MITSUBISHI RC5002 TV Remote Control

MITSUBISHI RC5002 TV Remote Control
Part Number: RC5002

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Product Description:

The original MITSUBISHI RC5002 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original MITSUBISHI RC5002 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

Model: RC-5002,
- A Generic Replacement for Mitsubishi TV and VCR Remote Controls.

- This remote will adjust the parental lock pressing the QV and 9 keys simultaneously.

Replaces All of the Following Remote Controls:
290P032010 290P032A1, 290P032020 290P032A2, 290P004010 290P004B1, 939P005030, 939P074010 939P074A1, 939P109010, 939P240010, 939P339060, 939P085010 939P085A1, 939P013010, 939P033070 939P03307, 939P054040 939P054A4, 939P398060, 939P398070 939P398A7, 939P109020, 939P153090, 939P196020 939P196A2, 939P111010 939P11101 MOST FEATURES, 936P005010, 939P005020, 939P033010, 939P153010 939P153A1, 939P196010 939P196A1, 939P074020, 939P003020, 939P054050, 939P003010, 939P018070, 939P054020 939P0540A2, 939P085020, 939P020010, 939P153030, 939P398010 939P398B1, 939P398050 939P398B5, 939P302040 939P302B4, 939P156050, 939P192020, 939P302010, 290P005060 290P005A60 NO CC, VCR-B, OR CABLE, 939P153040 939P153A4, 939P240040, 939P192010 939P192A1, 939P245010 939P245A1, 939P085050 939P085A5, 939P245030, 939P111020, 290P004040, 939P347070, 290P005040 290P005A4, 939P190010 939P190A1, 939P151020, 939P151030, 939P347050 939P347C50, 290P059010 290P059A1, 939P347010 939P347A10, 939P347030, 939P434010 939P434A1, 290P059020, 290P005050 290P005A5 NO AUTO TURN, 290P035010 290P035B10 MOST FEATURES, 290P025010, 290P005010, 939P254010 9369P254B10, 939P347010 939P347A10, 939P308010 939P308B10 All Necessary Features, No learning, Audio, VCR-B, and Specialty Features, 939P355010, 939P434010 939P434A1 All Necessary Features, No Learning, or VCR-B, 290P005040 290P005A4, 939P355050, 939P434030 939P434A3 NO LEARNING FUNCTIONS, 939P347050 939P347C50, 939P308040, 290P025030 290P025A3 NO VCR-B, OR LEARNING FUNCTIONS, 290P025020 290P025A20 No Learning Func, VCR-B, Cable, Quick Program, Indes +/=, 939P018040, 939P156030 939P15603 NO STEREO/SAP, 939P151010, 939P355090, 939P338010 939P338A1, 939P085030, 939P119010, 939P245050 939P245B5, 939P085040, 939P111070, 939P190030, 939P254050 939P254B5, 939P355070 939P355A7 NO LEARNING, All TV Adjustment Functions Available, 939P355060 ALL NECESSARY FUNCTIONS AVAILABLE, 939P054060, 939P088030 939P088B3, 939P254030, 939P355030 ALL NECESSARY TV ADJUSTMENT FUNCTIONS AVAIL, 939P013020, 939P018080, 939P441020, 939P020040, 939P033040 939P033B4, 290P059010 290P059A1, 939P317050, 939P309010, 939P308010 939P308A1 NO VCR-B, LEARNING FUNCTIONS, 939P355070 NO VCR-B, LEARNING FUNCTIONS, And Many More!!!

Model: RC5002
Part Number: RC5002
Catalogue No.: 1989
This remote control controls units : TV
Battery Required : 2 AAA

MITSUBISHI RC5002 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Compatible with TV models: 290P005A4, 44355, 50PGHS31, 911213E1, C52722R, CF27205, CK2552, CK2553, CK2553UC, CK2560R, CK2573R, CK2575R, CK2582, CK2583R, CK2584R, CK2585R, CK2587R, CK2588R, CK25B14, CK25B17, CK25B19, CK25E06, CK2600R, CK2606, CK2606R, CK2607, CK2607R, CK2630, CK2630R, CK2631, CK2631R, CK2689R, CK2690R, CK2691R, CK2693R, CK2694R, CK27304, CK27306, CK2730R, CK3101R, CK31302, CK3136R, CK31MX2, CK3501R, CK3502R, CK3513R, CK3513RS, CK3525R, CK3526, CK352612, CK3526K, CK3526R, CK3527, CK3527R, CK3530, CK3530R, CK3531R, CK3536R, CK35402, CK3551R, CK3551RS, CK3552R, CK3552RS, CK3553R, CK3553RS, CK3555R, CK3557R, CK35FX2, CK35MX2, CK35MX3, CS13101, CS13102, CS13201, CS1331, CS1345R, CS1346R, CS1347, CS1347R, CS1348R, CS1384R, CS1390, CS1392, CS1395, CS1396R, CS13RX1, CS13RX2, CS13SX1, CS1456R, CS1457R, CS1584R, CS1590, CS1592, CS1595, CS1596R, CS172, CS173, CS177, CS1790, CS1791, CS1798, Show more models

CS1798, CS1945R, CS1946R, CS196, CS1960R, CS197, CS1970, CS1971, CS1972R, CS1973R, CS1981, CS1982, CS1983R, CS1984R, CS199, CS1993, CS1994, CS1995, CS1996, CS1997, CS1997UC, CS2001R, CS2002R, CS2003R, CS2004, CS2005, CS2005R, CS2010, CS20101, CS20102, CS2010R, CS2013R, CS2014R, CS2015R, CS20201, CS20301, CS2045, CS2045R, CS2046R, CS2047, CS2047R, CS2054R, CS2056R, CS2060R, CS2062A, CS2062R, CS2062R/A, CS2063A, CS2063R, CS2063R/A, CS2063RA, CS2064A, CS2064R, CS2064R/A, CS2070, CS2070R, CS2085R, CS2087R, CS20EX1, CS20RX1, CS20RX2, CS20SX1, CS20SXI, CS2183R, CS2184R, CS2190, CS2192, CS2193, CS2193UC, CS2195, CS2571, CS2572R, CS2590, CS2592, CS2593, CS2594, CS2594UC, CS2610R, CS2610RC, CS2611, CS2611R, CS26201, CS26201/M, CS26201C, CS26201M, CS26301, CS2653R, CS2654R, CS2655R, CS2656, CS2656R, CS2657R, CS2658R, CS2667R, CS2669R, CS2670R, CS26EX1, CS2710, CS2710R, CS2710RA, CS2715R, CS2720, CS27200, CS27200A, CS27201, CS27201C, CS27205, CS2720R, CS2721, CS2721R, CS2722, CS2722R, CS2723R, CS2724R, CS2725R, CS27301, CS27303, CS27303K, CS27305, CS27401, CS27403, CS27701, CS2771R, CS27EX1, CS27MX1, CS27TX1, CS3104R, CS3104RA, CS3104RR, CS3114R, CS3115, CS3115R, CS3120, CS3120R, CS3121R, CS3125, CS3125R, CS3125SR, CS31301, CS3131R, CS3135R, CS31AX1, CS31FX1, CS31MX1, CS3503, CS3503R, CS3505, CS3505R, CS3506R, CS3515, CS3515R, CS3520, CS35201, CS35201A, CS35203, CS35203CA, CS35205A, CS3520R, CS3521R, CS3525, CS3525R, CS3526, CS3527, CS35301, CS3535R, CS35401, CS3540R, CS35601, CS35AX1, CS35FX1, CS35MX1, CS35X7, CS40FX1, DFR1500, HSU30, HSU32, HSU500, HSU52, HSU53, HSU56, HSU57, HSU62, HSU650, HSU67, HSU71, HSU82, MGACK3526R, MS4003R, prm1, SC2611R, U53, V55006R, V55007R, VR97258T01, VS1000RC, VS1000RF, VS12005R, VS360R, vs360ra, VS363R, VS363RS, VS4001, VS4001R, VS4003, VS4003R, VS4007R, VS400R, VS400RS, VS401R, VS402R, VS402RS, VS403R, VS407R, VS407RS, VS408R, VS408RS, VS40VA2, VS410R, VS410RS, VS411RS, VS414RS, VS420R, VS420RS, VS422RS, VS4501, VS4501R, VS4502, VS4502R, VS4503, VS4503R, VS4504, VS4504R, VS4506, VS4506R, VS4507, VS4507R, VS4517S, VS452R, VS452RS, VS453R, VS453RS, VS455R, VS455RS, VS4561, VS4562, VS457R, VS457RS, VS4591R, VS45VA1, VS45VA2, VS460R, VS460RS, VS461R, VS461RS, VS462R, VS463R, VS463RS, VS466R, VS466RS, VS467R, VS467RS, VS468RS, VS470RS, VS471RS, VS472R, VS472RS, VS475R, VS475RS, VS5001, VS5001R, VS5002, VS5002R, VS5003, VS5003R, VS5004, VS5004R, VS5005R, VS5006, VS5006R, VS5007, VS5007R, VS500U, VS5010, VS5010R, VS5016R, VS5017S, VS5020, VS5020R, VS5021R, VS503, VS505U, VS5061, VS5062, VS508R, VS50SE1J, VS50VA1, VS50VA2, VS50VA2A, VS50VF1, VS50VF2, VS50VX1, VS50VX2, VS50VX3, VS510U, VS510UD, VS515U, VS520U, VS520UD, VS520UDS, VS521UD, VS524RS, VS525RS, VS526RS, VS581R, vs582r, VS582RS, VS583R, VS585R, VS585RS, VS586R, VS586RS, VS6002, VS6002R, VS6004R, VS6015, VS6015R, VS6017R, VS6020R, VS6021R, VS6026R, VS6061, VS60VA2, VS60VF1, VS60VF2, VS60VX2, VS60VX3, VS640, VS645, VS646, VS646R, VS683R, VS685R, VS685RS, VS7001, VS7001R, VS7002R, VS7004R, VS700U, VS7017R, VS707U, VS70VF2