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LG AKB75055701 TV Remote Control

LG AKB75055701 TV Remote Control
Part Number: AKB75055701

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Product Description:

The original LG AKB75055701 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original LG AKB75055701 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.


Model: AKB75055701
Catalogue No.: 92065
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Dimensions: 2.00 x 6.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

LG AKB75055701 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Originally supplied with TV models: LG 32LF5850, LG 32LF585B, LG 32LF585B-DE, LG 32LF585B-SE, LG 32LF585D, LG 32LF585D-DE, LG 42LF5850, LG 42LF5850-DE, LG 42LF5850-SE, LG 42LF585T, LG 42LF585T-DE, LG 55LF5850, LG 55LF5850-SE, LG 60LB5800, LG 60LF5850, LG 60LF5850-SE

Compatible with TV models: LG 22LN4500, LG 22LN4510, LG 24LF4820, LG 24LF4820173BU, LG 24LH4830, LG 24LN4510, LG 26LN4500, LG 26LN4500UA, LG 28LN4500, LG 29LN4510, LG 32LF595B, LG 32LH550B-UA, LG 32LH570B-UC, LG 32LH573B-UA, LG 42LA6200, LG 43LF5900, LG 43LH5500-UA, LG 43LH5700UD, LG 43LH570A-UE, LG 43UF6400UA, LG 43UF6430-UB, LG 43UF6800, LG 43UF6800-UA, LG 43UF6900, LG 43UF6900-UC, LG 43UF7300, LG 43UF7300-UT, LG 43UH6030, LG 43UH6030-UB, LG 43UH6030-UD, LG 43UH6100, LG 43UH6100UH, LG 43UH610A, LG 43UH610A-UJ, LG 43UH630-UD, LG 43UH6500, LG 43UH6500-UB, LG 43UH7500, LG 43UH7500-UA, LG 47LA6200, LG 49LH5700UD, LG 49LH570A-UE, LG 49UF6400, LG 49UF6400UA, LG 49UF6430, LG 49UF6430UB, LG 49UF6490, LG 49UF6490-UB, LG 49UF6800, LG 49UF6800-UA, LG 49UF6900, LG 49UF6900-UC, LG 49UF7300, LG 49UF7300-UT, LG 49UH6030, LG 49UH6030-UB, LG 49UH6030-UD, LG 49UH6090, LG 49UH6090-UJ, LG 49UH6100, LG 49UH6100UH, LG 49UH610A, LG 49UH610A-UJ, LG 49UH6500, LG 49UH6500UB, LG 49UH7500, LG 49UH7500-UA, LG 49UH7700, LG 49UH7700-UB, LG 50LA6200, LG 50LH5730-UA, LG 50UH5500, LG 50UH5500-UA, LG 50UH5530, LG 50UH6300, LG 50UH6300-UA, LG 55EA8800, LG 55EA9700, LG 55EA9800, LG 55EA9850, LG 55LA6200, LG 55LA7100, LG 55LA9650, LG 55LA9700, LG 55LH5750UB, LG 55LH575A-UE, LG 55UF6430, LG 55UF6430UB, LG 55UF6450, LG 55UF6450-UA, LG 55UF6790, LG 55UF6790-UB, LG 55UF6800, LG 55UF6800-UA, LG 55UF7300, LG 55UF7300-UT, LG 55UH6030, LG 55UH6030-UC, LG 55UH6090, LG 55UH6090-UF, Show more models

Customer Reviews:


    Excellent quality and accurate model. Very satisfied as it works flawlessly.

    by Zack on May 26, 2020.
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    Exactly what I asked, thank you. It arrived in two days after I purchased the remote control without paying extra money. Dan's Electronics is a very reliable company to make business with.

    by Nancy on May 08, 2020.
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    It works

    by David on April 03, 2019.
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