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ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality 1-Device Universal Remote Control


ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality 1-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality 1-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality 1-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality 1-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality 1-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality 1-Device Universal Remote Control
ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality 1-Device Universal Remote Control
Part Number: RRHLG01

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Product Description:

The original ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality Remote Control is in-stock and ships within 24 hours.
The original ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality Remote Control carries a 1-Year Warranty.

The ANDERIC RRHLG01 remote was designed specifically to replace the many LG TV remotes. It works with the LG HD Commercial Interface STB-2000 Set-top Box and all LG TVs as well.
For commercial use: The Anderic RRHLG01 has the ability to easily program the BED number to match the TV in a multi-TV room so to not interfere with other TVs in the same room. This remote can be used as a 2-device remote or a 1-Device remote. This remote is programmed from the factory to BED code 0 (universal bed code).

• Works all LG TVS. No programming needed. Simply install batteries and BOOM, it will work! Guaranteed.
• Also, 100% Replaces the HOSPSTRC01 Microban Remote used for commercial TVs and STB-2000 STB.
• Has 10-bed codes. Code 0 being set as default. Can program up to 9 additional beds using codes 1 thru 9.
• Has the ability to program to any brand TV using code book.
• Has the ability to act as a 1-Device remote or a 2-Device remote.
• Large easy to read buttons.
• Full BACK-LIGHTING for all keys for easy viewing in dark.
• Comes with a screw for the battery cover.
• Optional Security Cable attachment (sold separately) - Part number: CBL01
• Full manual included.
• Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

2667 = BED 0 (default)
2668 = BED 1
2669 = BED 2
2670 = BED 3
2671 = BED 4
2672 = BED 5
2673 = BED 6
2674 = BED 7
2675 = BED 8
2676 = BED 9

Note: please check all buttons to make sure this remote has all buttons you need. Some notes about buttons are below.
• No [3D] key - 3D options are accessible through menus.
• No [ENERGY SAVING] key - Energy Saving can be accessed through menus.
• No [RATIO] key - All picture settings are accessed in menus.
• No [SIMPLINK] key - Use [INPUT] instead.
• No [Q.MENU] Key - Use [MENU] instead.
• No [HOME] key - Use [MENU] instead.
• No [FAV] key - This key is not usually used and is not supported.
• No [TV] key - Use [INPUT] instead.
• No NETCAST keys - Use [PORTAL] key.

Model: RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality
Part Number: RRHLG01
Catalogue No.: 90008
This remote control controls units : 1-Device Universal
Battery Required : 2 AAA
Dimensions: 2.00 x 7.00 x 1.00 (W x L x D, inches)

ANDERIC RRHLG01 for LG Hospitality Remote Control is guaranteed to work with the following 1-Device Universal models:

Compatible with 1-Device Universal models: 19LD350, 19LD350C, 19LD350UA, 19LD350UB, 19LE3300, 19LE5300UE, 22LD320H, 22LD325H, 22LD3300, 22LD350, 22LD350C, 22LD350UA, 22LD350UB, 22LE5300UE, 22LE5500UA, 22LS3500, 22LS3510, 22LV2500, 25GH300, 26LC7D, 26LC7DAB, 26LC7DC, 26LC7DCUB, 26LC7DCUK, 26LC7DUB, 26LD310, 26LD320H, 26LD340H, 26LD350UA, 26LD350UB, 26LE3300, 26LE5300, 26LE5300UE, 26LE5500, 26LE5500UA, 26LH210C, 26LH210CUA, 26LS3500, 26LS3510, 26LV2500, 26LV2500UA, 26LV2500UACUSDLH, 26LV2500UACUSYLH, 26LV2500UG.AUSYLUR, 26LV2500UGAUSDLUR, 27FB32C, 27FB62C, 28LX570H, 29LY570H, 32CS460, 32CS461, 32CS560, 32CS560UE.AUSDLUR, 32CS560UE.AUSYLJR, 32CS560UE.AUSYLUR, 32LB5800, 32LB580B, 32LB9D, 32LB9DUA, 32LC4D, 32LC50CB, 32LC50CS, 32LC5DC, 32LC5DCB, 32LC5DCS, 32LD310, 32LD310H, 32LD320, 32LD320H, 32LD320UA, 32LD325H, 32LD330H, 32LD333H, 32LD340H, 32LD345H, 32LD350, 32LD350UA, 32LD350UB, 32LD420UA, 32LD450UA, 32LD520UA, 32LD550, 32LD550UB, 32LD650H, 32LD655H, 32LD665H, 32LE5300, 32LE5300UC, 32LE5400, 32LE5400UC, 32LF510BUC, 32LF550BUA, 32LF5600UB, 32LG10, 32LG20, 32LG20UA, 32LG30, 32LG30DC, 32LG30DCUA, 32LG30UA, Show more models

32LG30UA, 32LG30UD, 32LG500H, 32LG60, 32LG60UA, 32LG70, 32LG700H 32LG700HUA, 32LG70UA, 32LG710H, 32LG710HUA, 32LH200C, 32LH210C, 32LH210CUA, 32LK330, 32LK330UBCUSDLH, 32LK330UBCUSYLH, 32LK330UHCUSYLH, 32LK450, 32LK450UB, 32LK450UBCUSDLH, 32LK450UHCUSDLH, 32LM5800, 32LM6400, 32LM6400SA, 32LN5300UB, 32LS3400, 32LS3500, 32LS3510, 32LS5700, 32LV2500, 32LV2500UA.CUSYLH, 32LV2500UACUSDLH, 32LV3400, 32LV3500, 32LV555H, 32LV555HUA, 32LX50C, 32LX50CS, 32LX560H, 32LX570H, 32LX5DC, 32LX5DCS, 32LY340H, 32LY560H, 32LY560HUA, 32LY570H, 32LY570HUA, 32LY760H, 37CS560, 37CS560UE.AUSYLJR, 37CS560UE.AUSYLUR, 37LC50C, 37LC50CB, 37LC51, 37LC51ZA, 37LC5DC, 37LC5DC1, 37LC5DCB, 37LD310H, 37LD320H, 37LD325H, 37LD330H, 37LD333H, 37LD340H, 37LD345H, 37LD350, 37LD420, 37LD450, 37LD450CUA, 37LD450UA, 37LD650H, 37LD655H, 37LD665H, 37LE5300, 37LE5300UC, 37LG30, 37LG30DC, 37LG30DCUA, 37LG30UA, 37LG30UD, 37LG50, 37LG50UA, 37LG50UG, 37LG60, 37LG60UA, 37LG60UG, 37LG700H, 37LG700HUA, 37LG700HUB, 37LG710H, 37LG710HUA, 37LH200C, 37LK450, 37LK450UBCUSDLH, 37LK450UBCUSYLH, 37LK450UHCUSDLH, 37LV3500, 37LV555H, 37LV555HUA, 39LB5800, 39LB5800UG, 39LY340H, 39LY560H, 39LY560HUA, 39LY570H, 39LY570HUA, 39LY760H, 40lh5000, 40LX560H, 40LX570H, 42CS530, 42CS560, 42CS560UE.AUSYLHR, 42LA6200, 42LA6205, 42LB5800, 42LB5DC, 42LB9R, 42LB9RTD, 42LC4D, 42LC5DC, 42LD320H, 42LD340H, 42LD420UA, 42LD450C, 42LD450CUA, 42LD450UA, 42LD452C, 42LD470UA, 42LD520UA, 42LD550, 42LD550UB, 42LD630UC, 42LD650H, 42LD655H, 42LD665H, 42LE5300, 42LE5300UC, 42LE530C, 42LE530CUC, 42LE5350UB, 42LE5400, 42LE5400UC, 42LE5500, 42LE5500UA, 42LE7300, 42LE7300UA, 42LE7500, 42LE7500UC, 42LF5500UA, 42LF5600UB, 42LG30, 42LG30DC, 42LG30DCUA, 42LG30UA, 42LG30UD, 42LG30UDLG, 42LG50, 42LG500H, 42LG50DC, 42LG50DCUG, 42LG50UA, 42LG50UG, 42LG60, 42LG60UA, 42LG60UG, 42LG61, 42LG61UA, 42LG70, 42LG700H, 42LG700HUA, 42LG700HUB, 42LG70LG, 42LG70UA, 42LG70UG, 42LG710H, 42LG710HUA, 42LGX, 42LH200C, 42LK450, 42LK450UBCUSDLH, 42LK450UBCUSYLH, 42LK450UBSUSYJK, 42LK450UH.CUSDLH, 42LK450UHCUSYLH, 42LK451C, 42LK520, 42LK520UA, 42LK520UAAUSYLFR, 42LK520UAAUSYLJR, 42LK520UAAUSYLUR, 42LK520UB, 42LK530, 42LK550, 42LK550UA, 42LM5800, 42LM6200, 42LM6400, 42LM6400SA, 42LS3400, 42LS5700, 42LS5750, 42LV3500, 42LV3500UA, 42LV3500UACUSDLH, 42LV3500UACUSYLH, 42LV3500UASUSDJK, 42LV3700, 42LV5400, 42LV5400UB, 42LV5500, 42LV5500UAAUSDLHR, 42LV5500UAAUSYLJR, 42LV5500UAAUSYLUR, 42LV555H, 42LV555HUA, 42LW5700, 42LX6500UB, 42LY340H, 42LY560H, 42LY560HUA, 42LY570H, 42LY570HUA, 42LY760H, 42LY970H, 42PB4DA, 42PC3RAZJ, 42PG25, 42PG60, 42PG60C, 42PG60UA, 42PJ250, 42PJ250UA, 42PJ350, 42PJ350C, 42PJ350CUB, 42PJ350UB, 42PQ10, 42PQ10UB, 42PQ11, 42PT350, 42PW350, 42SL90, 42SL90UA, 43LF5100UA, 43LF5400UB, 43LJ5500, 43LJ5500UA, 43LJ550M, 43LJ550MUB, 43LJ5550, 43LJ5550UC, 43LX560H, 43LX570H, 43UF6700UC, 46LD550, 46LD550UB, 47LA6200, 47LA6205, 47LA6900UD, 47LB5800, 47LB6100, 47LC7R, 47LC7RTA, 47LD420UA, 47LD450, 47LD450CUA, 47LD450UA, 47LD520UA, 47LD630, 47LD630UC, 47LD650, 47LD650H, 47LD650UA, 47LE5300, 47LE5300UC, 47LE530C, 47LE530CUC, 47LE5350, 47LE5350UB, 47LE5400, 47LE5400UC, 47LE5500, 47LE5500UA, 47LE7300, 47LE7300UA, 47LE7500, 47LE7500UC, 47LE8500, 47LE8500UA, 47LEX8UA, 47LG20, 47LG50, 47LG50DC, 47LG50DCUA, 47LG50DCUG, 47LG50UA, 47LG50UG, 47LG60, 47LG60UA, 47LG60UG, 47LG70, 47LG70UA, 47LG70UG, 47LG90, 47LG90UA, 47LGX, 47LH300C, 47LK450, 47LK450UB, 47LK451C, 47LK520, 47LK520UAAUSYLJR, 47LK520UAAUSYLUR, 47LK530, 47LM4600, 47LM5800, 47LM6200, 47LM6400, 47LM6400SA, 47LM6700, 47LM6700UA.AUSWLHR, 47LM6700UA.AUSWLJR, 47LM6700UA.AUSZLHR, 47LM7600, 47LM7600UAAUSWLUR, 47LS5700, 47LS5750, 47LV3700, 47LV3700UD, 47LV5400, 47LV5400UB, 47LV5500, 47LV5500UAAUSYLHR, 47LV5500UAAUSYLJR, 47LV555H, 47LW5600UAAUSYLJR, 47LW5600UAAUSYLUR, 47LW5600UAAUSZLHR, 47LW5600UAAUSZLUR, 47LW5700, 47LW6500, 47LW6500UAACCYLUR, 47LW6500UAAUSYLHR, 47LW6500UAAUSYLUR, 47LX6500, 47LX6500UB, 47LX9500UA, 47LY340H, 47LY560H, 47LY560HUA, 47LY570H, 47LY570HUA, 47LY760H, 47LY970H, 47SL90, 47SL90UA, 49LF5100UA, 49LF5400UB, 49LF5500UA, 49LJ5500, 49LJ5500UA, 49LJ550M, 49LJ550MUB, 49LJ5550, 49LJ5550UC, 49LX560H, 49LX570H, 49UF6700UC, 50LA6200, 50LA6205, 50LB5800, 50LB6100, 50LF6000UB, 50PB4DA, 50PG25, 50PG60, 50PG60UA, 50PG70, 50PJ340, 50PJ340UC, 50PJ350, 50PJ350C, 50PJ350CUB, 50PJ350UB, 50PK250, 50PK250UA, 50PK540, 50PK540UE, 50PK550, 50PK550UD, 50PK750, 50PK750UA, 50PK750UF, 50PK950, 50PK950UA, 50PK950UF, 50PM6700, 50PM6700UB, 50PQ10, 50PQ10UB, 50PS11, 50PT350, 50PV400, 50PV400UB.AUSLLHR, 50PV400UBAUSZLHR, 50PV450, 50PW350, 50PX950, 50PX950UA, 50PX950UF, 50PZ550, 50PZ550UA, 50PZ550UA.AUSZLUR, 50PZ950, 50PZ950UA, 52LD550, 52LD550UB, 52LG50, 52LG50DC, 52LG50DCLG, 52LG50DCUA, 52LG50DCUG, 52LG50UA, 52LG50UG, 52LG60, 52LG60UA, 52LG60UG, 52LG70, 52LG70UA, 52LG70UG, 55LA6200, 55LA6205, 55LA6205UA, 55LA7400UD, 55LB5800, 55LB6100, 55LB6100UG, 55LD520CUA, 55LD520UA, 55LD630UC, 55LD650, 55LD650H, 55LD650UA, 55LE5300, 55LE5300UC, 55LE530C, 55LE530CUC, 55LE5400, 55LE5400UC, 55LE5500, 55LE5500UA, 55LE7300UA, 55LE7500, 55LE7500UC, 55LE8500, 55LE8500UA, 55LEX8UA, 55LF5500UA, 55LF6000UB, 55LH95, 55LH95UA, 55LHX, 55LJ5500, 55LJ5500UA, 55LJ550M, 55LJ550MUB, 55LJ5550, 55LJ5550UC, 55LK520, 55LK520UAAUSYLJR, 55LK520UAAUSYLUR, 55LK530, 55LM4600, 55LM5800, 55LM6200, 55LM6400, 55LM6400SA, 55LM6700, 55LM6700UA.AUSWLJR, 55LM6700UAAUSWLUR, 55LM7600, 55LN5710UI, 55LS5700, 55LS5750, 55LV3700, 55LV5300, 55LV5300UA.AUSWLHR, 55LV5300UA.AUSZLHR, 55LV5400, 55LV5500, 55LV5500UA, 55LV5500UAAUSYLUR, 55LV555H, 55LV9500, 55LV9500UA.AUSWLHR, 55LV9500UA.AUSYLHR, 55LW5600, 55LW5600UAAUSYLHR, 55LW5600UAAUSYLJR, 55LW5600UAAUSYLUR, 55LW5600UAAUSZLHR, 55LW5700, 55LW6500UAAUSYLHR, 55LX570H, 55LX6500, 55LX6500UB, 55LX9500, 55LX9500UA, 55LY340H, 55LY570H, 55LY570HUA, 55LY760H, 55LY970H, 55UB8200, 55UF6700UC, 60LA6200, 60LA6205, 60LA7400UA, 60LB6100, 60LD550, 60LD550UB, 60LEX9UA, 60LF6000UB, 60LM6700, 60LS5700, 60LS5750, 60LY970H, 60PA5500, 60PB4DA, 60PG60, 60PG70, 60PK200, 60PK200UA, 60PK250, 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    Excellent seller.

    by Edgardo on July 08, 2018.
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    Love it...thanks

    by Judith on October 03, 2017.
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    Worked well right out of the box. A perfect match. Thanks.

    by Eric on September 23, 2017.
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