Panasonic DMWRS1 Remote Control

Panasonic DMWRS1 Remote Control
Part Number: VYC0913
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Product Description:

The Panasonic DMWRS1 remote control allows easy operation for your compatible Panasonic model. The Panasonic DMWRS1 is perfect if you lose the one that was included with your unit or if you're in need of an additional remote. The DMWRS1 controls all basic functions of the unit. Batteries Sold Separately.

Model: DMWRS1
Catalogue No.: 24791

Panasonic DMWRS1 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following models:

Originally supplied with models: Panasonic DMCFZ20K, Panasonic DMCFZ30K, Panasonic DMCLC1, Panasonic DMCLC1PP

Compatible with models: Panasonic DMCFX07A, Panasonic DMCFX07K, Panasonic DMCFX07R, Panasonic DMCFX07S, Panasonic DMCFX07T, Panasonic DMCFX10A, Panasonic DMCFX10P, Panasonic DMCFX10S, Panasonic DMCFX30A, Panasonic DMCFX30K, Panasonic DMCFX30S, Panasonic DMCFX30T, Panasonic DMCFX37A, Panasonic DMCFX37K, Panasonic DMCFX37S, Panasonic DMCFX37W, Panasonic DMCFX50K, Panasonic DMCFX50S, Panasonic DMCFZ50K, Panasonic DMCFZ50S, Panasonic DMCLS70S