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ANDERIC RRLF16 for LG/TCL/Haier/Hitachi/Sanyo/Philips/Magnavox/JVC/ONN/Element/RCA Roku Enhanced TV Remote Control


Part Number: RRLF16

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RRLF16 for LG/TCL/Haier/Hitachi/Sanyo/Philips/Magnavox/JVC/ONN/Element/RCA Roku Enhanced TV Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RRLF16 for LG/TCL/Haier/Hitachi/Sanyo/Philips/Magnavox/JVC/ONN/Element/RCA Roku Enhanced TV Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The Anderic RR-LF-16 remote control is ready-to-go, out-of-the-box for ALL Roku TVs Listed below. No programming is necessary, merely install batteries into this high-quality-replacement Anderic remote control and you will be watching Netflix in no time.


  • Better than original (remote) quality
  • No programming needed
  • Works identically to the original remote (possibly may have different shortcut keys)
  • Includes NETFLIX, SLING, HULU, and AMAZON shortcut keys
  • Optional screw for securing the battery compartment (great for keeping kids out) - Included
  • Note: this remote may not do the shortcut keys such as Amazon correctly if your tv doesn't have the Amazon button on the original remote.

Compatible with the following models:
  • LG LF-RCRUS-16 remote control
  • TCL RC280 remote control
  • Haier HTR-R01 remote control
  • ANDERIC RR280 for Roku TV (p/n: RR280)
  • Haier HTRR01 ROKU (p/n: 398GR10BEHRN0000CR)
  • LG LFRCRUS16 ROKU (p/n: 398GR10BELG00U)
  • TCL 06IRPT20ARC280 (p/n: 06-IRPT20-ARC280)
  • TCL 06IRPT20FRC280 (p/n: 06IRPT20FRC280)
  • TCL RC280 (p/n: 06-IRPT20-FRC280)
  • TCL RC280 HBO (p/n: 06-IRPT20-DRC280)
  • TCL RC280 ROKU (p/n: RC280)
  • TCL RC280 ROKU TV (p/n: 06-IRPT20-HRC280)
  • TCL RC280 ROKU TV (p/n: 06-IRPT20-GRC280)
  • Hitachi 101018E0002
  • Hitachi 101018E0003
  • PHILIPS 101018E0015
  • PHILIPS 10108E0016
  • Element ALL MODELS

Model: RRLF16 for LG/TCL/Haier/Hitachi/Sanyo/Philips/Magnavox/JVC/ONN/Element/RCA Roku Enhanced
Catalogue No.: 92448
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Guaranteed Compatible Universal : Anderic RRU401, Use code: 2726 (click here for programming instructions)
Dimensions: 1.50 x 5.50 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

ANDERIC RRLF16 for LG/TCL/Haier/Hitachi/Sanyo/Philips/Magnavox/JVC/ONN/Element/RCA Roku Enhanced TV Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following TV models:

Compatible with TV models: ONN 100005395, ONN 100005396, ONN 100005397, ONN 100005842, ONN 100005843, ONN 100007147, ONN 100012584, ONN 100012585, ONN 100012586, ONN 100012587, ONN 100012588, ONN 100012589, ONN 100012590, ONN 100018254, ONN 100018971, ONN 100021258, ONN 100021261, ONN 100024699, TCL 28S305, TCL 28S3750, Haier 32E4000R, Haier 32E4000RA, Magnavox 32MV319RF7, PHILIPS 32PFL4664/F7 HD LED Roku, PHILIPS 32PFL4664/F7A, PHILIPS 32PFL4764/F7, PHILIPS 32PFL4764/F7A, HITACHI 32R20, HITACHI 32RZ2, TCL 32S301, TCL 32S305, TCL 32S321, TCL 32S325, TCL 32S331, TCL 32S331CA, TCL 32S335, TCL 32S3700, TCL 32S3750, TCL 32S3800, TCL 32S3850, TCL 32S3850A, TCL 32S3850B, TCL 32S3850P, TCL 32S4610R, TCL 40FS3750, TCL 40FS3800, TCL 40FS3850, TCL 40FS4610R, PHILIPS 40PFL4662/F7, PHILIPS 40PFL4962, TCL 40S303, TCL 40S305, Haier 43E4500R, Haier 43E4500RA, Haier 43E4500RB, TCL 43FP110, PHILIPS 43PFL4662, PHILIPS 43PFL4662/F7, PHILIPS 43PFL4962, PHILIPS 43PFL4962/F7, HITACHI 43R5, HITACHI 43R50, HITACHI 43R80, HITACHI 43RZ5, TCL 43S303, TCL 43S305, TCL 43S403, TCL 43S405, TCL 43S421, TCL 43S423, TCL 43S425, TCL 43S431, TCL 43S435, TCL 43S515, TCL 43S517, TCL 43S525, TCL 43UP120, TCL 43UP130, TCL 48FS3700, TCL 48FS3750, TCL 48FS4610R, Haier 49E4500R, Haier 49E4500RA, TCL 49FP110, HITACHI 49R50, HITACHI 49R80, HITACHI 49R81, HITACHI 49RH1, TCL 49S303, TCL 49S305, TCL 49S403, TCL 49S405, TCL 49S515, TCL 49S517, TCL 50FS3800, TCL 50FS3850, PHILIPS 50PFL4662, PHILIPS 50PFL4662/F7, PHILIPS 50PFL4962, HITACHI 50R5, Show more models

HITACHI 50R5, HITACHI 50R8, TCL 50S421, TCL 50S421CA, TCL 50S423, TCL 50S425, TCL 50S431, TCL 50S435, TCL 50S525, TCL 50S535, TCL 50UP120, TCL 50UP130, LG 5313x, TCL 55C807, Haier 55E4500R, Haier 55E4500RA, Haier 55E4500RB, TCL 55FS3700, TCL 55FS3750, TCL 55FS3850, TCL 55FS4610R, LG 55LF5700, LG 55LF5700-UA, TCL 55P607, PHILIPS 55PFL4864/F7A, TCL 55R615, TCL 55R615CA, TCL 55R617, HITACHI 55R7, HITACHI 55R80, HITACHI 55R81, HITACHI 55RH1, TCL 55S401, TCL 55S403, TCL 55S405, TCL 55S421, TCL 55S423, TCL 55S423CA, TCL 55S425, TCL 55S431, TCL 55S435, TCL 55S525, TCL 55S535, TCL 55S535CA, TCL 55UP120, TCL 55UP130, TCL 55US57, TCL 55US5800, HITACHI 60R70, HITACHI 60RH2, LG 65LF5700, LG 65LF5700-UA, PHILIPS 65PFL4864/F7, PHILIPS 65PFL4864/F7A, PHILIPS 65PFL4864/F7C, TCL 65R615, TCL 65R617, HITACHI 65R8, HITACHI 65R80, TCL 65S401, TCL 65S403, TCL 65S405, TCL 65S421, TCL 65S423, TCL 65S425, TCL 65S431, TCL 65S435, TCL 65S517, TCL 65S525, TCL 65S535, TCL 65US5800, HITACHI 73R80, PHILIPS 75PFL4756/F7, PHILIPS 75PFL4864/F7, TCL 75R615, TCL 75S421, TCL 75S423, TCL 75S425, TCL 75S431, TCL 75S433, TCL 75S435, TCL 75S535, TCL 85S435, Element E2SW6518RKU, Element E4SC5018RKU, Element E4SW5017RKU, Element E4SW5518RKU, Element ES4SC4018RKU, SANYO FW32R18FC, SANYO FW40R48FC, SANYO FW43R48FC, SANYO FW50R48FC, SANYO FW50R79FC, JVC LT40MAB588, JVC LT40MAT588, RCA RHOS481SM, RCA RHOS501SM, RCA RHOS581SM, RCA RHOS651SM, RCA RTR3260, RCA RTR3260W, RCA RTR3261, RCA RTR3262, RCA RTR3263, RCA RTR4060, RCA RTR4060W, RCA RTR4061, RCA RTR4062, RCA RTR4063, RCA RTR4360, RCA RTR4360W, RCA RTR4361, RCA RTR4860, RCA RTR4960, RCA RTR4962, RCA RTR4963, RCA RTR5060, RCA RTR5060W, RCA RTR5061, RCA RTR5062, RCA RTR5063, RCA RTRU4027, RCA RTRU4227, RCA RTRU4827, RCA RTRU4927, RCA RTRU4927W, RCA RTRU5027, RCA RTRU5027US, RCA RTRU5027W, RCA RTRU5028, RCA RTRU5527, RCA RTRU5527US, RCA RTRU5527W, RCA RTRU5528, RCA RTRU5827, RCA RTRU6527, RCA RTRU6527US, RCA RTRU6527W, RCA RTRU6528, TCL S303, TCL S305, TCL S401, TCL S403, TCL S405, TCL TCL 32S3700, TCL TCL 32S3800, TCL TCL 32S3850, TCL TCL 3750 Series, TCL TCL 40FS3800, TCL TCL 40FS3850, TCL TCL 48FS3700, TCL TCL 50FS300, TCL TCL 50FS3850, TCL TCL 55FS3700, TCL TCL 55FS3850, TCL TS48FS3700

Customer Reviews:


    It arrived quickly and it works perfectly.

    by STEVEN on February 12, 2021.
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    A guest lost the original Roku remote for a new Hitachi TV. This one was the recommended replacement for the original which Hitach no longer makes. It works perfectly. No issues whatever.

    by Nancy BL on January 18, 2021.
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    I was very pleased with the product that I received!!

    by John on July 25, 2020.
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    Thank you

    by Noemi on June 03, 2020.
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    Awesome product and shipping.

    by anthony on May 31, 2020.
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    Works perfectly...just as promised...

    by Joey on December 27, 2018.
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    This Remote is 100 times better than the original

    by Carmen on December 23, 2018.
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    The remote did just what you said! I did not have to set it up. I just turned it on and BOOM it started SQUEEEE! I am so happy! My grand babies have already lost two remotes in the past so I'm sure I'll be back, even tho I bought two just Incase these kids attack again (their crazy)...... Thank You so much, Raeleen

    by Raeleen on November 19, 2018.
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    Works great! Excellent replacement for the broken remote we had!

    by Heather on November 11, 2018.
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    Worked perfectly! No programming needed. It replaced a LG Roku remote that came with our tv, it quit working so we got this one. It worked right out of the box(batteries added of course). Shipped very quickly and arrived ahead of schedule. Very happy with our purchase and would recommend to anyone!

    by shon on November 04, 2018.
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    Awesome, worked right out of the package. Just like the me that came with the tv originally. No codes , no set up

    by Terry on October 04, 2018.
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    The "replacement" remote, was actually an additional remote for me. The original that came with the Roku TV has seen a lot of action between my five year old grandson and my three year old granddaughter. It is only a matter of time until it is shattered in a thousand pieces. I actually prefer the control layout on the new remote. Moving the volume and mute buttons to the face of the unit was a smart decision. The original remote has them on the side and we were frequently changing the sound levels, just by picking the old remote up. Nice job...

    by Lawrence on August 21, 2018.
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    Fast shipment,good quality and decent price will recommend .

    by molly on July 29, 2018.
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    works as expected...need another one...the dog has eaten this one too

    by Lilyana on June 19, 2018.
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    Shipped quick and as advertised, worked on our 55LG5700

    by Michael on January 15, 2018.
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    Happy with this replacement remote , works like the original

    by Arturo on January 13, 2018.
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