053R, CTJ2053R1, CTJ2062R, CTJ2062R1, CTJ2560R, CTJ2561R, CTJ2567R, CTJ2570R, CTJ2579R, CTJ2770R, CTK1350R, CTK1351R, CTK1352R, CTK1355R, CTK1942R, CTK2042R, CTK2050, CTK2050S, CTK2052, CTK2052R, CTK2052S, CTK2053, CTK2053R, CTK2053R/ADP16, CTK2053S, CTK2061S, CTK2063S, CTK2073S, CTK2580S, CTK2780ST, CTL1350R, CTL1350R1, CTL1351R, CTL1351R1, CTL1352R, CTL1352R1, CTL1353R1, CTL1360R, CTL1361R, CTL1552R, CTL1942R, CTL1942R1, CTL2042R, CTL2042R1, CTL2061S, CTL2571S, CTL2580S, CTL2580S1, M27, PC21S54R, PC28S67R, PC28S69R, SL2534DK, SL2536DD, SL2538DP, SL2539DP, SP2030DW, TL9839AP, TL9839BP, TL9839CP, TL9932AK, TL9932BW, TL9932CW, TL9940BK, TL9948BP, TL9951AK, TL9951BK, TL9951CK, TP1321DE, TP1321DW, TP1330DE, TP1330DH, TP1331DE, TP1331DH, TP1920DW, TP1920DW1, Show more models

TP1920DW1, TP2020DW, TP3697BH, TP3947AE, TP3947AH, TP3957BW, TP3967BE, TP3967BH, TP3967BT, TP3967BV, TP3967BW, TS9823BK, TS9823CK, TT5947AW, TT5947BW, TT5947CW, TT5948AW, TT5948BW, TT6236CW, TT6237, TT6237CE, TT6248BW, TT6248BW1, TT6267AW, TT6267BW, TT6267BW1, TT6277A, TT6288BE, TT9803AU, TT9804AU, TT9905AW, TT9909BE, TT9909CE, TU2513DK, TU2517DP, TU9810AU, TU9810BU, TU9810CU, TU9815AD, TU9818AP, TU9820AK, TU9820BK, TU9820CK, TU9821AK, TU9821BK, TU9821CK, TU9822AU, TU9823AK, TU9825BD, TU9828AC, TU9829AC, TU9829BP, TU9880BW, TU9940AK, TU9948AK, TU9951AK, TU9952AU, TU9980BW, WT5946BW