BenQ 1051A-5986 Projector Remote Control

BenQ 1051A-5986 Projector Remote Control
Part Number: 1051A5986

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The original BenQ 1051A-5986 Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original BenQ 1051A-5986 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty.

BenQ 1051A-5986 5J.JAD06.001 Remote Control Compatible with BenQ Projectors: MW824ST MX823ST MW855UST MW727 MW726 MW632ST MX763 MX764 LX60ST LW61ST MW714ST MX762ST MW80UST MP623 MP624 MH680 MS517 MH630 TH682ST MS513 MS521P MS504 MS614 MS517 MS517F MS521 MP623 MP624 MH680 MH630 TH682ST MX620ST MX505 MX522P MX660 MX615 MX613ST MX518 MX520 MX618ST MX662 MX661 MX504 MX505 MX522 MS500 MS500+ MS510 MS513P MS513P-V MS614 W1080ST W1070 W1070+ MW663 MW516 MW821ST MS513 MX514 MX518F MX518F MX662 EX7775ST EP7635 MX666 EP7330UST EP7232 BW7635 ML8498 W1400 W1500 W750 TH1070 HD227D TH750 W1300 BX8730ST DX806ST MX842UST MW843UST EP7730 MW721 TX766

Model: 1051A-5986
Part Number: 1051A5986
Catalogue No.: 197482
This remote control controls units : Projector
Battery Required : 2 AAA

BenQ 1051A-5986 Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following Projector models:

Originally supplied with Projector models: BW7635, BX8730ST, DX806ST, EP7232, EP7330UST, EP7635, EP7730, EX7775ST, HD227D, LW61ST, LX60ST, MH630, MH680, ML8498, MP623, MP624, MS500, MS504, MS510, MS513, MS513P, MS513PV, MS517, MS517F, MS521, MS521P, MS614, MW516, MW632ST, MW663, MW714ST, MW721, MW726, MW727, MW80UST, MW821ST, MW824ST, MW843UST, MW855UST, MX504, MX505, MX514, MX518, MX518F, MX520, MX522, MX522P, MX613ST, MX615, MX618ST, MX620ST, MX660, MX661, MX662, MX666, MX762ST, MX763, MX764, MX823ST, MX842UST, TH1070, TH682ST, TH750, TX766, W1070, W1080ST, W1300, W1400, W1500, W750

Compatible with Projector models: HT1075, HT1085, W1070W, W1075, W1350