Harbor-Breeze A25-TX012 Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Part Number: HBR001
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Product Description:

Harbor Breeze remote control for Ceiling Fans
FCCID: A25-TX012

Frequency: 315 MHz

Model: A25-TX012
Part Number: HBR001
Catalogue No.: 90963
This remote control controls units : Ceiling Fan
Battery Required : A23 12V

Harbor-Breeze A25-TX012 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Ceiling Fan models:

Originally supplied with Ceiling Fan models: 00873 Mazon Ceiling Fan, 00874 Mazon Ceiling Fan, 00875 Mazon Ceiling Fan, 0184428 Kingsbury Ceiling Fan, 0451821 Portes Ceiling Fan, 0464465 Portes Ceiling Fan, 0464466 Santa Ana Ceiling Fan, 0464467 Mazon Ceiling Fan, 0464468 Mazon Ceiling Fan, 0464469 Mazon Ceiling Fan, 0464470 Wakefield Ceiling Fan, 40105 Wakefield Ceiling Fan, 40190 Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan, 40190 Kingsbury Ceiling Fan, 40190A Harbor Breeze Kingsbury Ceiling Fan, 44MZ Mazon Ceiling Fan, 60STG 00885 00886 Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan, Harbor Breeze Kingsbury 70in Ceiling Fan, Harbor Breeze Platinum Kingsbury 70in Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan, LP8293LAZ Portes Ceiling Fan, LP8293LBN Portes Ceiling Fan, LP8294LBN Santa Ana Ceiling Fan

Product documentation available for free download:

Harbor Breeze Saratoga Ceiling Fan Operating Guide