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Magnavox T225AGMA02 TV Remote Control

Magnavox T225AGMA02 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 483521917582
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Product Description:

RT17534, T225AGMA02, T225AGMA02, 19PR14C122, CLT966, 483521917656

Model: T225AGMA02
Catalogue No.: 523
Battery Required : 2 AA

Magnavox T225AGMA02 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: Magnavox 13PR12C1, PHILIPS 13PR12C121, PHILIPS 13PR12C221, PHILIPS 13PR12W, Philips-Magnavox 19PR14, Philips-Magnavox 19PR14C, Magnavox 19PR14C1, PHILIPS 19PR14C121, PHILIPS 19PR14C122, Magnavox 19PR14C123, Magnavox 19PR14C127, Philips-Magnavox 19PS52, Magnavox 19PS52C, Magnavox 19PS52C1, Magnavox 19PS52C121, Magnavox 19PS52C122, PHILIPS 25TR12, Magnavox 25TR12C1, PHILIPS 25TR12C101, PHILIPS 25TR12C102, PHILIPS 25TR12C121, PHILIPS 25TS52, Magnavox 25TS52C, Magnavox 25TS52C101, Magnavox 25TS52C102, Magnavox 25TS52C12, Magnavox 25TS52C2, PHILIPS 25TS52C202, PHILIPS 25TS52C203, PHILIPS 25TS52C205, Magnavox 27P550B, PHILIPS EM5019, PHILIPS EM5019C121, PHILIPS EM5019C122, Magnavox FS2752, Magnavox FS2752A1, PHILIPS FS2752A101, Magnavox HD1306, Magnavox HD1308, Magnavox HD1308CM03, PHILIPS HD1906, Magnavox HD1906C1, Magnavox HD1906C121, Magnavox HD1906C122, PHILIPS HD2516, Magnavox HD2516C, PHILIPS HD2516C1, PHILIPS HD2516C101, PHILIPS HD2516C102, PHILIPS HD2516C123, PHILIPS HD2516C221, PHILIPS HD2716, Magnavox HD2716C1, PHILIPS HD2716C101, PHILIPS HD2716C103, PHILIPS PR1312, PHILIPS PR1312C, Magnavox PR1312C1, Magnavox PR1312C121, PHILIPS PR1914, Magnavox PR19140, PHILIPS PR1914C, Magnavox PR1914C1, PHILIPS PR1914C121, PHILIPS PR1914C122, PHILIPS PR1914C123, Magnavox PR1914C127, PHILIPS PR1916C, PHILIPS PS1952, Magnavox PS1952C, Magnavox PS1952C1, PHILIPS PS1952C121, PHILIPS PS1952C122, Magnavox T225AGMA02, PHILIPS TR2512, Magnavox TR2512C1, PHILIPS TR2512C101, Magnavox TR2512C121, PHILIPS TR2516C1, PHILIPS TR2712, Magnavox TR2712C1, Magnavox TR2712C101, Magnavox TR2712C102, Magnavox TR2712C2, PHILIPS TR2712C221, Magnavox TS2542, Magnavox TS2542C, Magnavox TS2542C1, Magnavox TS2542C101, PHILIPS TS2542C102, Magnavox TS2542C123, Magnavox TS2552, Magnavox TS2552C1, Magnavox TS2552C126, Magnavox TS2552C2, PHILIPS TS2552C202, Magnavox TS2552C203, Magnavox TS2752, Magnavox TS2752C, Magnavox TS2752C1, Show more models

Compatible with TV models: PHILIPS CP4778, Magnavox HD2650, Magnavox RP1945, PHILIPS RP1945W101, PHILIPS RP2545, PHILIPS RP2545A1, Magnavox RP2545A104, Magnavox RP2546, Magnavox RP2574, Magnavox RP2575, Magnavox RP2575A102, Magnavox RP2575A103, Magnavox RP2575A205, Magnavox RS2080

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    I use the remote for my TV. Works good

    by Anonymous on July 12, 2013.
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