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ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players 4-Device Universal Remote Control


ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players 4-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players 4-Device Universal Remote Control
Part Number: RRUR01.3

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

What's new with Version 4?
We have added many more codes to the internal database. Now the RRUR01.4 is compatible with more units!

  • Note: CHANNEL KEYS (number pad and CH+/-) will not work for Roku/Roku TV units, Roku does not support the function of these keys
  • More extensive code database

  • Colored keys (red, blue, green, yellow) can be programmed to sends codes for apps (ie. Amazon, Hulu, Netflix) when using the correct code from the code list

The Anderic RRUR01.3 is pre-programmed to work all Roku 1, 2, 3, & 4 (entire list below) streaming players. The RRUR01.3 is a 4-device universal and can be programmed to your Roku, TV (including CRT, HDTV, Flat-panel TV, Roku TVs), and soundbar (or other audio equipment), as well as Set-top-boxes (Cable, Sat, DTA). It is already pre-programmed to your Roku Box and Roku Enhanced Insignia TVs. This remote will also support all Roku smart TVs (TCL, Hisense, Insignia, LG, Element, and Sharp but require 1-time programming).


  • Full backlight (great for use in low light rooms)

  • Programs for 99% of TVs and Audio equipment

  • Works with Vizio, Samsung and Sony soundbars

  • Works with Roku enhanced TVs.

  • Preprogrammed to work with all Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3 & Roku 4 units. (Does NOT work Roku Sticks)

  • Works via infrared signal (non-RF), line-of-site is required.

  • Has LEARNING ability. This allows for transferring codes from your original remote.
    Macro Function - This allows the ability to program a single key to send a series of commands

  • It comes with a screw for the battery cover. Use is optional.

  • Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01

Default programmed codes:
TV - Insignia Roku Enhanced TV
DVD - Samsung Blu-ray

STB - Roku Streaming Box (2730)
AUDIO - Vizio Sound Bar (4240)

Pre-programmed to the following Roku Streaming boxes:
When operating, the RRUR01 requires direct line-of-site with your Roku box.
Roku LT (2400)
Roku LT (2450)
Roku HD (2500)
Roku 2 HD (3000)
Roku 2 XD (3050)
Roku 2 XS (3100)
Roku LT (2700)
Roku 1 SE (2710)
Roku 2 (2720)
Roku 3 (4200)
Roku 2 (4210)
Roku 3 (4230)
Roku Express (3700)
Roku Express+ (3710)
Roku Premiere (4620)
Roku Premiere+ (4630)
Roku Ultra (4640)

Quick Reference Guide for Programming to Roku Enabled TVs:

  • TCL TVs with Roku - Code 2654 (RC280) - (SEE IMAGE ABOVE)

  • Hisense Roku TVs - Code 2722 (EN3A32, EN3B32HS, HU-RCRUS-18)

  • Insignia Roku TVs - Code 2723, 2724 (NS-RCRUS-16, NS- RCRUS-17, NS-RCRUDUS-17, NS-RCRCA-17, NS-RCRUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-18, NS-RCRUDUS-19, )

  • Sharp Roku TVs - Code 2725 (LC-RCRUS-16, LC-RCRUS-17, LC-RCRUS-18, EN3B32R)

  • LG Roku TVs - Code 2726 (LF-RCRUS-16)

  • Haier Roku TVs - Code 2654 (HTRR01)

  • Hitachi Roku TVs (101018E0002, 101018E0003)

Dish Hopper 3 (but will work all other Dish boxes, IR only)
Roku Stick
Amazon Fire Stick

Model: RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players
Part Number: RRUR01.3
Catalogue No.: 196619
This remote control controls units : 4-Device Universal
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Dimensions: 2.00 x 7.75 x 1.50 (W x L x D, inches)

ANDERIC RRUR01.4 for Roku Streaming Players Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following 4-Device Universal models:

Compatible with 4-Device Universal models: 100005395, 100005396, 100005397, 100005842, 100005843, 100007147, 100012584, 100012585, 100012586, 100012587, 100012589, 100012590, 100018971, 100024699, 28S305, 28S3750, 32E4000R, 32E4000RA, 32H4030F, 32H4030F1, 32H4C, 32H4CA, 32H4D, 32H4E, 32MV319RF7, 32R20, 32RZ2, 32S301, 32S305, 32S321, 32S331, 32S3700, 32S3750, 32S3800, 32S3850, 32S3850A, 32S3850B, 32S3850P, 32S4610R, 3930R Express, 40FS3750, 40FS3800, 40FS3850, 40FS4610R, 40H4, 40H4030F, 40H4030F1, 40H4C, 40H4C1, 40H4C2, 40H4D, 40PFL4962, 40S303, 40S305, 43E4500R, 43E4500RA, 43E4500RB, 43FP110, 43H4030F, 43H4030F1, 43H420D/H4, 43H4D, 43PFL4662, 43PFL4962, 43PFL4962/F7, 43R5, 43R50, 43R6E, 43R7E, 43R80, 43RZ5, 43S303, 43S305, 43S403, 43S405, 43S421, 43S423, 43S515, 43S517, 43S525, 43UP120, 43UP130, 48FS3700, 48FS3750, 48FS4610R, 48H4, 48H4C, 48H4C1, 49E4500R, 49E4500RA, 49FP110, 49R50, 49R80, 49RH1, 49S303, 49S305, 49S403, 49S405, 49S515, 49S517, Show more models

49S517, 50FS3800, 50FS3850, 50H4, 50H4C, 50H4C1, 50H4D, 50PFL4662, 50PFL4962, 50R5, 50R6E, 50R8, 50S421, 50S423, 50S525, 50UP120, 50UP130, 5313x, 55C807, 55E4500R, 55E4500RA, 55E4500RB, 55FS3700, 55FS3750, 55FS3850, 55FS4610R, 55H4, 55H4C, 55H4D, 55LF5700, 55LF5700UA, 55R6000E, 55R6E, 55R7, 55R80, 55RH1, 55S401, 55S403, 55S405, 55S421, 55S423, 55S525, 55UP120, 55UP130, 55US57, 55US5800, 58R6E, 60R6E, 60R70, 60RH2, 65LF5700, 65LF5700UA, 65R6E, 65R6E1, 65R7050E, 65R8, 65R80, 65S401, 65S403, 65S405, 65S421, 65S423, 65S517, 65S525, 65US5800, 75R6E1, 75S423, E4SC5018RKU, E4SW5017RKU, ES4SC4018RKU, FW32R19F, FW43R49FC, FW50R49FC, FW50R79FC, FW55R79FC, FW65R79FC, LC32LB481, LC32LB481C, LC32LB481U, LC32LB591, LC32LB591U, LC32N4000, LC32N4000U, LC40N4000U, LC43LB371U, LC43LB481, LC43LB481C, LC43LB481U, LC43LB601C, LC43LB601U, LC43LBU591C, LC43LBU591U, LC43N4000, LC43N4000U, LC50LB371C, LC50LB371U, LC50LB481, LC50LB481C, LC50LB481U, LC50LB601C, LC50LB601U, LC50LBU591C, LC50LBU591U, LC50LBU711U, LC50N4000, LC50N4000U, LC55LB481U, LC55LBU591C, LC55LBU591U, LC55N4000, LC55N4000U, LC65LBU591C, LC65LBU591U, NS17324ER310NA17, NS17332DR310NA17, NS17339DR510CA17, NS17339DR510NA17, NS17343DR710NA17, NS17350DR710NA17, NS17355DR710NA17, NS24DR220CA18, NS24DR220NA18, NS24ER310CA17, NS24ER310NA17, NS32DR310CA17, NS32DR310CA17A, NS32DR310NA17, NS32DR420CA16, NS32DR420NA16, NS32DR420NA16A, NS32DR420NA16B, NS39DR510NA17, NS40DR420NA16, NS40DR420NA16B, NS43DR620CA18, NS43DR620NA18, NS43DR710CA17, NS48DR420NA16, NS48DR510NA17, NS49DR420NA18, NS50DR620CA18, NS50DR620NA18, NS55DR420CA16, NS55DR420NA16, NS55DR620CA18, NS55DR620NA18, NS65DR620NA18, Roku 1 2710R, ROKU 1 4210R, Roku 1 SE 2710, Roku 2 2720, Roku 2 4210, Roku 2 HD 3000, Roku 2 XD 3050, Roku 2 XS 3100, Roku 3 4200, Roku 3 4230, Roku Express 3700, Roku Express 3700x, Roku Express 3710, Roku Express 3900x, Roku Express Plus 3710x, Roku Express Plus 3910x, Roku HD 2500, Roku LT 2400, Roku LT 2450, Roku LT 2700, Roku Premiere 4620, Roku Premiere 4630, Roku Ultra 4640, RTR3260W, RTR4360W, RTR5060W, RTRU4927W, RTRU5027US, RTRU5027W, RTRU5527US, RTRU5527W, RTRU6527US, RTRU6527W, S301, S303, S305, S401, S403, S405, TCL 32S3700, TCL 32S3800, TCL 32S3850, TCL 3750 Series, TCL 40FS3800, TCL 40FS3850, TCL 48FS3700, TCL 50FS300, TCL 50FS3850, TCL 55FS3700, TCL 55FS3850, TS48FS3700, WR50UX4019

Product documentation available for free download:

Operating Manual

Customer Reviews:


    This remote is easy to program and works great. I had it set up to operate my Roku, LG tv, and Oppo DVD player in about 10 minutes. I like that you can program a single button to perform the same function regardless of the source selected. The remote seems to be well made and arrived quickly.

    by kirk on December 18, 2018.
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    works great

    by LEWELLYN on November 14, 2018.
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    Nice learning remote. Works as described. I use it for both a Hisense Roku TV and my cable providers Pace Digital (DTA) box. The Pace DTA box is normally controlled by a RF remote so this Anderic remote won't learn from it. However, the 4 digit code povided by Anderic for Pace cable boxes works perfecty with this remote.

    by Scott on October 17, 2020.
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    This is an EXCELLENT no-frills (but still has frills!) remote for those who can't keep track of the tiny Roku remote in addition to their normal TV remote. My favorite feature is the ability to assign the channel and volume buttons to always control the TV, even if the remote is currently set to control the Roku. TOTALLY worth the low price too!

    by Dan on August 19, 2020.
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    excellent remote replacement love it

    by Anthony on June 10, 2020.
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    Bought this remote to replace the one the cable company supplied which wears out every couple of years. That remote has it's buttons organized to "encourage" the user to hit the "On Demand" button which I never use while the buttons I use frequently are the smallest ones on it which makes using it by feel a pain. I did use the learning feature of the Anderic RRUR01.3 to shift some of theirs around. For example I never use Netflix so that button has been reassigned to "Mute" while the former "Mute" is now a second "Previous Channel" which I use very frequently to minimize commercials and would wear out first. Both programming and learning functions were very easy to use. Buttons have a nice feel to them when used by feel. Well worth the money spent to replace something I could have gotten for free from the cable company.

    by Howard on February 19, 2020.
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    Finally! A reliable remote for Roku TVs

    by Wayne on July 19, 2019.
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    very easy to use .

    by oswaldo on July 01, 2019.
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    This is the first product that has fulfilled all the needs. It's great and easy to set up.

    by Cinnamon on May 28, 2019.
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    Works good, cheap price

    by Cooper on February 19, 2019.
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    I absolutely love this remote! I was very happy when you guys replaced my .2 with a new one!! Thank You!!

    by Dale on February 16, 2019.
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    It does everything I wanted. Easy setup

    by Tony on February 08, 2019.
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