Magnavox XS2565B4 TV Remote Control

Magnavox XS2565B4 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 483521917472

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Product Description:

Details for substitute (ANDERIC RR2573 for Philips Master/Setup remote control):

The Anderic RR2573 is a fully functional Master/Setup Remote Control for ALL Philips/Magnavox Commercial and Non-commercial (consumer) TVs.

Fully functional substitute for the following remotes:
RC2573GR (Green Master ITV remote)
RG4172BK (Older style black Master remote)
22AV8573/00 (Newer Yellow Hospitality remote)

Works the following types of TVs:
- Philips ITV
- Philips Commercial TVs
- Philips Professional TVs
- Philips Hospitality TVs
- All Older Magnavox Commercial TVs

No programming required.
Note: There is no sliding switch on the RR2573 because it is not needed; it's default codes are set to the "Setup" mode, no switching required. This remote is also already in the "RC5" Setup mode.

Model: RR2573 for Philips Master/Setup
Part Number: RR2573
Catalogue No.: 78586

The replacement for original Magnavox XS2565B4 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The replacement for original Magnavox XS2565B4 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

T213AGMA02, 93233M4P4

Same As: 483521917531


Model: XS2565B4
Catalogue No.: 6413
Battery Required : 2 AA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2810 (click here for programming instructions)

Magnavox XS2565B4 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: PHILIPS 19PRC10199, PHILIPS 19PRC23121, PHILIPS CR4523, PHILIPS CR4523A, Magnavox CR4523A4, PHILIPS CR4523A401, PHILIPS CR4524, Magnavox CR4524P, PHILIPS CR4524P4, Magnavox CR4524P401, PHILIPS HD1905, PHILIPS HD1926, Magnavox HD1926C401, Magnavox HD1926C421, Magnavox HD1926C422, PHILIPS HD1926C802, PHILIPS HD1926C822, PHILIPS HD2506, Magnavox HD2506C4, PHILIPS HD2506C401, Magnavox HD2506C8, PHILIPS HD2515C, PHILIPS HD2763, Magnavox HD2763C, Magnavox HD2763C4, PHILIPS HD2763C802, PHILIPS MD2603, Magnavox MD2603C, Magnavox MD2603C3, Magnavox MS2010, Magnavox MS2010C3, Magnavox MS2010C321, Magnavox MS2126, Magnavox MS2126C3, Magnavox PR2041, PHILIPS PR2041P101, Magnavox PR2041P102, PHILIPS PR2046, PHILIPS PR2046P101, PHILIPS PR2052, PHILIPS PR2052P101, PHILIPS RR1338, Magnavox RR1338C4, Magnavox RR1338C401, PHILIPS RR1342, Magnavox RR1342C, Magnavox RR1342C4, Magnavox RR1342C401, PHILIPS RR1342C805, Magnavox RR1350, PHILIPS RR1352, Magnavox RR1352C4, Magnavox RR1352C403, Magnavox RR1352C8, PHILIPS RR1352C805, PHILIPS RR1943, Magnavox RR1943C, Magnavox RR1943C401, Magnavox RR1943C421, PHILIPS RR2530, PHILIPS RR2535, Magnavox RR2535W8, PHILIPS RR2535W802, PHILIPS RR2541, PHILIPS RR2541A104, Magnavox RR2541A4, PHILIPS RR2541A40, PHILIPS RR2541A401, Magnavox RR2541A8, PHILIPS RR2741, PHILIPS RR2741A4, PHILIPS RR2741A802, PHILIPS RS1365, Magnavox RS1365C4, Magnavox RS1365C404, PHILIPS RS1365C805, PHILIPS RS1962, PHILIPS RS1962B, PHILIPS RS1962B802, PHILIPS RS1962B822, PHILIPS RS1966, Magnavox RS1966B4, PHILIPS RS2051, Magnavox RS2051C4, PHILIPS RS2051C401, Magnavox RS2051C8, PHILIPS RS2051C802, Magnavox RS206504, Magnavox RS2065C4, Magnavox RS2065C8, PHILIPS RS2065C802, PHILIPS RS2555, Magnavox RS2555A2, Magnavox RS2555A205, Magnavox RS2555A4, Magnavox RS2555A402, Magnavox RS2555A8, PHILIPS RS2555A807, PHILIPS RS2556, Magnavox RS2556A4, Show more models

Compatible with TV models: Magnavox CR4510, PHILIPS CR4520, Philips-Magnavox CR4520A1, PHILIPS CR4520A101, Philips-Magnavox CR4520A105, PHILIPS CR4521, Philips-Magnavox CR4521P101, PHILIPS CR4521P104, Philips-Magnavox CR4522, PHILIPS CX9512, Philips-Magnavox CX9512A101, Philips-Magnavox CX9514, Philips-Magnavox CX9514N101, Philips-Magnavox CX9514PN01, Philips-Magnavox CX9522, Philips-Magnavox CX9526, Philips-Magnavox CX9526P101, PHILIPS CX9526P103, Philips-Magnavox HD1541, PHILIPS HD1925, Philips-Magnavox HD2025, PHILIPS HD2032, Philips-Magnavox HD2038, Philips-Magnavox HD2762, Philips-Magnavox HD2762C1, Philips-Magnavox HD2762C101, Philips-Magnavox HD2762C102, Philips-Magnavox HD2762C401, Magnavox P2540R, Magnavox P2540RPE, Magnavox P2540RPE01, Magnavox P2570S, Philips-Magnavox PN2041, PHILIPS PN2046, Philips-Magnavox PN2052, PHILIPS PN3052, PHILIPS RM8341, Philips-Magnavox RM8341P102, Philips-Magnavox RM8341T102, PHILIPS RM8346, Philips-Magnavox RM8352, Philips-Magnavox RM8352P101, Philips-Magnavox RM8431P102, Philips-Magnavox RR1338C1, PHILIPS RR1338C101, PHILIPS RR1345, Philips-Magnavox RR1345C1, Philips-Magnavox RR1345C101, Philips-Magnavox RR1938, Philips-Magnavox RR1938C, Philips-Magnavox RR1938W101, Philips-Magnavox RR1938W121, PHILIPS RR1938W122, PHILIPS RR1940, Philips-Magnavox RR1940W121, PHILIPS RR1940W122, PHILIPS RR2540, PHILIPS RR2540A1, Philips-Magnavox RR2540A101, Philips-Magnavox RR2540A102, PHILIPS RR2540A104, Philips-Magnavox RR2540A105, Philips-Magnavox RR2540AI, Philips-Magnavox RR2740A101, Philips-Magnavox RR2740A102, Philips-Magnavox RR2740A105, Philips-Magnavox RR2740C, PHILIPS RS1360, Philips-Magnavox RS1360C1, Philips-Magnavox RS1360C101, Philips-Magnavox RS1360C103, PHILIPS RS1960, PHILIPS RS1960W, Philips-Magnavox RS1960W121, PHILIPS RS1965, Philips-Magnavox RS1965B2, Philips-Magnavox RS1965B222, Philips-Magnavox RS2045, Philips-Magnavox RS2045W101, Philips-Magnavox RS2045W121, PHILIPS RS2050, Philips-Magnavox RS2050W121, Philips-Magnavox RS2560, Philips-Magnavox RS2560A, Philips-Magnavox RS2560A101, Philips-Magnavox RS2560A102, PHILIPS RS2560A104, Philips-Magnavox RS2563, PHILIPS RS2566, Philips-Magnavox RS2566B4, Philips-Magnavox RS2655, Philips-Magnavox RS2655C1, PHILIPS RS2745, PHILIPS RS2745C, Philips-Magnavox RS2745C1, Philips-Magnavox RS2745C101, PHILIPS RS2745C102, Philips-Magnavox RS2745C103, Philips-Magnavox RS2745C104, Philips-Magnavox RS2745C2, Show more models