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Magnavox RC1112501/17 TV Remote Control

Magnavox RC1112501/17 TV Remote Control
Part Number: 313922887012
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Product Description:

MODEL: RC1112501/17, RC1112501/17

PN: 313922883591, 313922887012

ASSOCIATED #'S: 313922887011, MS2730C, RC1112501/17C, BLACK, MT250LC, 313922888101, MS27306, MS2730L, 483521917407

Model: RC1112501/17
Catalogue No.: 4675
Battery Required : 2 AA

Magnavox RC1112501/17 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: Magnavox MS2530C1, Magnavox MS2530C121, Magnavox MS2530C199, Magnavox MS2530C3, Magnavox MS2530C321, Magnavox MS2530C399, Magnavox MS2730C, Magnavox MS2730C1, Magnavox MS2730C121, Magnavox MS2730C199, Magnavox MT2501, Magnavox MT2501C, Magnavox MT2501C101, Magnavox MT2501C121, Magnavox MT2501C125, Magnavox MT2501C199, Magnavox MT250LC, Magnavox PR1306, Magnavox PR1306C, Magnavox PR1306C1, Philips-Magnavox PR1306C121, Magnavox PR1906, Philips-Magnavox PR1906C, Philips-Magnavox PR1906C121, Philips-Magnavox PR1906C122, Philips-Magnavox PR1906C125, Magnavox RC111250104

Compatible with TV models: Philips-Magnavox 13MT1435, Philips-Magnavox 13MT143S, Philips-Magnavox 13MT1532, Philips-Magnavox 13MT1533, Philips-Magnavox 13MT153S, Philips-Magnavox 13PR20, Philips-Magnavox 13PR20C121, Philips-Magnavox 19PR20C1, Philips-Magnavox 19PR21, Philips-Magnavox 19PR21C, Philips-Magnavox 19PR21C1, Philips-Magnavox 19PR21C121, Philips-Magnavox 19PR21C122, Philips-Magnavox 19PR21C125, Philips-Magnavox 19PR21C222, Philips-Magnavox 19PS57, Philips-Magnavox 19PS57C, Philips-Magnavox 19PS57C121, Philips-Magnavox 19PS57C125, Philips-Magnavox 20MS233S, Philips-Magnavox 20MS334R, Philips-Magnavox 20MS33R, Philips-Magnavox 20MS343R, Philips-Magnavox 20MT133, Philips-Magnavox 20MT1335, Philips-Magnavox 20MT1335S, Philips-Magnavox 20MT1337, Philips-Magnavox 20MT1338, Philips-Magnavox 20MT133S, Philips-Magnavox 20MTB35, Philips-Magnavox 20MTS133, Philips-Magnavox 25Feb, Philips-Magnavox 313922883603, Philips-Magnavox 313923803401, Philips-Magnavox 313923804701, SANYO DS19580, Magnavox MS2530, Philips-Magnavox MS2530C, Philips-Magnavox PR1320, Philips-Magnavox PR1320C, Philips-Magnavox PR1320C121, Philips-Magnavox PR1906C1, Philips-Magnavox PR1921, Philips-Magnavox PR1921C, Philips-Magnavox PR1921C1, Philips-Magnavox PR1921C121, Philips-Magnavox PR1921C125, Philips-Magnavox PS1947, Philips-Magnavox PS1947C, Philips-Magnavox PS1947C1, Philips-Magnavox PS1947C121, Philips-Magnavox PS1947C125, Magnavox RC1112501/17, Philips-Magnavox RC1112901/04, Philips-Magnavox RC111290104

Customer Reviews:


    This is a remote control for an older T.V. When it broke I was afraid I wouldn't be able to replace it. When I ordered it, it was stated that it was a reconditioned remote & was missing the battery cover. Man, when it arrived it looked brand new & had the cover plate! I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

    by Anonymous on June 01, 2015.
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